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Cookies For Santa
Reba learns she will be spending Christmas alone. Cheyenne and Van unsuccessfully attempt to start a new Christmas tradition.

House Rules
Reba worries that Barbara Jean and Brock are too lenient with the kids so she snoops on them. Cheyenne and Van try to adjust to life with a screaming infant.

Skating Away
Reba turns her attention to Kyra who seems distant in the wake of all the attention that went to Cheyenne and the baby. But an injury causes Van to lose his scholarship and his off-campus housing forcing the whole family back to Reba's.

Your Place or Mine?
Kyra considers moving in with her father and Barbra Jean following Reba's decision to fund Cheyenne's tuition instead of her summer abroad, while Cheyenne and Van consider making Kyra's potentially-vacant room into a nursery.

It's Jake's Party, Cry if You Want to
Reba promises to be on her best behavior around Barbra Jean. But at Jake's birthday party, Barbra Jean dishes out a few insults of her own, and Reba can't help but fight back.

The Vasectomy
Reba and Barbra Jean are angry at Brock following his revelation that he had a vasectomy. After Cheyenne and Van have a pregnancy scare, Reba sets new ground rules, prompting them to move out of the house in protest.

And the Grammy Goes To...
During a visit, Brock's mother reveals the confession in which he admitted he may have made a mistake in leaving Reba for Barbra Jean.

Seeing Red
Barbra Jean dyes her hair red as part of a makeover, only she's changed herself into a Reba lookalike.

Reba Works For Brock
Cheyenne returns to college leaving Van to take care of the baby by himself. Reba takes a job working in Brock's dental office, a position which unfortunately requires her to report to Barbra Jean.

A Moment in Time
Everyone appears on camera with private words for Cheyenne's baby, Elizabeth, while making a video family album, but when everyone decides to watch each other's messages, feelings are hurt.

The Rings
When Reba is forced to auction her engagement ring online for cash, Brock decides to start bidding in an effort to win it back.

The Best Defense
After becoming the victim of an attempted home burglary, Reba takes a self-defense class where she ends up sparring with Barbra Jean. Brock and Van install an alarm system after discovering the high cost of home security systems.

For Sale, Cheap
Reba agrees to put herself up as an assistant-for-hire in Jake's school auction, only Barbra Jean places the highest bid. Meanwhile, Van auctions off private football lessons, which has the ladies swooning and Cheyenne jealous.

Terry Holliway
Reba and Brock go out of town to attend the funeral of Reba's college boyfriend.

The Feud
Reba feels pressure when both her boss and Brock ask her to choose a side in their immature legal battle against one another.

Cheyenne convinces Reba to try speed dating after Reba's night out turns out to be a disaster.

Location, Location, Location
Reba has to make a funding decision among her two daughters' endeavors when Kyra has the chance to study abroad for the summer and Cheyenne must attend summer college classes. Meanwhile, Reba's joy over Brock and Barbra Jean moving away is quelled when they buy a nearby house.

Mommy Nearest
Barbara Jean acquires the title of "Mommy" when Reba starts working for a chief rival of Brock's. Meanwhile, Van's new gardening job and its co-workers suddenly seem more interesting than Cheyenne and the popular crowd.

The Wall
Van and Cheyenne reconcile with Van's parents, but when Reba is uncomfortable with the lavish presents they shower on baby Elizabeth, both sets of grandparents find themselves trying to outdo one another.

Safe Dating
Reba becomes interested in the father of Kyra's boyfriend, thus irking Kira and placing even more strain in their relationship.

Proud Reba
Reba is frustrated upon learning that Van and Cheyenne have applied for food stamps. Putting aside her pride, she takes a job in Brock's dental office.

Valentine's Day
Reba cancels a date with Brian on Valentine's Day by pretending to be sick, only he ends up showing up with soup.

Reba invites Brian home to meet her family. Meanwhile, Brock and the children begrudingly attend Barbra Jean's family reunion in Fisheye Bottom.

The Will
Reba decides to put together a will after a brush with death, but is shocked when she inadvertantly learns that, should something happen to Cheyenne and Van, the couple have made Brock and Barbra Jean the guardians of Elizabeth.

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