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Even the Score
Omar White is ordered to group therapy by McManus after Guerra tells him that White has drugs on him. Tobias confesses to the parents of the daughter he killed before he faces a parole hearing while dealing with the murder of his only child. Said is angry that Glynn is about to release Robson from solitary confinement even though Robson has a death threat against Said.

A Town Without Pity
Ryan and Howell get frisky. After leaving the hole and apologizing to Busmalis for the stabbing, Rebadow suffers an accident due to a brain tumor. Bumalis reacts by starting another tunnel. Unbeknownst to the doctors and everyone else, Cyrus is recovering more psychologically than he can actually show. Arif confesses to Said about his own demons and asks for forgiveness and help.

Orpheus Descending
McManus tries to force a truce on Morales and Reading. Ryan finds out from his mother that Cyril is only his half-brother.

A Cock and Balls Story
The lock down ends, but Simon Adebisi gets a hold of a gun and a shoot out later leaves four dead. Tobias tries to make up with Vern.

You Bet Your Life
After the press conference shooting incident, Glynn pulls out of the race. Supreme Allah gets an unwanted surprise. Glynn fires Querns when he gets evidence of Em City's mismanagement.

Gray Matter
Miles begins painting a self-portrait, Ginzburg's health deteriorates from AIDS and Deyell severely injures himself. Mobay is ordered to kill someone as a final test of his loyalty. As call stirs McManus' emotions again. New inmate, Supreme Allah arrives, creating tension and uneasiness for Arif. A changed Rebadow asks for permission from Morales to kill again. After a fight with the gangsters, Cyril's put on heavier sedatives. Ryan O'Reilly gets the cell phone after ratting to Hoyt and he also meets Nathan's attacker.

Revenge is Sweet
Barlog is offered leniency if he testifies against Keller. Alvarez is willing to act as an informant.

A televangelist embezzles himself right into prison. Glynn gets a new assistant. Alvarez is captured.

A Word to the Wise
An investigation into Goergen's death starts and Mobay's anxious when the investigator targets him first. Tensions begin to rise as Querns ignores the blatant violations committed by black inmates. An inmate transfer works in Adebisi's favor. Ginzburg's poor health forces him to request an early execution and Sister Pete convinces Glynn to make it happen. Glynn's press conference announcement forces his daughter to make a major decision. Beecher's daughter arrives alive and Keller confesses to Mukada.

Works of Mercy
The kidnapping of Beecher's children has everyone upset and Beecher inconsolable. Schillinger gets questions and claims to know nothing about the deed. Beecher decides to initiate his own investigation and a package with horrendous contents arrives for Beecher. Meanwhile, Oz prepares for Shirley Bellinger's hanging as the death penalty protests continue.

Famous Last Words

The aftermath of the shooting raises more questions than answers. Tim McMannis resigns as a unit manager.

Medium Rare
A television crew stumbles on a possible cover up about Adebisi's death.

Blizzard of '01
A blizzard threatens to snow in everyone at Oz. Dr. Nathan may be faced with a malpractice suit as a result of Fred's death from taking the aging pill. Ryan O'Reilly meets his real mother, Suzanne Fitzgerald.

The Bill of Wrongs
Alvarez and Busmalis escape by digging a tunnel. Busmalis is captured. Bob, the old man kills Raul Hernandez. Racial tensions and drugs build in Emerald City. O'Reilly has to talk to Preston's parents, and he sets up Dr. Nathan.

Cuts Like a Knife
Alvarez fears he'll never get to leave solitary. The prison officials argue over the aging pill program's effects. Shillinger seeks revenge for the killing of his son.

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