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The Prefect of Wanganui
The deputies show the sights of Reno to a dignitary from Wanganui, Reno's sister city.

Reno S.D. In & Out of Jail (4)
The deputies, now in prison, must adjust to life behind bars, as Dangle begins to learn German and Junior turns into a prison house drug dealer, while on the other end, Trudi and Clementine descend into a downward spiral of tears and nightmarish sleep.

Craig's Question
Weigel's boyfriend proposes to her, but he is about to be executed for a series of killings.

Crime Scene Idiots
The department deputies are hired as security when "CSI: Miami" shoots around town.

Garcia's Girlfriend
Deputy Garcia decides to keep his new girlfriend hidden from the other deputies.

Eddie's Getaway
The deputies race to catch Fast Eddie McLintock, the Southwest U.S.' fastest criminal.

The One That Got Away
When a drug bust goes terribly awry, Dangle and Junior are forced to get back to the station on foot and without clothes on.

American Dangle
The deputies are now back living among the citizens of the private sector, but a darkness looms over them as someone from the past refuses to let things rest.

The Hot Tub King
Johnson tries to become the wife of Reno's "Hot Tub King," while the rest of the deputies keep a watch over Liberace's piano.

Cop School
The Reno deputies go back to work and get a new officer on the force.

Some of the deputies are quarantined when it is learned that they may be infected with S.A.R.S. virus, while others end up spending time with the popular host of a local children's television show.

The Hummer
Dangle spends some time with a young man who is quite possibly his son. Meanwhile, the addition of a new Humvee to the department has the rest of the deputies giddy.

...And the Installation Is Free
Jones contemplates leaving the department when he lands a plum gig as a voiceover artist for a carpeting company.

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