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'Revenge' Cancelled After Four Seasons

4/30/2015 12:28pm EDT
'Revenge' Ending After 4 Seasons, Series Finale Set For May 4
After four bizarre and unpredictable seasons, "Revenge" will reach its final conclusion on its May 4 series finale.

According to a report by Deadline, the series' producers have known of the fan favorite's demise for some time.

Showrunner Sunil Nayar revealed to TVLine that he wasn’t necessarily planning for this season to be Revenge‘s swan song.

“To say we approached this as the last season would be wrong,” he says. “But we weren't scared to make choices that would make people ask ‘Where is this going?'”

Speculation had been growing that this would be the final chapter in the revenge d...

2014: Television's Most Shocking Moments

12/26/2014 4:00pm EST
Television's Most Shocking Moments Of 2014
Television creators, writers, and producers are constantly attempting to grab headlines with shocking moments that outdo their previous seasons and outshine the competition. 2014 was no different, with dozens of jaw dropping and instantly unforgettable twists and turns. Here are the top moments that made us gasp, cry, cheer, and stayed with us long after our screens went dark. Beware there are tons of spoilers to be found within.

The Good Wife’s Shocking Departure

Alicia Florrick and Will Gardner were meant to be. Typically, a television series introduces a love interest and then takes ...

10 Best TV Bromances: Are Your Favorites On The List?

9/26/2014 2:00pm EDT
10 Best TV Bromances: Are Your Favorites On The List?
Diehard, co-dependent friendships have become the stuff TV legend, not the "Pick me, choose me, love me" romances of the past. If "Orange Is The New Black" then so is the bromance. In honor bromance-based "Hawaii Five-0's" season premiere (and fast appraching 100th episode, I am counting down the 10 best TV bromances in returning shows.

Start with Number 10...

10. Walter and Jesse on AMC's "Breaking Bad"

Technically the show ended in 2013, there's no denying the bizarre bromance between the cancer-stricken chemistry teacher Walter White (Bryan Cranston) and his meth-h...

Fall TV Spoilerfest: Scoops On 'Scandal,' 'Arrow,' 'Hawaii Five-0' And More

9/21/2014 10:03am EDT
Fall TV Spoilerfest: Scoops On 'Scandal,' 'Arrow,' 'Hawaii Five-
It's the most wonderful time of the year! Clear your social calendar and your DVR because your favorite returning shows are back with a stack of new episodes, new secrets, no bombshells and new ships. Here are 8 giant spoilers for the upcoming new season of premieres of your favorite returning shows!

Revenge, ABC

Call it a "Revenge" Smackdown! spills that with David Clark (James Tupper) alive and kicking, both matriarchs Emily (Emily VanCamp) and Victoria (Madeleine Stowe) will battle to gain control of him like the evil puppeteers they are. What's more? Daddy Deare...

Fall TV 2014: A Night By Night Comparison Of What May And May Not Work

5/15/2014 2:40pm EDT
Fall TV 2014: A Night By Night Comparison Of What May And May No
Now that all the big networks have revealed what they’ll be showing us this fall, let’s take a look at what may or may not work.


ABC is essentially playing it safe, and keeping Sunday Night intact. American Crime will swap for Resurrection at midseason. Resurrection was a buzzy drama that started seeing a ratings decline. Not waiting till midseason is probably a smart move. You don’t want to lose any more audience. It’s not a winning strategy, but ABC just doesn’t want to be in last place.

NBC has football, another super safe move. CBS is shaking things up, banishing Amazing Race...

Nick Wechsler Gets His Due In Season 3 Of 'Revenge'

5/11/2014 12:09pm EDT
Nick Wechsler Gets His Due In Season 3 Of 'Revenge'
Nick Wechsler is getting his revenge on TV.

Yes, he happens to star in a show called that, which airs its bound to be explosive season finale tonight. And this season, his character Jack Porter is definitely part of Revenge's ruthless plotting. But more importantly, people are finally getting what a tremendous actor he is, and a very cool individual off-camera besides. BFTV had the pleasure of connecting with Nick recently to discuss how season three of Revenge has treated Jack and what his own modus operandi is.

Don't expect him to reveal anything about the season finale. "Basically, som...

Max Martini: An Underrated Star's Breakout On The Big Screen

1/20/2014 12:17pm EST
Max Martini
For four seasons, we enjoyed watching Max Martini's nuanced and intense performance on CBS's The Unit - so we were thrilled when this underrated actor broke out on the big screen with roles in blockbuster flicks Pacific Rim and Captain Phillips. BFTV had the chance to sit down with Max last week to discuss his successful 2013, and how his career is changing because of it.

"I had a great year," he reflected. "It kind of started with Pacific Rim. I got Pacific Rim, I was offered a part in Batman that I couldn't do because of Pacific Rim. Then I got a movie called 42 I didn't do, because at t...

'Revenge' Review: Episode 'Surrender'

12/9/2013 8:20am EST
The night before a battle Japanese warriors engage in a ritual that includes sake and quiet contemplation. Although Emily takes part in this ritual, likely a nod to her dearly departed mentor Takeda, her own ritual before a battle is a little different. Instead, Emily is used to the ritual of effortlessly putting out fires all around her before setting somebody’s world ablaze.

In the penultimate fight before Emily’s wedding, she deals with multiple problems with seemingly no issues. When Lydia Davis returns from the dead, Emily uses her to get news of her faux pregnancy out in the open. Th...

'Revenge' Review: Episode 'Resurgence'

11/11/2013 9:39am EST
Why do we have to continue to put up with Jack and his utter snoozefest of a storyline? In the course of this episode, he asks Boring French Lady on a date, shows her a silent movie, cock blocks himself, has a boring conversation with Nolan, cries over Amanda’s grave, takes off his wedding ring, and then hooks up with Frenchie. Any of this sound interesting to you? Not to me.

The concept of Revenge promises deliciously soapy storylines from long lost illegitimate gay psychotic sons to weekly badass revenging schemes. So then why is so much time spent on storylines that are weightless bored...

Review: 'Revenge' Season 3 Episode 5 - 'Control'

10/28/2013 9:46am EDT
The ABC promos promoting the “The Hamptons’ hottest love rhombus” was pretty embarrassing. It’s no secret that Emily is not in want of any love interests. In season one, she juggled her puppy-dog like affection for dumb Daniel with her childhood crush on Jack. In season two, Aiden was introduced as an equal that neither of the other two could ever be. He’s just as smart and conniving as Emily, but also identical in her darkness and unwillingness to compromise.

But should her romantic entanglements be simple side plots as she continues to commit gleeful acts of revenge? Or should these roma...

'Revenge' Review: Episode 'Mercy'

10/21/2013 10:10am EDT
Does anybody else think Emily looks a bit pathetic this season? For three seasons she has sauntered up to people, like Victoria, with a killer smile and eyes that say “you don’t know it yet, but you pissed off the wrong bitch.” It has always been fun to watch, especially since people don’t realize how lethal she can be.

However, now that a majority of the people in her life hate her and see through her veneer of sweetness, her whole fake persona comes off as desperate. Now when she does her strut towards Victoria, it looks like an anxious act of a pitiable player in the Hamptons instead of...

'Revenge' Season 3 Episode 3 Review: 'Confession'

10/14/2013 10:00am EDT
Can a man who has live his entire life ruled by money and self-preservation really change and repent? Conrad Grayson has always been about saving himself, even if it means innocent men like David Clarke would lose everything. Now Emily has been at her revenging plot for two years, his entire world has changed. His fortune, prestigious job, company, and family are all gone. Even his belief in his health has been stripped away due to the tireless work of Emily.

Last week, Emily, perhaps naively, believed in the chance that Conrad would confess his sins and end her need to hurt him. Jack has ...

2013 Fall TV Season: What Will Be The Second Cancellation?

10/8/2013 6:00pm EDT
NBC- The Voice is still doing good numbers on Monday/Tuesday. The Blacklist is winning its timeslot, and was the first show (technically) to be rewarded with a back-nine pickup. Chicago Fire is also doing solid numbers on Tuesday. Revolution needs to regain some audience members if it wants a second season. With the success of The Blacklist, and Chicago Fire doing OK, Revolution is looking to be one of NBC’s weaker points right now. I can’t see it not running the full second season, but it might not get a third. Also, Ironside is definitely going to get cancelled. The premiere was so low, a...

'Revenge' Review: The Unanswered Questions Of 'Sin'

10/7/2013 9:46am EDT
One of the joys and frustrations of any given episode of Revenge is the myriad of unanswered questions that linger once the credits have rolled. When the questions are shocking, like who shot Emily, they’re fun, something to hold onto as the season progresses. But more often than not the questions left swirling in the Revenge-universe are head scratchers of the most ridiculous kind. Questions like, why did Ashley turn into a mustache-twirling villain, why does Declan’s accent sound like that, and how is that impossibly old dog still alive, have become cornerstones of the show.

Tonight’s ep...

Fall 2013 TV Report (So Far)

10/5/2013 2:06pm EDT
Sleepy  Hollow
Here’s how the Fall TV season has been shaping up.


ABC doesn’t have a lot to celebrate about. Once Upon A Time and Revenge are both down season-to-season, yet up from last season’s finales. So, really, you could say they are even for the night. Their new drama, Betrayal, however is a disappointment. Low ratings. Does ABC have anything ready to replace Betrayal though? They’re already definitely going to cancel the much lower rated Lucky 7 (an almost certainty), can they afford to axe two shows?

CBS has a nice strong lineup of returning shows, all performing well. FOX’s shows are ...

'Revenge' Season 3 Premiere: Is The Show Back On Track?

9/30/2013 8:38am EDT
When we last saw Emily Throne and her team of Revengers, a convoluted second season filled with shadowy agencies and conspiracies galore ended with a bunch of great cliffhangers that promised a better third season. Declan died, finally killing off the last reason to ever need to go to that god awful bar again. Emily and Daniel decided to get married as Emily got back on the path to destroying the Grayson family. Nolan was framed for the most recent bombing. Conrad revealed that the shadowy underground agency was just a bunch of evil rich business people, which he was now a member. And Emily...

'Revenge' Season 3: 5 Spoilers You Need To Know

9/27/2013 5:30pm EDT
The season two finale of ABC's vengeance-based sudser "Revenge" worked double-time to note only break our hearts, but to turn over the earth that the convoluted, complicated Initiative arc had scorched.  Declan died after being trapped in a building Conrad rigged to explode, resulting in Jack to plot his murder.  Emily (Emily VanCamp) revealed her true identity to Jack.  Finally, everyone's favorite sidekick Nolan (Gabriel Mann) was arrested as a suspect in Padma's death.  The third season of "Revenge" premieres on Sept. 29 at 9/8c on ABC, so here are five spoilers you need to know...


2013 Fall TV Preview: The Returning Shows On ABC

9/3/2013 11:46am EDT
Modern Family
Welcome to Week 2 of the 2013 Fall TV Preview. ABC kicks things off for the third year in a row. I wrote about the critics disdain for ABC president Paul Lee last week, but they acknowledge ABC's success with its veteran shows. Revenge and Once Upon A Time enter season three this month. Grey's Anatomy is entering its tenth season. Castle's on season six. The Neighbors and Nashville got a second season. ABC struggles to develop and maintain new shows. I don't know why. How futile is network analysis with the growth of streaming services such as Hulu and Netflix? Network analysis is interesti...

'Revenge' Season 2 Finale Review: 'Truth'

5/13/2013 8:37am EDT
'Revenge' Season 2 Finale
Grimm recently completed a near year long arc in which one character couldn't remember another character. Revenge just completed two seasons in which a character who should've known everything from the beginning didn't. Instead, Jack Porter's gone from horrible plot to horrible plot while Emily goes about her revengin' despite the havoc she's unintentionally causing. Tonight's two hour season finale had Jack reach his breaking point, and Emily desperately trying anything to prevent him from ruining his life. Jack learns Emily's actual identity in the final scene of the episode just as he's ...

'Revenge' Review: 'Engagement'

5/6/2013 9:02am EDT
Want a plot twist in a Revenge review, readers? I completely forgot about carrion. There's a real surprise. Your blogger forgot the specifics of the biggest plot device of the second season. I immediately reminded myself of the specifics of Carrion, though the specifics won't matter until next week. Indeed, the specifics of carrion aren't known. Nolan possibly built the software. The Initiative seems to be in control and using it because Manhattan's lights go out. Some nonsense is coming.

"Engagement" has the same old annoying nonsense as always; but since the finale's ahead, there are mor...

'Revenge' Review: 'Identity'

4/29/2013 8:43am EDT
'Revenge' Review 'Identity'
"A person's identity is hard to discern," narrates Emily Thorne in the beginning of the episode. Indeed, the identities for almost every character in the series is not their own. Emily's not who she says she is; the Graysons have a vault of secrets. The search for the falcon's identity underlines the objective of the episode. "Identity" exposes people or further corrodes one's image, one's perception of someone else, in some way or another. Jack and Declan are the only genuine characters on the show. Of course, their respective behaviors are being shaped/influenced by people who are playing...

'Revenge' Review: 'Masquerade'

4/1/2013 5:28pm EDT
Revenge had Halloween on Easter, which worked as well a Community's Thanksgiving episode that aired in February. For an episode about masks and masquerading, the Halloween setting works. Of course, Revenge stages a party every week, so the necessity of the Halloween setting is debatable. Anyway, things are concealed and revealed in "Masquerade." Emily's opening narration about masks and what they mean is on-the-nose as every Emily narration is. It is among the worst narrations in Revenge's history. Revenge doesn't need narration to clarify already clear themes. I mean, the characters walk a...

'Revenge' Review: 'Victory'

3/25/2013 10:10am EDT
A not so fun exchange
ABC's promo departments love to tease the last five minutes of their dramas. I remember ABC would promote the hell out of the last five minutes of is the best series of all-time, but those heavily promoted final five minutes would hardly be life-changing or series-defining (well, except for the ending when Naomi lands on the Island, which indeed changed the course of the series forever). On Once Upon A Time, Henry would eat bad strudel in the last five minutes, and I'd want to forget I ever watched the show in the first place. ABC hasn't promoted the last five minutes of Revenge until last...

'Revenge' Review: 'Illumination'

3/18/2013 10:09am EDT
Emily and Nolan chat
As Daniel Grayson reacted badly to Conrad's honesty about the true purpose of the Amanda Clarke Foundation, I imagined different scenes in which Daniel's surprised by things that shouldn't surprise him. Every episode seems to include a scene in which Victoria and Conrad cause their son dismay because he hasn't learned their deceitful scumbags without a conscience. The latest instance involves their gesture of kindness towards Jack and the memory of his deceased wife and the tough life she had. Conrad and Victoria don't care about improving the lives of children who need improvement. They're...

'Revenge' Review: 'Retribution' - Emily Is Back

3/11/2013 9:50am EDT
'Revenge' Review: 'Retribution' - Emily Is Back
ABC pushed the episode with these words: "Emily is back. No more distractions." The network must've heard the complaints about the second season and decided to push the show like it is season one again; however, Revenge needs to get out of a few storylines before it ceases being a convoluted mess. Revenge won't really reset until the third season. Until then, the writers have to wriggle free of The Initiative, and, uh, yeah, just The Initiative.

Fake Amanda's death, at least, adds much needed urgency and drama into the show. TV writers usually share a similar modus operandi when killing of...

'Revenge' Review: 'Sacrifice'

2/18/2013 8:53am EST
Revenge showed the sailboat Amanda at the bottom of the ocean way back in its September season premiere. The series did this in season one and the payoff in February was worth the wait. I insulted the show way more than I complimented it during season one, but the payoff to the shooting on the beach during the Fire and Ice party was impressive. It felt planned whereas every story in season two feels unplanned. Conrad's going to run for governor? Of course he is. I may need to stop writing about the show when that storyline begins. The mystery about the sunken boat was the only plot thread I...

'Revenge' Recap - 'Union'

2/11/2013 1:45pm EST
Thirteen episodes in and Revenge's second season continues to feel directionless. There's a semblance of an arc with The Initiative, but, I don't know, friends and well-wishers. What's the point of Revenge's second season?

The Porters celebrate a rare victory in "Union." Jack marries the girl of his dreams, though the actual girl of his dreams is to Fake Amanda's right and struggling not to cry. Conrad gives up the bar after Fake Amanda threatens him with incriminating video footage. Jack's elated. His life is going just right. Naturally, the taller, angrier Ryan brother tagged along on bo...

'Revenge' Star Emily VanCamp Shows Her Sexy Curves In The Jan./Feb. Women's Health

12/26/2012 12:01pm EST
Emily VanCamp
Revenge star Emily VanCamp talks about her relationships, cooking and aging in the new issue of Women's Health magazine.

did a sexy shoot for GQ magazine back in October, but Emily she likes it best when she doesn't have to be all dressed up.

"I'm at my most confident when I'm in nature and I don't have to dress up. When I take off my makeup, that's my boyfriend's (Revenge co-star Josh Bowman) favorite," she says. "And that, to me, is a symbol of a great guy - someone who doesn't care about all that stuff.

"It's more about accepting each other as separate people. That's the fundamental t...

Michael Trucco Is Getting His 'Revenge'

12/2/2012 9:00am EST
Revenge is getting even better. In tonight's episode, "Revelations," Michael Trucco officially begins his guest-starring role, after a brief appearance earlier this season.

Trucco's character is Nate Ryan, the brother of recurring character Kenny Ryan (JR Bourne, pictured above right with Trucco). Nate is described as "street-smart, charismatic and slightly menacing." It's unknown exactly how long he'll appear on the ABC series, but it's expected to be a significant story arc.

The Revenge role is Trucco's second major guest stint this year. He previously booked a return to How I Met You...

'Revenge' Star Emily VanCamp Steams Up The November GQ

10/22/2012 6:22pm EDT
Emily VanCamp
Revenge star Emily VanCamp heats up the November issue of GQ Magazine, showing off her sexy legs and a bit of cleavage in a black lace bra uner an open red sweater.

The star, who plays Emily Thorne on the hit show, talks about what she loves about her character and how she's a tomboy at heart.

"I always feel like I'm playing a character when I'm in a beautiful dress, with my hair coiffed," she says; "I like getting down and dirty. It's really fun. There's nothing better than setting an a--hole's house on fire. It's those moments when I think 'I love my job!'"

The native Canadian, who see...