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Corporate Sponsor
The department's new corporate sponsorship makes it difficult for the officers to do their jobs.

Rick's On It
Citzen Patrolman Rick assists the Reno sheriff's department when a rash of crimes begin to hit the streets.

The Investigation Continues (2)
The sheriffs follow through on their ongoing search for Sheriff Chechekevitch's killer, encompassing an appearance at his funeral and the interrogation of his younger wife.

Dangle's Wedding (1)
Dangle receives a marriage proposal from his ex-wife's husband and the department has to attend their gay commitment ceremony; Williams and Johnson handle another call involving roller-skating man whore Terry; Kimball and Wiegel try to find a stolen car at the Renaissance Fair; Wiegel tries to entice Dangle by popping out of a cake in the nude. But she becomes stuck in the cake, and efforts to free her result in her going into labor. In the hospital, she realizes who the father of her child is, but not before Leslie can break off his engagement and be with the man he really wants: Garcia.

Wiegel's Pregnant
Garcia and Dangle emerge naked and safe from the fiery car wreckage, while Wiegel comes back to the force after her leave and is pregnant. Carrot Top goes off the deep end at Harrah's.

Spanish Mike Comes Back
The sheriff's department must contend with the return of its tormentor, "Spanish Mike" Alvarez.

Jet Ski Blues
The deputies square off against one another when the department inherits the jet ski of a recently deceased deputy.

Kimball contends with a magician performing without a permit, who is able to get out of whatever restraint she places on him; Dangle accidentally releases a killer back into the population; a customer wants to file a complaint against the brothel for fraud; Junior and Jones deal with a drunk at a Renaissance Festival.

Reno Mounties
Jones and Garcia get transferred to mounted patrol, but Garcia suffers a setback. Meanwhile, Junior, Wiegel and Williams go to an art gallery to remove an offensive painting but have trouble figuring out exactly which one it is; Dangle and Junior respond to an emergency call at a brothel; Jones gets thrown from his horse; and, Junior gets shot and takes advantage of Kimball's comfort.

Proposition C
It's local election time and the Reno Sheriff's Department has its own way of dealing with a measure called Proposition C: rigging the vote. Little do they realize that what they're voting for isn't what they thought it was.

Happy Anniversary
Kimball celebrates her first year with the department; Trudy and Raineesha are on a stakeout that turns into a soap opera-esque drama; Jones and Garcia return to the Renaissance Faire to deal with a groper; Dangle visits his ex-wife and her new husband.

The Junior Bros.
Garcia heads undercover to try and take down illegal workers and their illegal bosses. Meanwhile, Junior and his brothers hang out for the day.

Son of a Chechekevitch (1)
The sheriffs vow to catch the killer of local Sheriff Chechekevitch, but they have no clue as to the killer's identity.

Christian Karaoke Singles' Mixer
Kimball invites Clementine to a social mixer at her church and winds up losing the men's attention to the busty blonde; Dangle gets frenched by a meth addict; Junior has an explosive encounter with a car-crazy young lady; Jones and Garcia deal with a crazy guy claiming to be a cryogenics salesman.

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