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The new patients check in. Jennifer Gimenez, formerly of Sober House, has a panic attack when she learns that difficult patient Steven Adler will be at the recovery center.

Bai Ling won't take her medication. Amy Fisher considers quitting. Dwight Gooden enters the Center.

Awakening Emotions
Jessica "Sugar" Kiper enters the program. As patients get sober, withdrawal leads to intense emotions. Steven takes issue with Amy's denial.

Triggers and Regret
Steven continues to berate Amy for refusing to say she's an addict, leading to an ultimatum. Dwight deals with guilt over the years of neglect towards his kids. The group meets a family scarred by addiction.

Wreckage from the Past
Bail Ling reveals her childhood of abuse. Michael Lohan's former fiancee repeatedly call the Center. The group's visit to a non-profit evokes powerful emotions.

Family Weekend
During family weekend, Michael and Jessica have emotional confrontations with their loved ones. A fight nearly erupts between Jeremy and Amy Fisher's husband.

The Trouble with Loved Ones

Preparing for Discharge


Season 5 Revisited (Part 1)

Season 5 Revisited (Part 2)

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