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The spotting of Jimmy's "ghost" is the talk of the firehouse. When Sheila hears about it, she investigates. Colleen blames Tommy for her failed relationship. Franco and Natalie come to an understanding, while Lou, Mike and Latrina come to an understanding of their own and Tommy spends time with his father.

The crew learns of Jerry's suicide. Tommy's manhood is questioned when he has trouble holding relationship with women. Lou tries to recruit for the basketball team and after running into trouble, he tries to blackmail people into joining.

Tommy and Janet deal with the fact that the baby is probably not Tommy's. Sean learns a secret about Mike. The guys have trouble with the new probie. Meanwhile, Lou's cousin visits.

Tommy goes on another date with Beth to please the crew. Black Shawn proves himself. Things are going well for Latrina with Lou, but Franco realizes what he's lost. Tommy gets some insight into his childhood from his Dad.

The Gavin family's AA group meeting ends in a battle. Tommy bribes Colleen for information on Janet. Franco learns the truth about Natalie from Richie while Lou contemplates revenge on Cousin Mike.

The team is upset by a devastating fire that leaves seven dead. Tommy struggles with his feelings regarding the baby. Alicia returns with a proposal for Franco. Meanwhile, Troy breaks up with Sheila and Lou makes a decision about Theresa. Sean apologizes to Mike for the fire that burned down Mike's mother's house.

Tommy calls the mysterious woman from the restaurant and she invites him over to her place. The Gavin family stages an intervention for Maggie and Maggie agrees to go to rehab. They also have an intervention for Teddy, but he is not as open to the idea. Mike is depressed and calls Tommy.

Tommy continues to feel the heat from the insurance investigation into the beach house fire. Meanwhile, Mike's mom, who's dying from cancer, wants him to help her die painlessly; the firehouse tries to recruit a probie who's great at basketball; Teddy gets out of jail; Tommy is shocked when Sean lets slip that he thinks Janet's hot, but before he bashes in his fellow fireman's face, they get a call that reveals the location of Janet -- who has runaway from home -- and her new punk rocker boyfriend.

The crew helps Tommy devise a plan to win back Colleen's affection and Tommy avoids Nona, the volunteer firefighter who rescued him. Jerry finds out that he flunked his physical and has to sit at a desk job. Mike asks Tommy for advice on dealing with his dying mother's request.

The new chief arrives. Sheila makes a proposition to Janet. Franco is ready to propose to Natalie. Sean tries to convince Maggie not to divorce him.

Tommy still doesn't know how the beach house fire was started and has nightmares about facing the insurance investigators. Meanwhile, Janet fears that her baby boy has taken a stronger liking to Tommy than to her; Jerry's son asks him to be best man at his commitment ceremony; Franco is compelled to marry Natalie; Lou struggles to keep up with his horny ex-nun girlfriend, Theresa; Mike's mom wants his help in ending her suffering; and, Tommy's rescuer really, really likes him and wants him to know it.

Janet is furious when she learns that Tommy gave the baby to Sheila. Tommy has visions of his brother, which brings up feelings of guilt he has yet to deal with. Meanwhile, Franco wonders if he should have proposed to Natalie now that Alicia and Keela are back.

Tommy plays hero in someone else's uniform which causes confusion in the firehouse. Colleen suffers heartbreak and takes it out on Tommy. Natalie asks Franco for a favor.

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