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Episode 312
Emmett resents everyone's lack of faith in Ted's apology for and avowal to beat back his addiction, but later he has reason to question Ted's commitment to his recovery. Meanwhile, Brian follows up on Hunter's claim of meeting the kid Debbie found murdered in her dumpster.

Episode 309
As the gang contends with the closing of Woody's, Melanie promises Lindsay to ease off of work during her pregnancy and Ted serves as bartender during one of Emmett's bashes.

Episode 313
Fed up with Ted's manic behavior, Emmett confronts him about his new habit and friends; for his participation in protesting against Stockwell, Justin is threatened with expulsion from school; and Hunter's method for collecting evidence to further implicate the cop the gang suspects killed Dumpster Boy proves unorthodox but effective.

Episode 308
As Ted gets into role-reversal and Michael and Ben lend a hand to a young hustler, Lindsay really takes to her new job and Justin starts an internship.

Episode 307
After the talk with Michael, Ben swears he'll stop using steroids. Meanwhile, Justin calls Ethan on his intentions, a newly-released Ted begs Brian to try to influence Stockwell on his behalf and Melanie makes a joyous announcement.

Episode 310
As Ben fulfills a favor to a street hustler, Justin and Brian come into conflict over Stockwell. Meanwhile, Ted takes a dangerous walk on the wild side.

Episode 302
Now that he's left Brian, Justin must figure out how to pay for school. Despite his new relationship with Ted, Emmett comes up with a way to participate in a previously arranged hook-up. Meanwhile, Lindsay gets surprise news from Melanie.

Episode 314
While Lindsay discovers just how superstitious Melanie is about the pregnancy, Ted's indulgence in drugs finally sends him over the edge. Also, as Michael & Ben deal with the arrival of Hunter's mother, come to collect her son, Brian puts everything he has on the line to expose Stockwell as the election grows nearer.

Episode 304
Emmett and Ted don't live together as well as they'd hoped. Lindsay and Melanie spring a surprise request on Michael. Brian deals with a serious accusation from an unexpected source.

Episode 301
While Ted and Emmett awkwardly start dating and the future of Michael and Justin's comic book is thrown into doubt, Brian tries to hide how devastated he feels about Justin leaving him for Ethan.

Episode 305
As Lindsay and Melanie get down to the mechanics of conceiving their second child and Ted and Emmett struggle to find a new home they both like, Ethan considers signing with an agent and Brian lands a major account.

Episode 303
As Ben confronts the passing of the lover who infected him and Brian works on promoting a fundraiser, Justin worries about fitting in with Ethan's friends. Meanwhile, Emmett and Ted share lovemaking secrets with Deb that elicit an unexpected response when she tries them out on Horvath.

Episode 311
Ted exacerbates his new bad habit by partying with his new friends. Meanwhile, Hunter gets some bad news and Stockwell suspects Brian may be sabotaging his campaign.

Episode 306
As Michael calls Ben on his steroid use and a paranoid Ted fears he'll be the target of a police raid, Stockwell takes the lead in the polls due to Brian's efforts. Elsewhere, Justin rankles at having to deny his true relationship with Ethan and Emmett gets started decorating the house.

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