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Parents Television Council Outraged Over 'Don't Trust The B---- In Apartment 23'

4/18/2012 8:49am EDT
Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23
A conservative parents group has taken aim James Van Der Beek's new sitcom Don't Trust The B---- In Apartment 23, branding the show a "new all-time low for television."

The series, which debuted in the on April 11th, has come under fire from members of the Parents Television Council (PTC) who are outraged by its "offensive content."

A statement posted on the PTC website reads, "(TV network) ABC didn't just reach for the sewer, they dove in head-first and they took our airwaves with them...

"The program is a sexist mixed-bag of hedonism, drug-use, alcohol abuse (including the main chara...

Q&A: 'The Client List' Star Naturi Naughton: 'There Are So Many Things I Want To Do'

4/8/2012 10:00am EDT
Naturi Naughton
Lifetime's The Client List premieres tonight (10 PM ET/PT). You've seen the saucy ads of Jennifer Love Hewitt as Riley Parks, who works at a day spa that has a little something extra going on. But she's not the only one who's a part of the story.

I recently caught up with singer/actress Naturi Naughton, who co-stars with Hewitt in the Lifetime original series, to ask her about her role in the new show, her experience coming off the similarly sexy The Playboy Club, and her other aspirations.

What was the moment when you decided on an entertainment career?

I was pretty young when I decid...

Channing Tatum & Hazel Eyed Jenna Dewan Are A Gorgeous Couple At 'Haywire' Premiere

1/6/2012 8:33am EST
Jenna Dewan
Channing Tatum and his wife Jenna Dewan attended the "Haywire" Los Angeles premiere yesterday. Jenna looked stunning in a white lace gown, while Channing was dapper in a blue suit. We think the pair (who met on the set of "Step Up" in 2006) are one of the most attractive couples in Hollywood. What do you think?

"Haywire" centers on mixed martial arts fighter Gina Carano who plays a lethal government contractor who's betrayed by her own agency. Channing co-stars. The actor is on the rise. He will appear in several upcoming films, including "21 Jump Street," "G.I. Joe: Retaliation" and "Magi...

5 New Mid-Season Television Shows To Check Out...Or Not

1/2/2012 10:00am EST
The Firm
Every Jan. 1, I heave a sigh of relief because I not only made it through another year and survived the frenzied stress of the holiday season but also because mid-season television shows will be unveiled. Like Christmas presents from an adoring aunt, mid-season shows can be just what you need or exactly what you don't.

Check out five new shows you may or may not want to check out:

The Firm (NBC)

NBC took John Grisham’s best-selling novel and big screen hit, “The Firm,” and continued the story in the spin-off of the same name. It follows Mitch McDeere, the Memphis lawyer who brought ...

Amber Heard Slams Closeted Gay Stars

12/14/2011 11:00am EST
Amber Heard
Openly gay actress Amber Heard recently criticized stars who refuse to "come out" and admit their true sexuality.

She told Women's Health magazine, "You can't respect yourself if you're afraid to be who you are. It requires bravery to do something no one else around you is doing. But the risk was outweighed by the possibility of playing into this horribly detrimental lie that some in Hollywood perpetuate."

Amber came out publicly at last year's Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation 25th anniversary celebration when she arrived hand-in-hand with her partner, photographer Tasya van R...

Fall TV: The So-So, The Bad And The Ugly

10/28/2011 11:00am EDT
The X Factor
Thanksgiving is a few short weeks away, and before you slice into those turkeys, let’s take a look back at the new TV shows that are thriving and those that don’t have a Thanksgiving prayer. We’ll break it down by category.

Modest Hits

(We would have had a full-on “Hits” category, but there are certainly no runaways so far.) FOX’s ‘New Girl’ can be deemed a first-season success. The Zooey Deschanel comedy was the first fall series to earn a full season pickup, and for good reason: Its ratings are better than lead-in ‘Glee’ and it’s frequently tops on Tuesdays in 18-49. To date it’s ave...

Fall TV Progress Report: Grading 10 New And Returning Shows

10/14/2011 1:00pm EDT
dennings, behrs
Fall is one of my favorite times of year, and it’s not because of everything from, lattes to cakes, is pumpkin-flavored and stores are stuffed with caramel apples. It’s because there is a fresh, shiny crop of new and returning shows to devour. Most shows are at least three episodes in, so it’s time to grade 10 new and returning shows to gauge their progress in this burgeoning season.


“2 Broke Girls” CBS Mondays 8:30 P.M. EST

“2 Broke Girls” is a snappy, odd couple sitcom about Max (“Thor’s” Kat Dennings), an uber-sarcastic and cynical waitress who takes in Caroline (Bet...

Amber Heard Shows A Lot Of Leg At 'Rum Diary' Premiere

10/14/2011 8:23am EDT
Amber Heard
Amber Heard looked glamorous at the Film Independent at LACMA Presents "The Rum Diary" Los Angeles premiere yesterday.

She wore a red strapless dress with a strategically placed slit that showed off her very long legs.

The actress appeared in good spirits despite the cancellation of her new NBC series "The Playboy Club" after just three episodes.

Spotted: Jenna Dewan-Tatum's Salon Day In Chicago

10/11/2011 2:26pm EDT
Jenna Dewan-Tatum
Actress Jenna Dewan-Tatum was recently spotted at Chicago's George the salon for haircut and color services. Her tresses was colored by George's Mimi Dekasha and styled by Kelda Brooks. Appearing on and completing makeovers for The Oprah Winfrey Show in addition to styling the series' celebrity guests, George the salon's top stylists continue their in demand star styling work with Harpo Productions as now part of Rosie O'Donnell's new talk show, The Rosie Show. Now, that's some celeb power!

Mimi Dekasha's Color How To

"On Jenna, we did a beautiful medium golden brown color in our demi col...

Amber Heard Felt A Responsibility To Come Out As A Lesbian

10/6/2011 8:21am EDT
Amber Heard
Amber Heard chose to make a stand as a lesbian at last year's Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation 25th anniversary celebration so she could offer encouragement and support to closeted homosexuals.

The "Playboy Club" star insists she has always been open about her own sexuality but chose to make it obvious at the gala by turning up hand-in-hand with her partner, photographer Tasya van Ree.

Immediately, the straight media went crazy with reports about the blonde's sexual preferences.

She says, "I've always been out. Way before that event, there were pictures of me walking to press ...

Are They Cursed? Eddie Cibrian Injured On Set Of Cancelled 'Playboy Club' And Drunk Driver Slams Into LeAnn Rimes' Fence

10/5/2011 4:00pm EDT
LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian
It's been a tough week for Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn Rimes. On Monday, a drunk driver crashed through the fence in front of their home in Hidden Hills, California. To make things worse, Eddie Cibrian cut open his heel and Achilles' tendon while working on The Playboy Club - which was cancelled hours earlier!

The drunk driving incident was confirmed by the Lost Hills Police Dept. to E! News. LeAnn took to Twitter to reassure her fans. "To address the accident that happened in front of our home this morning, everyone is ok and safe. However, if drunk driving was involved it is terribly sad.


NBC Cancels 'Playboy Club,' Gives Full Season Pickups To 'Up All Night' & 'Whitney'

10/4/2011 1:38pm EDT
The Playboy Club
NBC has canceled the first show of the 2011 season: "The Playboy Club" is kaput. On Monday night the series attracted only 3.4 million viewers. The show centered on the bunnies who worked at the famous 1960s hotspot and involved the murder of a mob boss.

On the flip side, NBC has picked up the new comedies "Up All Night" and "Whitney" for the remainder of the 2011-12 season.

"Up All Night" is an irreverent look at modern parenthood. Christina Applegate stars as Reagan Brinkley: loving wife, successful career woman, life of the party and, most recently, mom. Determined not to compromise he...

'The Playboy Club' Cast Reveals What To Expect In Its First Sizzling Season

9/20/2011 1:00pm EDT
Step aside mad men, the ladies are coming to town and they’re ready to shake their tails at a TV near you. This fall season, retro themed shows are all the rage, including HBO’s “Boardwalk Empire,” ABC’s “Pan Am, as well as a series that Hugh Hefner approves. NBC’s new ‘60s drama, “The Playboy Club,” chronicles the lives of the men and women behind Chicago's infamous hot spot where cocktails are just $1.50 and some of the most tantalizing temptresses tease and please patrons in satin corsets and not much else. It’s an era of sex, free love, and decadence-but at what cost? Innocent new Bunny...

Brittany's 'The Voice' Blog: Catching Up With...Vicci Martinez

9/20/2011 10:00am EDT
Vicci Martinez
Here's the latest on and around NBC's The Voice: I shine the spotlight on rocker Vicci Martinez, the semifinalist from Team Cee Lo and favorite of Javier Colon's kids.

Vicci's personality struck a chord with her coach and the fans, and season one champ Javier told Jay Leno that his two daughters loved her. It was easy to see why, as she brought a fire to every song that she performed through the season. Giving a roaring rendition of Adele's "Rolling In The Deep" in blind auditions, she edged out Niki Dawson in a battle round duet of Pink's "F--king Perfect," then steamrolled her way thro...

Jenna Dewan Found Playboy Bunny Training 'Strict'

9/19/2011 3:25pm EDT
Jenna Dewan
Actress Jenna Dewan and her female co-stars on new TV drama The Playboy Club were forced to undergo a full day of "bunny training" to perfect their poses as the iconic waitresses.

The Step Up star features alongside fellow 'Bunnies' Amber Heard and Naturi Naughton in the new show, about publishing mogul Hugh Hefner's first Playboy Club in Chicago, Illinois.

The actresses were given special lessons on how to behave from former Playboy Bunny Pat Lacey, but Dewan admits the one-day course was a little more intense than she had ever expected.

She tells, "We had Pat Lacey, who is an...

TV Spotlight: Check Out '2 Broke Girls' & 'The Playboy Club' Tonight

9/19/2011 8:00am EDT
The Playboy Club
We're not sure if NBC's "The Playboy Club" is the next "Mad Men," but the premise and eye candy alone make it a must-see in tonight's sea of television premieres.

Set in the 1960s, the series centers on the Playboy bunnies and their clients - mobsters, politicians and entertainers. Eddie Cibrian plays Nick Dalton, a top attorney and ultimate playboy who helps Maureen (Amber Heard) after she accidentally kills the head of a crime family.

The series also stars Laura Benanti as Carol-Lynne, David Krumholtz as Billy, Jenna Dewan and Janie and Wes Ramsey as Max.


New Fall TV Series: Our Top 10 Picks

8/24/2011 12:00pm EDT
Pan Am
Every fall TV season has its share of surprise successes and bumbling disappointments. For every buzzed-about newbie (‘Desperate Housewives’) that turns into a hit, there’s an ‘Eastwick’ or ‘Running Wilde.’

But that’s part of the fun, right? Sometimes, you’ve got to take a chance on a show that could be the year’s new hit and Emmy winner.

There are a lot of prospects for this Fall, and some are more promising than others. Here, though, are the Top 10 we’re most looking forward to – keeping in mind we haven’t seen these ahead of time. These are in no particular order.

-‘Pam Am’ – ABC

Amber Heard Shocked Over Fuss About Her 'Coming Out'

8/18/2011 9:00pm EDT
Amber Heard
Actress Amber Heard can't understand why her 'coming out' as a lesbian was such a big deal - because she has never hidden the fact she's gay.

The The Playboy Club star went public with her romance with photographer Tasya Van Ree at the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) 25th anniversary gala in Los Angeles in December and the big announcement made big news.

But Heard insists she didn't expect to hit the headlines by showing off her girlfriend of two years.

She tells Playboy magazine, "To say I 'came out' implies that I was once 'in'... I never 'came out' from anywhere.


Former Playboy Bunny Gloria Steinem Calls For Boycott Against 'The Playboy Club' TV Series

8/10/2011 10:14am EDT
Gloria Steinem-JTM-024133.jpg
Feminist icon Gloria Steinem has called for a boycott against upcoming TV series The Playboy Club after working at the venue in her 20s.

Steinem worked as a Playboy Bunny in the New York City chain while writing an expose about the treatment of women in Hugh Hefner's clubs.

Now Steinem is urging audiences to avoid the forthcoming TV series, which stars Amber Heard and is based on the first Playboy Club in Chicago, Illinois.

The political activist tells Reuters, "It was the tackiest place on earth. I expect that The Playboy Club (TV show) will be a net minus and I hope people boycott it. ...

How Stars like LeAnn Rimes, John Legend, & Taylor Momsen Got Pampered Lollapalooza Style

8/9/2011 3:43pm EDT
LeAnn Rimes
With Chicago experiencing a mix of heat and rain for Lollapalooza weekend, the Miami “Express Yourself” Oasis and the EXPRESS ROCKS! SUITE transformed into the ultimate relaxation destinations for talent, media, and festival VIP's alike. Hundreds of guests flooded the 2nd and 4th floors of the Hard Rock Hotel Chicago to eat, drink, and mingle like rock stars, all while receiving exclusive swag and up close musical performances from BMI.

So, how did today's biggest celebrities get pampered? Starpulse has the Lolla scoop just for you!

LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian escaped the Lolla crazin...

Hugh Hefner Isn't Dead, He's Just Planking (Photo)

8/4/2011 4:00pm EDT
Hugh Hefner
On Wednesday Hugh Hefner's latest squeeze Anna Sophia Berglund convinced the Playboy mogul to join the planking craze. Anna posted the pic on Twitter writing, "I got Hef to plank!"

Hugh also tweeted, "After the Uno game, Anna got me to plank on the dining room table."

Is it just us, or is this a little creepy (especially with those recent death rumors going around)?

A series based on Hugh's empire, "The Playboy Club" debuts Sept. 19 on NBC. The show is courting controversy by critics for its link to the pornographic magazine.

'Playboy Club' Star Amber Heard Says Bunnies Aren't What You Think

8/2/2011 2:00pm EDT
The Playboy Club
NBC presented its new fall drama The Playboy Club to the Television Critics Association with a controversial reaction. The producers found themselves found themselves defending the show, but it was star Amber Heard who best articulated the empowering position of playing a bunny of Hugh Hefner’s ‘60s clubs. She plays Maureen, an ambitious up and coming bunny who will show the viewers what the clubs offered women of 1961. Heard learned from former bunnies themselves.

“There are entrepreneurs,” Heard said. “They’ve talked to us about their experience. I’ve yet to meet an ex-bunny who’s disgru...

Amber Heard Defends 'The Playboy Club'

8/2/2011 7:54am EDT
Amber Heard
Hollywood beauty Amber Heard has defended her show The Playboy Club, accusing critics of slamming the series without even watching it.

The show, based on Hugh Hefner's famous 1960s Playboy Club, has faced a barrage of complaints from critics who claim it is chauvinistic, while the Parents Television Council penned a furious letters to NBC bosses, demanding they axe the series due to its links to the pornographic Playboy magazine.

Producers shot down the complaints, and now the show's star Heard has urged its detractors to watch it before they take offense.

She says, "The groups that cr...

'The Playboy Club' Slammed By The Parents Television Council

7/28/2011 1:13pm EDT
The Playboy Club
Eddie Cibrian's new show about Hugh Hefner's famous Playboy Club has come under fire from activists at a TV watchdog group, who have branded the racy series "disgraceful".

LeAnn Rimes' new husband plays lawyer Nick Dalton in upcoming NBC series The Playboy Club, which is set in the Chicago, Illinois hotspot in the 1960s.

However, members of the Parents Television Council are furious about the show and want the program axed before its planned premiere in September. Bosses claim the series is glamorizing pornography, and group president Timothy Winter has sent a letter to NBC in Californi...

'Playboy Club' Star Eddie Cibrian Gets Half Naked For Charisma Campaign (Photos)

7/27/2011 11:00am EDT
Eddie Cibrian
Eddie Cibrian bares his chest in a new marketing campaign for luxury home brand, Charisma®. Since his wife LeAnn Rimes often poses provocatively in Twitter pics, we're sure she supports her hubby in this campaign.

Cibrian stars in NBC's upcoming new TV series "The Playboy Club," set to debut September 19. He has also starred in "Third Watch," "Invasion" and "CSI: Miami."

The Fall 2011 Charisma campaign will debut in October issues of lifestyle and shelter magazines such as Elle Décor, Traditional Home, House Beautiful and Gotham and will also be featured online.

In Honor Of Father's Day: Ten Hot Celebrity Dads

6/18/2011 10:00am EDT
President Obama
In honor of Father’s Day on June 19, we're counting down the Hottest Celebrity Dads.

President Barack Obama

Whether you’re are a republican, a democrat or an independent, there is no denying that President Barack Obama, father to Malia, 12, and Sasha, 10, is the dapperest of dads. Whether he’s wearing power suits on Air Force One or rocking dad jeans at a Wizards game, the First Father always makes me proud to be an American.

Eddie Cibrian

I was a fan of the ridiculously hot Eddie Cibrian and his dimples years before his new wife, LeAnn Rimes, stopped singing…and eating. It star...

NBC Announces New Fall TV Shows, 2011-12 Schedule

5/16/2011 11:30am EDT
The PlayBoy Club
NBC just introduced its 2011-12 primetime schedule, showcasing six new dramas and six new comedies from a roster of renowned hitmakers that includes Steven Spielberg, Lorne Michaels, Brian Grazer, Tom Werner, John Grisham and Peter Berg, among many others.

The season's new dramas are "Smash," "Prime Suspect," "The Playboy Club," "Awake," "Grimm" and "The Firm"; and the new comedies are "Up All Night," "Whitney," "Are You There, Vodka? It's Me, Chelsea," "Free Agents," "Best Friends Forever" and "Bent."

Returning shows include "Parenthood," "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit," "Harry's La...