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Episode 504
Brian maintains his belief that marriage is what kills a relationship, while Debbie has trouble settling into retired life, particularly when Loretta begins stealing her act.

Episode 513
In the series finale Justin and Brian prepare to marry, Lindsay and Melanie move away and Michael is asked to represent the Committee for Human Rights.

Episode 503
Brian and Michael begin to drift apart and Debbie decides to retire, leaving the diner in the hands of Loretta Pye.

Episode 502
Justing returns to Pittsburgh after the studio pulls the plug on Rage and Michael pursues custody of his daughter.

Episode 501
The evening doesn't go quite as planned when Michael throws a surprise 10-year-anniversary party for Lindsay and Melanie and Justin extends his stay in Hollywood.

Episode 508
Justin's stand against Proposition 14 lands him in jail, while Brian and Brandon work their way through the list of ten hottest guys. Ben is distraught over Hunter's departure and Emmett's stalker is revealed.

Episode 505
Brian has some bad news to share with Justin and his former partners; Loretta admits her true feelings to Debbie; Hunter considers leaving school and returning to the streets and Lindsay bows out of the custody battle.

Episode 512
Brian and Justin decide to get married. Melanie and Lindsay give serious thought to moving to Canada with the children and Emmett catches Drew with another man.

Episode 509
The fight against Proposition 14 continues as Michael and Brian still refuse to speak to one another. Drew finally comes out of the closet and Lindsay and Melanie's separation heats up.

Episode 511
In the wake of the bombing at Babylon, Brian re-evaluates his priorities while Michael recovers at the hospital and a vigil for the victims ends in bedlam.

Episode 507
Proposition 14 threatens the rights of same-sex couples while Justin decides to move out of Brian's loft, creating a rift between Brian and Michael. LIndsay decides to go back home to her parents with Gus.

Episode 510
Cyndi Lauper makes a special appearance at Babylon's benefit to "Stop Prop 14".

Episode 506
Brian's title of resident stud at Babylon is challenged by a newcomer. Ted's cosmetic surgery provides him the opportunity for revenge on a former lover and Ben and Michael try to lift Hunter's spirits.

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