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A Search for Kevin
The cast is worried when Kevin doesn't show up. Once he returns, they show him the video they made of the joke they played on him and he eventually forgives them. Later, Kevin confesses he considered quitting the show because he thought his roommates were so weird. Meanwhile, Heather constantly professes her love for Hornets basketball player Larry Johnson. Julie and Heather attend the Knicks-Hornets game, and Julie slips Heather's phone number to Larry Johnson. A package arrives informing the ladies of the house that they will spend a week in Jamaica.

A Friendship Explodes
Norman and Eric arrive home to find Julie crying. She and Kevin had a fight about a phone call and Kevin threw a candleholder at her. Kevin denies brandishing the candleholder and says that the fight wasn't his fault because Julie was rude to him on the phone and may have cost him a job. They eventually calm down after a lot of yelling and apologize to each other. Kevin and Eric throw a big birthday party during which a female guest who claims to have been assaulted by Heather results in Heather being questioned by the police.

Tempers Flare
Kevin writes Eric a long letter that the roomies pass around and discuss. Eric gets angry about the letter and verbally attacks Kevin for being so passive-aggressive.

The Roommates Meet
Seven strangers across America arrive at a luxurious house where they'll live for the next three months. However, issues like prejudice, racism and sex immediately surface.

Eric Meets a Female Model
Eric is working on a magazine shoot with a topless female model. When Eric and the model, Taryn, begin flirting, the photographer encourages them. After the shoot, Taryn and Eric begin dating. However, Eric is confused by the relationship as their dates only consist of strange things like trying on leather "rocker clothes."

Julie and Darlene
As the housemates prepare for their trip to the pro-choice rally in Washington D.C., Norman is falling in love with Charles, though Charles is not ready to make the same commitment. As Julie, Norman, and Heather travel by car to the rally, Norman gets pulled over for speeding. When the group arrives in Washington, Norman spots Charles in the crowd and the two spend some of the day together. Back at home, while out for a walk with Norman and his dog Gouda, Julie meets and makes a connection with Darlene. Julie later stays the night in the makeshift community. The situation affects Julie deeply and the rest of the loft mates are impressed with Julie's openness to the situation.

Heather B. Raps
Julie and Eric begin a flirtatious relationship. The loft learns that prior to the show Eric appeared in a Jovan Musk commercial and on the television show "A Closer Look" to discuss "sexy ads." After playing a clip of the show for the loft, the group discusses nudity, pornography and whether or not Eric is simply selling himself and his good looks to the highest bidder. Heather invites Julie and Eric to visit the studio where she is recording a song for her upcoming album, The System Sucks.

Julie's Family Visits
The cast finds a white dog on the street that they want to keep, but decide they should first search for his owner. They walk the dog to Washington Square Park with the hope that someone will recognize the dog. The dog's owner is eventually found. Julie's mother comes for a visit and Julie plans to "tire her out" by doing the whole tourist scene in New York. Julie tells Andre that she doesn't feel a connection with her mother. Julie and her mother later get into a dispute about their relationship and debate on whether or not it is a good one. Andre's mother also comes for a visit and watches him play with his band. Andre remarks that he feels a close connection with his mom.

Heather Offends Eric
Heather is arrested and is questioned about her fight. Heather decides not to press charges against the guest after she learns that the guest did not press charges against her. The police let her go and even ask her for an autograph. Heather and Eric, whose personality conflicts regularly lead to fights, end up wrestling through the loft like it's a WWF battle royal.

The girls head off to Jamaica, but are disappointed that the men they see at the nude beach they frequent are not attractive. Meanwhile, the men back at the loft bond with each other. Andre and Kevin head off to a night on the town and talk for the first time and find that they're not as different from each other as they originally thought. Norman develops a relationship with Charles Perez, who he thinks may be the man of his dreams. Julie and Heather leave Jamaica disappointed by the available men while Becky returns to NY with a new boyfriend in tow, Bill "Corky" Richmond, one of the directors from the loft's control room.

A Practical Joke
The roommates are upset when Kevin fails to show up for a dinner he suggested and decide to play a prank on him. They each take on different characters, hoping to fool Kevin into thinking that things have changed while he has been away. Kevin returns to the loft, and overwhelmed by what he sees, rushes out of the house. Several hours after Kevin fail to return to the loft, his frightened roomies wonder if he's ever coming back.

The Last 72 Hours
Each cast member expresses feelings about their experience at Real World loft. Becky expresses how the Real World is as real as it gets. Andre feels he has had some great experiences. Kevin confesses how cynical he was in the beginning and how much he's learned from the other members of the cast. Norman confesses that he is not afraid anymore to express his sexuality. The whole cast says their last good-byes to the Big Apple.

Kevin and Eric Squabble
Kevin and Eric go outside to discuss their issues. The argument dies down as the two talk about stereotypes and their inherent differences. Eric invites Kevin to a Knicks game where the two meet Isiah Thomas. Kevin gets a chance to peek into Eric's private life as he watches him interact with his dad, an NBA referee.

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