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It's Time
Rigby has two tickets to see a Zombie movie, but Mordecai bought two tickets to see a movie about girls showing their feelings (fully clothed). They have to decide which movie to see.

Appreciation Day
Mordecai and Rigby decide to write fraudulent statements in Benson's book of park records, but trouble ensues when the listed events happen for real.

When Benson discovers Moredicai and Rigby wasting time on the job by having a staring contest, he hires the "Peeps" slacker eliminator camera system to keep them under surveillance.


My Mom
When Mordecai and Rigby fail at retrieving a lemon tree from the park nursery, Benson has Muscle Man and High Five Ghost supervise them. After spending the day with them, Mordecai and Rigby decide that they are very fun to be around, but Mordecai still cannot put up with Muscle Man's jokes, and tells him that he should reverse the "my" part of his joke. Mordecai proceeds to tell "Your Mom" jokes as a example, and Rigby soon joins in. Muscle Man becomes infuriated because he thinks they're picking on his mother, and calls on his brother John to help teach Mordecai and Rigby a very important lesson. John drives his truck from Hell, takes a picture of Muscle Man's mom, and fries it, then forces Mordecai and Rigby to eat it and say "sorry" to Muscle Man's mom. After that is all said and done, Muscle Man reveals that the photograph was of his photoshopped butt cheek with a face on it, and laughs at the prank.

Party Pete
When Mordecei and Rigby overhear Skip finally convince Benson to take a vacation day, they decide to make his day off even better by planning a party.

Rage Against the TV
After the old TV breaks down, Mordecai and Rigby go looking for another TV to beat a seemingly impossible boss on a video game.

High Score
Mordecai and Rigby decide to earn respect by beating the world record on an arcade game. Once they do, they must face off against the game's champion.

Benson Be Gone
After Mordecai and Rigby cause one calamity too many at the park, Mr. Maellard blames Benson (believing that Benson, as park manager, must accept the blame for everything that happens). Maellard demotes Benson to work alongside Mordecai and Rigby, hiring a woman named Susan as the new manager. After Benson gets a taste of Mordecai and Rigby's lifestyle, he too becomes a slacker and promptly gets fired. He meets a hobo named Leon who used to be the park manager, and after hearing his lifestyle, is disgusted by slacking, and tries to get his job back. But the situation is complicated when Susan turns out to be a high-tempered demon, who is turning the park employees into clones of herself. As Mr. Maellard gave Benson the keys to his car, he drives and he gets kicked out by Leon who runs over Susan's heels, she lost balance and then died.

But I Have a Receipt
Mordecai and Rigby try to return a mediocre role-playing board game "The Realm of Darthon" to a grumpy store manager. But when the manager refuses to give a refund, the duo try to retaliate by pointing out the board game's imperfections to oncoming customers. After driving out his last customer, the enraged store manager traps Mordecai and Rigby in the game and it's up to them to escape and get their refund. Mordecai and Rigby gain medieval clothing and weapons, and soon call upon Pops, Benson and Skips to help them kill the minions. As soon as all the minions are killed, Mordecai and Rigby must fight Darthon, the manager. Darthon repeatedly hurls weapons to kill Mordecai and Rigby. Mordecai gets the Immunity Sword and stabs Darthon, and the scene shifts back to reality, where it is revealed that Darthon was stabbed with a ruler.

This Is My Jam

Muscle Woman
Mordecai and Riley try to console their friend Muscle Man when they find out his girlfriend dumped him.

Temp Check
Rigby hires a temp to do his work at the park, but the temp slowly begins to steal Rigby's identity.

Rigby falls victim of a game of jinxing, and unleashes demons to the park after trying to break the jinx himself.

See You There
Muscle Man invites everyone to High Five Ghost's birthday party, except for Mordecai and Rigby. They believe this is because of an incident that morning, when Rigby was choking and Mordecai's Heimlich maneuver caused the choke wad to splash soda in Muscle Man's face. Mordecai and Rigby try to crash the party, but they are denied access. High Five Ghost's brother, Low Five Ghost, turns Mordecai and Rigby into ghosts so they can phase through the party tent. However, High Five Ghost and his father tell them that they could get stuck as ghosts, and the only way to change back is to scare someone. Mordecai and Rigby scare Muscle Man, but he supposedly dies from a heart attack. However, Muscle Man awakens and confesses it was a prank, in a very shocking revelation to the party. Afterwards, Muscle Man eats food, but he starts to choke. Mordecai is the only person to save him, but he thinks it's a prank, but then he finds out he isn't. Now Mordecai has to choose to use the Heimlich maneuver to save Muscle Man, or let him die.

Do Me a Solid
Mordecai and Rigby start to do "solids" for each other. Skips warns them of their overuse of the solids, but Mordecai and Rigby ignore him. At the cafe, Eileen asks Rigby if they could double date with Mordecai and Margaret. Seeing it as an opportunity to be with Margaret, Mordecai begs Rigby to "do him a solid" and go out with Eileen. Rigby eventually agrees, but only if Mordecai will do ten solids for him. During the date, Rigby uses his ten solids to ruin Mordecai's chances with Margaret. The tenth solid is so humiliating that Mordecai refuses to do it. After Mordecai refuses the solid, the house begins to break apart. Mordecai must do the solid, or the house, along with its inhabitants, will be destroyed.

Grave Sights
Benson tells Mordecai and Rigby that they can earn a day off if they plan an event that will raise money to help pay off some damages made to the park. They decide on a zombie film festival, but the zombies become real, the pals have to fight them for that day off instead.

Really Real Wrestling
Mordecai and Rigby want to watch a wrestling match live, but after unintentionally hurting Pops, Benson punishes them by making then look after Pops instead.

Over the Top
In a flashback, Skips accidentally kills Rigby during an arm-wrestling match. In the present, Skips arm-wrestles with Death to bring Rigby back to life.

The Night Owl
Mordecai, Rigby, Muscle Man and Hi Five Ghost are frozen in time for thousands of years while in a competition for a car (a 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T).

A Bunch of Baby Ducks
Mordecai and Rigby find four ducklings while cleaning the park fountain, and the ducks imprint on Rigby, believing him to be their mother. Benson orders them to get rid of the ducks and go back to cleaning the pond. After the ducks learn a few very violent moves from Rigby, the duo decide that not just anybody can have ducks as cool as them. They post advertisements, but the only one who answers is a creepy man with an apparent duck obsession. After Mordecai and Rigby turn him away, the mother duck calls them and asks for her ducklings back. Mordecai and Rigby agree to meet her, but upon going back outside, they find that the creepy man has stolen the ducklings. Mordecai and Rigby, along with the mother duck, attempt rescue the ducks from the man. After chasing him through the park, Mordecai and Rigby crash the car into the fountain, and the duckman takes out a knife to stab Rigby. In shock, the ducks transform into one giant duck in order to kill the man. Absent: Skips, High-Five Ghost, and Muscle Man.

More Smarter
Rigby tries to prove to Mordecai that he can get by without a high school diploma.

First Day
This episode flashbacks on Mordecai and Rigby's first day at the park. They arrive in a new town and find an ad about the job in a newspaper, and they decide to join. Pops comes in and greets the two. He shows them their rooms, and then Mordecai and Rigby spend the night drinking soda. While they are eating breakfast, they notice Benson and Pops throwing away a chair that Mordecai and Rigby immediately both want. So, they play rock-paper-scissors in a competition over the chair. But after tying 100 times, they accidentally summon a tie-breaking monster, who attempts to eat the chair. In order to break the tie, Rigby beats Mordecai and kills the monster. The couch is vaporized, except for a small portion, which Benson forces Pops to throw out.

Go Viral
Mordecai and Rigby make a bet with Muscle Man and High Five Ghost to see who gets the most views as a viral video.

Rigby becomes possessed by a curse in which he transforms into a skunk after being sprayed by the infamous creature.

Karaoke Video
Mordecai and Rigby spend a night at Carrey O'Key's Karaoke bar and sing live, but since they are so motivated by the audience, they accidentally begin trash-talking about Benson, Pops and Skips. Their speech is taped without their knowing and they are given a copy while the bar keeps a tape as a promo. The next morning, Mordecai and Rigby wake up and forget everything that happened. They watch the tape and, shocked at what had happened, destroy it, but the others see the cover of the tape and decide to go to the bar for a karaoke night. Mordecai and Rigby go with them and attempt to destroy the master tape before Benson, Skips and Pops see the promo. The barman tries to stop them, but ends up creating a bar fight. Mordecai and Rigby must retrieve the master tape before anyone gets to see it.

Brain Eraser
Mordecai must get the memory of seeing Pops naked out of his head.

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