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Reality show that has eleven singles, men and women, who will live together in an exclusive tropical resort with cameras. The players will be allowed to "hook up" as frequently as their hormones dictate. Various events and incentives will give contestants a chance to get to "know" one another better. However, this show will break down the fourth wall somewhat, by showing a host and studio audience reacting to the same footage viewers are watching at home with the hope of duplicating the feeling viewers get when they watch reality shows. Each week, the hotel guests will turn on each other and vote off one of their own. However, the real twist comes with the mid-week edition of the show, which will feature a studio audience composed of "Paradise" viewers who've won a seat in the audience by calling a toll-free number. Members of that studio aud will then compete against one another for a chance to replace the person previously booted out of the Paradise Hotel. The winning studio audience member will then be taken away to the Paradise Hotel, going from viewer to player in a matter of hours.