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Series about the lives of a group of gay men and lesbians living in Pittsburgh. Michael and Brian, both on the verge of turning 30, have been friends since they were 16. Michael, romantic and still an adolescent at heart, collects comic books and is an assistant manager at the Big Q Mart. Brian is a successful advertising executive who revels in promiscuity and drugs and is completely unapologetic about his lifestyle. He believes in sex, not love. Michael has always been in love with Brian, but will never admit it. Ted is a nice-looking, but average fellow. An accountant with a taste for porn, Ted's fatal flaw is his lust for twenty-somethings who don't return his interest. Emmett is probably the most flamboyant of the four friends and wears it with pride. Brian donated his sperm to his dear friend Lindsay, an art teacher at the university. Along with her lesbian lover, Melanie, a lawyer who detests Brian, they are raising their infant son. Justin Taylor is a 17-year-old boy whose life is changed one night when he experiences sex and what he thinks is love, for the first time. Debbie Novotny is Michael's eccentric mother -- vehemently proud of her gay son. Dr. David Cameron is the dreamboat chiropractor who makes Michael forget about Brian, for a while. In the beginning of the second season, it is several months after a horrific gay-bashing incident; Justin struggles to remember while Brian struggles to forget. Michael, fresh from his breakup with Dr. David, moves home and buys a comic book store. Back in the dating game, his new love interest creates conflict with his mother, Debbie. Ted pursues his passion for porn and enlists Emmett to help launch his new endeavor. Will Lindsay and Melanie decide to marry or will an unexpected visit from Melanie's ex shake things up? Lindsay and Melanie try to get Gus admitted into preschool. Famous Pittsburgh drag queen Divina Devore returns to town and Debbie reveals the two of them dated years ago. To earn money for art school, Justin turns to go-go dancing at Babylon.