The Real Housewives of New York City Episode Guides

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If You Have Nothing Nice to Say
The Van Kempens return from the Hampton's and prepare to go on vacation in St. Barts and Jill also tries to prepare for the home renovation. Bethenny does a photo shoot. Bethenny and LuAnn argue about whether or not LuAnn is an expert on etiquette. LuAnn enlists her friends to help with her charity event. The housewives go to a party to support Bethenny being on the cover of Social Life magazine.

There's a New Girl in Town
In the season two premiere, an interview that Jill gave to the New York Post gets her in trouble with Alex and Simon. While on vacation in the Hamptons, Alex and Simon run into Jill at a party and their feud comes to a head. Bethenny decides to spend the summer with Jill at her Hamptons estate, and continues her whirlwind life on the social scene. Luann introduces new Housewife Kelly to the other ladies at a charity event.

Game, Set, Feud
Jill has Bethenny over to see her newly remodeled home. Jill's tennis partner cancels on her and Bethenny suggests she get Simon to play with her in the match against Ramona and Mario. Bethenny asks Alex to help her design a logo.

Unfashionably Late
Kelly goes to photo shoot to have an updated shot for the invitations to her Halloween party. LuAnn's daughter comes home from boarding school for a visit. Ramona works on promoting her jewelry line. Jill talks to BBC radio about the economy. The housewives all go to Kelly's Halloween party.

Charity Wives
The wives host a charity event, during which Jill and Bethenny have an argument. Jill accuses Ramona of not paying her fair share of the monetary agreement. Bethenny and Jill have an argument about Bethenny's "Skinny Girls" logo being placed above the bar.

Kelly Vs. Bethenny
Ramona and Kelly go to a fashion show together and Kelly complains about Bethenny. Ramona thinks the two of them need to talk things out. Bethenny and Kelly meet at a bar and try to talk things out, but just end up fighting more. The Housewives all attend a Page Six Magazine party. Jill argues with Mario about their upcoming tennis match.

Runway Run-In
The ladies attend fashion week in New York. Bethenny talks with Jill about her feelings about Kelly. LuAnn, Kelly and Ramona attend Russell Simmons fashion show. Jill hosts her first charity event for Creaky Joints. Kelly covers fashion week for her magazine column. Kelly and Bethenny sit together at a fashion show and things get tense. Jill has another charity meeting and Kelly causes tension at the meeting.

Wife in the Fast Lane
Ramona throws a party to display her skin care products. Bethenny offers advice, but Ramona isn't interested. LuAnn works on finishing up her book. Bethenny promotes her baked goods. Kelly talks with a designer about creating her jewelry line. Simon plans Alex a surprise party, but gets upset when the surprise is ruined.

Van Kempens House Party
Alex and Simon plan a party to show off their newly renovated home.

Hamptons Retreat But No Surrender
Bethenny talks with Jill about her boyfriend Jason. Jill tries to get information on Kelly, but this causes a fight with Ramona. Alex and Simon go shopping. Jill's parents come for a visit. Kelly goes to a party for work. LuAnn is honored by the American Cancer Society. Jill's mom talks with Bethenny about her break-up.

On Their High Horses
LuAnn's housekeeper returns from her trip to the Philippines. Luann announces to her friends that her daughter will be going away to school. Jill decides to throw a benefit for her charity. Alex and Simon enjoy relaxing in the Hampton's. LuAnn organizes a lunch for her daughter and her daughter's friend where she teaches them etiquette. The ladies attend the Hamptons Tea Dance.

New York State of Mind
LuAnn prepares Victoria for boarding school. Ramona and Bethenny bond over their irritation with LuAnn. Jill gives Alex and Simon tips on their home renovation. Bethenny decides to confront LuAnn, but the lunch doesn't go well.

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