The Prisoner Summary

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Assigned to locate a missing scientist, British agent John Drake permits him to defect to Russia when he discovers that the doctor was trying to perfect a deadly device for performing "mind transference." When Drake returns to England, he is reprimanded for letting the doctor escape. Believing he did the right thing, Drake resigns. The Ministry, believing differently, decides to take action against him. While he is packing to leave London, a gas is released in his room that knocks him unconscious.

Awakening, Drake finds himself in a strange room. He discovers that he is a prisoner in a self-contained community known as The Village, a surreal little world bordered by mountains and ocean from which there is no escape. He learns that no one will now call him by name, but instead address him only as Number 6.

Drake then meets his chief captor, Number 2 -- a high-level functionary charged with extracting information from Drake, and who reports only to the mysterious Number 1. Drake learns that he was abducted because of his sudden decision to resign. "A lot of people are curious about why you suddenly left. The information in your head is priceless... a man like you is worth a great deal on the open market..."

Stories depict Number 6's attempts to discover the identity of Number 1 and stay one step ahead of Number 2, as well as his desperate attempts to escape from The Village.