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Where Are They Now: Leslie Bibb, AKA Brooke From 'Popular'

10/20/2013 9:03pm EDT
Where Are They Now: Leslie Bibb, AKA Brooke From 'Popular'
Leslie Bibb became a household name when she starred in Popular as the too-perfect, straight-A student Brooke McQueen, whose life is turned upside-down when her father gets engaged to the single mother of the decidedly-unpopular Sam (played by Carly Pope, who we profiled last week). But what has Bibb been up to since the show ended in 2001? Let's find out…

First, some background. Bibb had a handful of single episode appearances in shows Pacific Blue, Home Improvement, and Just Shoot Me. After a bit role in Private Parts on the big screen, she scored her first recurring role in The Big ...

Where Are They Now: Carly Pope, AKA Sam McPherson On 'Popular'

10/8/2013 2:51pm EDT
Where Are They Now: Carly Pope, AKA Sam McPherson On 'Popular'
Many people know Carly Pope as the main character of WB comedy-drama Popular, the first television show created by Glee's Ryan Murphy. But what has Carly been up to since? Let's find out...

First, some background: Carly Pope grew up in Vancouver, British Columbia. She fell in love with acting early on and appeared in several plays while in high school. She made her professional debut the same year she graduated, appearing in Disturbing Behavior with Katie Holmes and James Marsden.

Following her film debut, Carly tried out for two WB shows: Roswell and Popular. While she was turned...

Christopher Gorham Welcomes Third Child

1/12/2009 3:27pm EST
Christopher Gorham
Ugly Betty actor Christopher Gorham has welcomed his third child with his wife, actress Anel Lopez-Gorham.

The pair's first daughter, Alondra Cecilia Lopez Gorham, was born on Saturday morning - the younger sister to their sons Lucas and Ethan. Gorham tells People.com, "She's perfect."

The couple co-starred in TV series Popular and married in 2000. The new addition is the most recent in a series of births for Ugly Betty's stars.

Just last month, Eric Mabius and his wife celebrated the birth of their second child, while Rebecca Romijn welcomed twins with husband Jerry O'Co...

The Twelve Episodes of Christmas Television Gave To Us

12/14/2008 12:00pm EST
Mystery Science Theater 3000
Every year around this time, holiday specials fall on network TV like snowflakes, a comforting blanket of tradition and familiarity. But while those classics may be festive enough for some, we prefer a more modern take on the holiday season. From the heart-warming to the hilarious to the possibly offensive, here are twelve holiday-themed episodes from some of my favorite contemporary shows that put me in the Christmas spirit:

"Forgiveness and Stuff" (Gilmore Girls, Season 1 Episode 10)

Though the foundation of Gilmore Girls is the inseparable mother-daughter duo, the ...

Bathroom Scale Vs. Pay Scale: How Celebrity Weight Affects The Job

3/24/2008 2:30pm EDT
Tyra Banks
Last week, Lisa Marie Presley was forced to reveal her pregnancy after harsh media speculation about her weight gain reached a fever pitch. In 2007, Jennifer Love Hewitt and Tyra Banks blasted publications that derided their bikini-clad bodies.

Check out recent cover mamas Christina Aguilera, Nicole Richie and J-Lo: You won't find one article that doesn't congratulate them on their new cherubs while mentioning their efforts to lose the baby weight in the same breath.

Let's face it: Hollywood is thin obsessed. This is a town that forgives actual junkies sooner than junk-food junki...

Leslie Bibb Becomes Fulltime 'Crossing Jordan' Cast Member

12/13/2005 9:00am EST
Leslie Bibb
Leslie Bibb has upped her status to series regular on NBC's Crossing Jordan. Bibb joined the cast in the recurring role of Detective Tallulah 'Lu' Simmons this year at the start of the drama's fifth season. Her character, who is the department psychologist for the Boston Police Department, has provided therapy and romance for Detective Woody Hoyt (Jerry O'Connell).

Teen filmgoers will recognize Bibb from the 2000 thriller Skulls (also starring Joshua Jackson and Paul Walker), but her most memorable role was as teen princess Brook McQueen on Popular.

Bibb's other television credi...