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'Parade's End' - The Parade Begins On HBO

February 27th, 2013 12:40pm EST
Parade's End
Christopher Tietjens’ ‘parade’ is the code of honor, by which he lives; monogamy, chastity,  and keeping quiet about the things he is shamed by, like his wife’s infidelity. For such an honorable gentleman, marriage to Sylvia is an unending heartbreak.

“Parade’s End” is a lush, British costume drama starring Benjamin Cumberbatch and Rebecca Hall, set in the early tempestuous years of the 1900’s, before and during World War I.

In a railway car in Paris, in 1908, Tietjens meets a young beauty, who seduces him, and claims two months later to be bearing his child. Sylvia, a spoiled, childish, ...

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