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Vanessa Williams - Henriette Delille
Diahann Carroll - Pouponne
Gil Bellows - Gerard Gaultier
Cynda Williams - Cecelica Delille
Karen Williams - Julie Gaudin
Lisa Bronwyn Moore - Marie Alicot
Kevin Jubinville - Frank Morgan
David La Haye - Father Rousselon
Eddie Bo Smith - Jacques
Stacy Keach - Jean-Baptiste Delille
Graeme c Paul Cartier Somerville
Susannah Hoffman - Arine Morgan
Jean-Louis Roux - Bishop Blanc
Lise Roy - Mother Superior
Raven Dauda - Betsie
Paul-Antoine Taillefer - Samuel
Alisha Morrison - Simone
Mariah Inger - Beatrice
Christopher Williams - Master of Ceremonies
Jane Wheeler - Sister Jane
Michael Dozier - Slave No 2
Omari Newton - Quadroon No 3
Millie Tresierra - Quadroon No 4
Andrew Jason Wade - Free Man of Color
Paul Rainville - Doctor
Christian Paul - Young Carrying Slave No 1
Sylvain LeGrand - Young Priest
Jean Philippe Collin - Man No 2
Mike Chute - Fire Starting White Man No 1
Robin Wilcock - Slave Auctioneer
Sylvia Stewart - Slave Woman For Sale
Bethanny Nurse - Slave Woman at Funeral
Judy Beny - Madwoman
Nadege St Philippe - Slave No 3
Gilbert LaRose - Fire Starting White Man No 2
Kari Skogland
Vanessa Williams
Emily Gerson Saines
Ron Ziskin
Jacques Methe
Gord Haines
Jean Desormeaux
Stephane Reichel
Stefan Wodoslawsky
Toni Ann Johnson
Heather Hale
Phyllis Beech

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