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Jimmy learns he is a father and enlists his eccentrically blue collar family to help raise his daughter.

Dead Tooth
Sabrina's cousin Shelley ("Dead Tooth") babysits hope. Virginia attempts to quit smoking.

Dream Hoarders
Hope gets herself and Virginia into trouble when she learns to crawl. Jimmy continues his sheepish pursuit of Sabrina.

Say Cheese
Jimmy attempts to rally the family for a photo shoot to preserve precious memories.

Family Secrets
Jimmy and his parents debate the importance of keeping information from children.

Happy Halloween
Burt tries to prank Jimmy who is working his own angles with Sabrina on Halloween.

The Sniffles
The health care crisis hits home when Hope catches a cold.

Blue Dots
Burt's sex offender status threatens Hope's chances of getting accepted to a top-notch day care center.

Meet the Grandparents
Thanksgiving festivities go awry when Hope is kidnapped by her maternal grandparents.

Burt Rocks
Burt tries to recapture lost musical youth.

Toy Story
Burt and Jimmy try to execute a tried and true holiday scheme.

Romeo and Romeo
Jimmy attempts a bromance with a single dad.

A Germ of a Story
The Chance family tries to focus on cleanliness but discover that sanitary conditions are not the only key to staying healthy.

What Up, Cuz?
Delilah - a cousin on Virginia's side - brings her money problems for a visit.

Snip Snip
Burt and his family consider male sterilization.

The Cultish Personality
Cousin Mike and the wife he shares with other members of a strange spiritual sect stop into the Chance home for a visit.

Maw Maw becomes convinced that the house is full of mongooses, while the family makes out their wills to assign Hope's guardianship. Jimmy chooses Sabrina over Burt, which hurts Burt's feelings.

Jimmy convinces Sabrina that her boyfriend is cheating on her at college, and takes a trip with her there to catch him, hoping to pick her up on the rebound. Maw Maw starts flirting with an old man she met at the daycare.

Sleep Training
Jimmy has a crazy new girlfriend who models nude for his art class and encourages him to drink a psychedelic tea that leads to a terrifying trip. Burt reads a book on sleep-training and becomes an "expert," trying out his new tactics on baby Hope.

Everybody Flirts Sometimes
Jimmy is upset when he sees that Burt is a huge flirt, but soon the rest of the family takes up his flirting ways. Jimmy and Sabrina become competitive as employees, while Virginia finds herself the victim of a coffee shop stalker.

Baby Monitor
Burt and Virgina start listening in on their neighbors' arguments, and soon find themselves moved to help them save their marriage. Howdy's Market brings the community together for a commercial competition.

Don't Vote for this Episode
The family remembers the day Jimmy turned 18, when he was an awkward Goth kid and Maw Maw kicked him and everyone else out of the house. Jimmy grows up by taking his job at the grocery store.

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