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Workers Ready Balloons For The 84th Annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade (Pics)

11/25/2010 12:51am EST
For most people Thanskgiving Day is about turkey, football and the late afternoon tryptophan coma (a myth that's been debunked - yet we all get sleepy for some reason). But none of it would feel right without starting the day with a little breakfast, a hot cup of coffee and the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

The yearly American tradition expects 3.5 million people to line the streets of New York City with another 50 million television viewers watching from the comfort of their living rooms.

The parade is most notable for it's gigantic helium ballons, marching bands and dance troupes; as ...

Gnarls Barkley Nominated For Two MTV VMAS

8/26/2008 5:30pm EDT
Gnarls Barkley
Gnarls Barkley, the chart-topping partnership of artists Danger Mouse and Cee-Lo Green, has received two nominations for MTV's Video Music Awards.

The acclaimed video for "Run," directed by Happy, has been nominated for its effective use of eye candy (Best Art Direction) and mind control (Best Choreography).

The video caused a stir when an early cut failed the Harding Test, and was determined to put some viewers at risk of seizures. "Now we know how the Pokemon people felt," said an unnamed spokesperson for the band.

Gnarls is known for shaking the music-video world. The vide...

Give It Up For The Cartoon Network!

3/27/2008 2:00pm EDT
Family Guy
On the Cartoon Network, there are so many programs that appeal to just about every type of animation connoisseur. Late nights you can catch re-runs of "Family Guy" or get thugged out and righteous by watching Riley and Huey on "The Boondocks."

Under the umbrella of the Turner Broadcasting, Cartoon Network is definitely one of the more colorful stations established by media giant Ted Turner. It was created in 1992 and was drawn up as an outlet for classic animations from the Turner Broadcastings film vault such as "Tom & Jerry" and "The Flintstones."

You may be wondering how...

Online Gaming Storms Onto Wii With Pokemon Battle Revolution

6/25/2007 10:41am EDT
Pokemon Battle Revolution
Pokemon Battle Revolution is set to become a groundbreaking smash hit this summer. In battles using Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, Nintendo's wireless gaming service, players can use their Wii Remote to compete with friends after exchanging friend codes, or against players of comparable skill.

The game automatically searches for other players who are online. The sights and sounds of the game bring the action to life as well: The beautiful graphics show each move in full detail, while the action is narrated by the same announcer from the Pokemon TV show.

The game contains a number of...

China Bans 'The Simpsons' & Other Foreign Cartoons

8/14/2006 9:19am EDT
The Simpsons
The Chinese government is set to announce a ban on foreign animations including The Simpsons being shown during primetime TV viewing hours, in a bid to resuscitate the Asian country's struggling cartoon industry.

Leading Chinese politicians are reportedly unhappy that foreign cartoons are so popular with youngsters, despite a concerted effort to improve homegrown animation studios.

The proposed ban, which has yet to be formally announced, will banish Homer and his family, Mickey Mouse and Pokemon between 5 p.m. and 8 p.m. (local time), and it has already come underfire from the ...

Pokemon Turns 10

3/27/2006 11:04am EST
It has been ten years since the wonderful world of Pokémon first took us by storm. In February 1996 an invasion of peculiar creatures known as Pokémon occurred in Japan, before becoming a phenomenon in the US and then Europe, on a scale never seen before. To the shock and disbelief of European media, a Japanese toy captured the hearts and minds of children all over the continent in a way never quite seen before, becoming a success overnight.

Since then, Pokémon has evolved from its humble beginnings as a computer game to launch multiple cartoons, toy ranges, pasta shapes, movies and ev...

New Pokemon Puzzle Game Lets Players Slide Into Fun

12/19/2005 9:08am EST
You've got the slide rule, the water slide, the slide projector, the slide guitar and the Electric Slide. But none of them is nearly as fun as the new Pokemon-based slide-action puzzle game for Nintendo DS called Pokemon Trozei.

Nintendo systems have always been home to great puzzle games, and the additional abilities of Nintendo DS add a new dimension to game play. Players use the touch screen to slide Pokemon puzzle pieces side to side or up and down. Lining up four in a row (vertically or horizontally) makes a "Trozei" and clears those pieces from the screen. When players create...