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Stick Hockey
Benson tries to make amends after throwing out Mordecai and Rigby's stick hockey table.

Bet to Be Blonde
After being forced into going blonde by Rigby's dishonest victory on a video game, Mordecai joins an all-blonde cult.

Skips Strikes
Skip shows his prowess at bowling.

In the House
On Halloween, Mordecai dresses up as a father with five balloons covered in a ghost costume thought to be kids, to receive more candy, while Rigby goes a robber and scares away people. Rigby knocks on the door of a house, but when he does not receive any candy, he eggs the house. It is later discovered that the house is owned by a vengeful wizard, who rips off a piece of Rigby's skin and curses him. The next day, Rigby turns into a house, and he tells Mordecai to apologize to the wizard for him. However, the wizard attacks the house. Muscle Man is skinned alive, and High-Five Ghost disintegrates into white liquid. Rigby and his friends try to defend themselves, but Skips dies when he is burned in a fireplace, and Benson drowns in a toilet. Pops gets thrown on the ceiling and gets put in a closet which disappears. Mordecai tries to save Rigby, but the wizard slices his head off. For his final attack, the wizard eggs Rigby, and then kills him by cracking a gigantic egg on the roof. In the end, Muscle Man is disappointed, and Rigby responds that it isn't over, and Rigby then turns out to be the wizard in disguise. Everyone screams as the wizard rushes towards the screen and says "Happy Halloween".

Death Metal Crash Pit / Creepy Doll
Creepy Doll (told by Pops): Mordecai and Rigby discover an old Victorian doll named Percy that Pops has not seen since he was a child. They try to convince Pops to throw it out, but when he does, Percy returns. It unwillingly releases its pent-up rage by attempting to draw on their faces, Pops tries to get Percy to become a good doll again, but Percy refuses. Pops saves the day by kicking Percy into the fireplace in the basement. After helping Mordecai and Rigby, the doll returns, however briefly, he is too weak to defeat him.Muscle Man believes that Pops' story is lame. He walks away from the party, but comes back so he can tell his story.Death Metal Crash Pit (told by Muscle Man): Muscle Man and High Five Ghost want to crash an old RV into their crash pit, as they have done in the past with another wrecked car, but as soon as they get in, they discover a 1980s heavy metal band's spirits haunt the RV (despite the episode's title, the band looks and sounds like a glam metal band). The heavy metal band is upset at Muscle Man and Fives for disturbing their grave, so they lock all the doors and put Muscle Man into a headlock. When learning that Muscle Man wants to drive the RV into the crash pit, the band attempts to do so, however they see people, and play terrible music for them. Muscle Man tries to break out of the RV, but he can't. Upset at the terrible music, Muscle Man drives the RV into the crash pit, killing himself (High-Five Ghost and the band were already dead).Rigby laughs at Muscle Man, for his story was lamer than Pops. He proceeds to tell his own story.

Camping Can Be Cool
Mordecai wants to show Margaret how cool camping is.

Slam Dunk
During a game of Hoop Jams 5000, Mordecai is asked by Margaret to make her a website. However, Muscle Man and High Five Ghost have booked the computer for a day, even though they are not using it and are instead playing basketball. This angers Mordecai and Rigby so much that they challenge Muscle Man and High Five Ghost to a basketball duel.

Cool Bikes
Mordecai and Rigby beat Muscle Man and High-Five Ghost in a cart race, and pick up some girls who have some flat tires. However, they soon destroy the car, so Benson punishes them by taking away their cart privileges and forcing them to ride kiddie bikes. Angered at the "uncoolness" of the bikes, Mordecai protests the decision due to them taking away their "cool appeal". He strikes a deal with Benson: if Benson admits that they're cool, then they can get their car privileges back. Mordecai and Rigby do whatever they can- wearing cool sunglasses, dressing up in stylish clothes, but Benson refuses to admit that they are cool. But trouble ensues when the cool police arrest Mordecai and Rigby for being too cool, and they are taken to a distant planet for trial. The first witness is called, Muscle Man, and he first decides to make fun of Mordecai and Rigby by saying that they were losers, but he admits that he looked cool during his arrest, putting Mordecai and Rigby at stake for a jail sentence. Benson is then called over, and witnesses Mordecai and Rigby swear an oath on Cool 45s, hurting their chances of freedom. During Benson's speech, he finally admits that Mordecai and Rigby are cool. The judge determines their sentence- death. Mordecai and Rigby must escape the distant planet and get back to Earth so they can regain their cart

House Rules
Mordecai and Rigby stumble upon an anarchy after trying to find a place not governed by rules.

Rap It Up
Pops faces off against a group of rappers, called "CrewCrew", by using poetry.

After watching a movie trailer, Mordecai and Rigby believe that using a cool car they can attract girls. Margaret and Eileen come and see the trailer, disgusted by their actions, and bet them that if they can get a girl's phone number by "cruising", Margaret would buy them a free dinner, but if they lost, Mordecai would have to buy Margaret, Eileen and their fake boyfriends dinner. After failing repeatedly at getting girl's phone numbers, Mordecai realizes that the golf cart is not cool enough, so they use Pops' fancy car. They fail miserably at getting the numbers, until two women, Trash and Scabbitha, jump into Mordecai and Rigby's car and start to run away from their boyfriends, Bloodshed and Manslaughter, who chase Mordecai and Rigby through the evening sky. After the engine fails and the girls reveal they were using the two to anger their boyfriends, Mordecai and Rigby have to escape the boyfriends. The car runs out of fuel and crashes near the restaurant, where the girls reveal that they only hooked up with Mordecai and Rigby to make their boyfriends jealous. Margaret sees Mordecai and Rigby bruised on the floor, and gives him her number to reschedule the date. In doing this, Mordecai realizes he got a girl's number, so he and Rigby pick to dine at Margaret's coffee shop.

Under the Hood
Mordecai and Rigby are assigned by Benson to clean up the graffiti that was spray-painted on the walls. Muscle Man shows up with High-Five Ghost with orange sauce on him, and Mordecai accuses of him of doing the graffiti when the orange was really buffalo wing sauce. A spray-paint can falls out of Muscle Man's pants, and Benson fires Muscle Man. High-Five Ghost goes along with Muscle Man, and after they see a shady man named Park Avenue spray-paint the wall, they try to get Muscle Man's job back. Benson doesn't believe them, and Park Avenue continues to spray-paint the park. Park lures Mordecai and Rigby to a separate dimension, where Mordecai and Rigby are stuck in Park's house, a white canvas filled with invisible furniture. Mordecai smashes all of the furniture until Park agrees to admit to Benson he was the vandal, and not Muscle Man.

Fortune Cookie
Rigby swaps fortune cookies with Benson in the hopes of improving his luck.

Think Positive
Benson must find another way to manage his anger, or face being fired by Pops.

Skips vs. Technology
As Skips continues to help everyone with problems relating to broken supplies, Mordecai and Rigby are attempting to print something, but encounter error #219. They ask Skips if he can fix it, but when he says no and leaves the room depressed, he goes to a library to figure out how to fix computers. After this, he returns to the park only to find out that the problem had become an error #220. Skips then goes to a computer lab to see how to fix an error #220, but when the two employees go on break frustrated that Skips doesn't even know how to access the internet, there he finds his friend from the 1700s, Techmo, who offers how to fix an error #220 on a house call he has. As it turns out the house call was made by Mordecai and Rigby. While attempting to fix the computer, Techmo gets taken over by the Doomagedden Virus. As the virus continues to spread, Skips figures out how to fix it, and tells Mordecai and Rigby to begin opening as many programs as they can; by doing so, Techmo slows down giving Skips time to destroy the computer, thus freeing Techmo and killing the virus.

Butt Dial
Mordecai accidentally [butt] calls Margaret while driving and sings a song about his feelings for her on her voicemail. When he finds out about it, he hunts down her phone and tries to delete the message. He failed the attempt 3 times and him and Rigby got sucked inside Margaret's phone and faced permanent deletion. They tried "coffee/sandwiches/Mordecai but it turns out that her password was "DADDYS GIRL". Margaret finds out that Mordecai & Rigby tried to "hack" her phone and she gets mad but she hears his song that he sang and becomes happy and sets it as her ringtone every time he calls her.

While watching an action TV show Benson tells them to get back to work. But before they turn off the TV Mordecai and Rigby view a commercial,If one person eats an entire twelve egg omelet in under an hour, they will win a Trucker style hat with the words "I'm Eggcellent" on it.

Gut Model
After being ditched by his friends, Muscle Man celebrates the five years he's been at the park by going to a local restraunt where he encounters two men who want to give muscle man a job in being a gut model.

Video Game Wizard

Big Winner
Muscle Man receives a fake winning lottery ticket as a present from Mordecai and Rigby, and it's up to the duo to break the truth to Muscle Man before he attempts to cash it in.

The Best Burger in the World
Mordecai and Rigby use holograms to fool Benson into thinking they are working so they can eat a burger.

Benson tries to replace Mordecai and Rigby with an ostrich and a possum.

Trash Boat
Rigby changes his name, then has to change it back.

Yes Dude Yes
Mordecai tries to find a girlfriend after learning Margaret is engaged.

Busted Cart
A road trip with Mordecai, Rigby, and Benson takes a depressing turn, seeking repairs to the cart that's under warranty.

Dead at Eight
While seeing Muscle Man continue to build his water slide that he has been working on for weeks, Mordecai and Rigby dare him to ride down it as is. Muscle Man accepts the dare, but the support beams give out, making the bottom of the slide collapse, and Muscle Man crashes into his trailer, a tree, and lastly, a car, and survives before Death kills him. After this, Death shows up ready to kill and Muscle Man while on the phone with his son, Thomas' babysitter. The babysitter has cancelled, and Death says he will let Muscle Man live if Mordecai and Rigby watch Thomas for him. When they all get to Death's house, he and his wife give Thomas to Mordecai and leave for dinner. After this, Mordecai and Rigby go upstairs to put Thomas to bed, but realize that he is actually a 300-year old demon in disguise as a baby to live an easier life. Thomas then wants to play and eat, and eventually wants Mordecai to read him a story. He gives him a book encased in flames, and at the end of the book, a "Soul-Sucking Death Worm" emerges from the book and proceeds to go after Muscle Man. Rigby then comes up with a plan to get the worm back into the book, and it works. Angered at the fact that the story did not go as it was supposed to, Thomas refuses to go to bed. However, as Death and his wife approach the front door, the wreckage from the worm's rampage makes the chandelier fall on Thomas, knocking him unconscious. When Death walks in and sees his house a mess, he is ready to take Muscle Man, but his wife then sees Thomas sleeping and Death lets Muscle Man continue to live.

Access Denied
Mordecai and Rigby try to get into a club for Margaret's birthday party.

Trucker Hall of Fame
When Muscle Man's father, Muscle Dad, dies, Benson asks Mordecai and Rigby to go along with Muscle Man to spread the ashes of his father's hat (which read "World's Greatest Trucker") at the highest point at the Trucker Hall of Fame. While at a truck stop, three truckers tell Mordecai and Rigby that Muscle Man's dad wasn't really a trucker like he told Muscle Man when he was a kid but instead he was a forklift driver. Muscle Man overhears this and becomes upset that his dad would lie to him. He goes to the field next to the truck stop and smashes the picture he had of his dad and finds a note from his dad saying it was his dying wish to have his ashes spread at the Trucker Hall of Fame, so Muscle Man chooses to make his father's wish come true. When they get to the Trucker Hall of Fame, the people won't let them through the gate because they think Muscle Man's dad was a disgrace. So Muscle Man, Mordecai and Rigby break in but the ghosts of the famous truckers try to get rid of the ashes. When they get to the highest point, Muscle Man spreads the ashes that releases Muscle Dad's ghost and his hat's writing changes to "World's Greatest Forklift Driver" and Muscle Dad beats up the other ghosts, allowing them to escape and go home.

Muscle Mentor
Rigby has to prove that he can finish a job without quitting half way through, or he'll be fired.

Out of Commission
The guys plan a day with the cart, who becomes mortal, before they have to dispose of it.[4]

Fancy Restaurant
Muscle Man hopes to impress at a fancy dinner with his girlfriend's parents.

Mordecai and Rigby must fix a broken lock on Margaret's diary before she returns from vacation.

The Best VHS in the World
Mordecai and Rigby must return an overdue VHS tape to the Movie Shack Hut.

The gang must win a pranking competition against a rival park.

Death Bear
Mordecai and Rigby want to pose for a dangerous picture in an attempt to impress Margaret and Eileen.[4]

Fuzzy Dice
Everyone tries comes up with a gift for Pops' birthday, who only wants a pair of fuzzy dice from a run-down pizza parlor.

Sugar Rush
Mordecai and Rigby are sent to retrieve donuts for a staff meeting.

Bad Kiss
Mordecai and Margaret finally kiss, but Mordecai is left disappointed after it was cut short by his bad breath, and wants to go back in time to re-do it.

Weekend at Benson's
Mordecai and Rigby take an unconscious Benson to a party at his neighbor Audrey's apartment.

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