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Episode 201
As the celebrity patients check in, Dr. Drew meets with each of them one-on-one. First to arrive is actor Gary Busey, then Amber Smith, Rodney King, Tawny Kitaen, Guns 'n' Roses drummer Steven Adler, Sean Stewart, Nikki McKibbin and Jeff Conaway. Gary Busey informs Dr. Drew that he is "not here seeking treatment," but is instead expecting to act as an addition to Drew and his staff.

Episode 203
First, Rodney King addresses the guilt he feels at not being a continuous part of each of his three daughters' lives. Next, Sean Stewart realizes he struggled with feeling abandoned whenever his famous father, Rod Stewart, would go on tour. Dr. Drew meets with Gary to see if any of the criticism is being processed. Gary admits that he doesn't feel cared for by the rest of the group, but insists it doesn't bother him. Meanwhile, Tawny Kitaen discloses to the group that Julie is in fact her real name. Finally, after a tough few days of therapy, Dr. Drew decides to reward the patients with a fishing trip.

Episode 205
First, Jeff Conaway calls 911 and informs the authorities that he's being held against his will. Fortunately, the officers don't feel comfortable sending Jeff home, so he decides to stay with Dr. Drew. Finally, the group is sent to art therapy.

Episode 207
It's day fifteen at rehab, and the patients are starting to feel better, more vibrant and alive. The guys are suddenly waking up to the fact that there is a very sexy woman in their midst that they have hardly noticed, and that girl is Shelly.

Episode 202
First, Gary Busey is feeling insecure about his place amongst the patients, so Dr. Drew sets up a meeting with psychiatrist Dr. Sophy. Meanwhile, several of the patients are detoxifying from the dangerous drugs on which their bodies have become dependent. Nikki, Jeff, Tawny and Amber are having the toughest times dealing with the detox. Steven spent the week before rehab detoxing at the Las Encinas hospital, and Rodney is a champ, as he deals with his symptoms by trying to exercise them away. Sean and Gary had been sober coming into rehab, but things get better for everyone when friends and family are allowed to visit for the first time.

Episode 204
As the midpoint draws near, the patients at recovery center, start facing tough emotional issues, while exploring what is behind their addictive behaviors.

Episode 206
As the patients move into the next stage of treatment, they begin to focus on how to take action to move forward in their recovery. Dr. Drew and his staff are faced with the challenge to help patients reconnect with their friends and family as they work toward solutions. However as Dr. Drew moves forward with building everyone up for Family Weekend, inevitably patients begin to fall apart.

Episode 209
Dr. Drew asks the rest of the patients what their plans are for sober living. Tawny will be doing an outpatient program in Newport Beach so that she can be close to her family. Sean plans to go to meetings, but will not be going to sober living. Gary plans to visit sober living as a motivational speaker. Rodney, Amber, Steven, Nikki and Seth will all be continuing on to sober living. Nikki's husband surprises her at graduation to show his support. Finally, Dr. Drew and all of the family members are very pleased with their loved ones decisions to attend sober living. Dr. Drew and the patients say their final goodbyes. Dr. Drew wishes his congratulations to those who are continuing on to sober living, and lets them know that he feels their decision will increase the chances of their success.

Episode 208
As the group nears their graduation they consider the obstacles they'll face in recovery.

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