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Saving Private Gigli
A tribute to "Saving Private Ryan" opens the show and court room drama produces violent results.

Terms of Endaredevil

Big Trouble in Little Clerks 2
'I Dream of Jeannie's' Major Nelson loses his job, a Reasonable Crime goes right and Pinocchio gets tortured for telling the secrets of a little girl's diary.

Kramer Vs. Showgirls
Buzz Light Year meets an unhappy ending; a documentary on one of the birds that perished during the "Miracle on the Hudson" is shown.

Malcolm X: Fully Loaded
President Obama pardons a turkey; An old man closes up his pizza shop; a spoof on "Clone Wars" sees two sheep in a laser sword duel. Tarzan admits that he loves Jane, but is not "in love" with her. Cabbage patch dolls get made into cold slaw. Evil doers get self help training from a motivational speaker.

Major League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
Creating an ice cream sundae; having spider-sense; the Keebler Elves vs. Cookie Monster.

Schindler's Bucket List

No Country For Old Dogs

Robot Chicken's DP Christmas Special

Catch Me If You Kangaroo Jack

Beastmaster & Commander
Super heroes and their daddy issues. The Peanuts meet up with a Footloose parody.

A mime gets stuck in an invisable box. Arnold Schwartznegger is set free by a tribe of monsters. Crew of Starship Enterprise create their own sound effects.

The Departy Monster

Some Like It Hitman
Real life at Hogwarts; Winne-the-Pooh's honey addiction; Donald Duck's nephews; Tommy Tapeworm.

The Core, The Thief, His Wife and Her Lover
Kratos collects blood orbs; Superman turns back time; the Velveteen Rabbit's raw deal; Close Encounters aliens.

The Godfather of the Bride II

The Curious Case of the Box
Gandolf appears on a game show; a showdown between the Grim Reaper and Jesus; Precious goes on a rampage; Dora The Explorer goes on a expedition. Gandolf reappears not allowing anyone to pass.

Fool's Goldfinger
Cats rules the earth; When Bigfoot Met Sally; Babies are jerks; A sneak peek at the final "Lord of the Rings"; Cats are jerks.

Casablankman 2
A kid dreams of running down a neighborhood of people in his car with Kit the Car and David Hassehoff from Night Rider; the birth of the railroad; Spock meets himself in the future.

Fight Club Paradise
This is the 100th episode of 'Robot Chicken" and season finale. 'Sex and the City' turns into an action-adventure movie. Yogi Berra gets in trouble with the park ranger, who has ninjas to back him up. Robot Chicken finds his freedom, but when he discovers his evil master is following him, he goes back and fights off characters from past seasons to face him.

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