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Rocker Ozzy Osbourne Hits 60

December 3rd, 2008 9:26am EST
Prince of Darkness
Happy birthday Ozzy! Rock's Prince of Darkness turns 60 today, and to celebrate, WENN went hunting for the oddest facts about the heavy metal legend.

A man who is seriously living on borrowed time after suicide attempts, all-terrain vehicle accidents and bat biting blunders, Ozzy has become one of rock's true survivors - and we salute him.

Famous for his career rebirths - Ozzy Osbourne went from dyslexic teenage hoodlum, with no apparent future, to fronting the heavy metal group Black Sabbath. He went solo after he was fired and all his post-Sabbath albums were huge hits. Then, ...

Union Warns Writers Not Work On 'Osbournes' Show

October 9th, 2008 12:18pm EDT
Princess of Darkness?
Ozzy Osbourne and his family are at the center of a work and pay battle between a production company and the Writers Guild of America (WGA).

The WGA has warned its members to ignore any request for writers to work on a new TV project that would feature the famous rock family in a variety style format, as the show is produced by Fremantle Media - a company that the union claims underpays staff. Fremantle is currently shopping for writing talent to work on The Osbournes: Live and Dangerous, but is struggling after WGA chiefs urged members not to work for the company.

In an open le...

Anjelica Huston 'Depressed' By Sarah Palin

September 26th, 2008 9:40am EDT
Anjelica Huston
Actress Anjelica Huston has become the latest star to take aim at U.S. vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin, stating the fact the Alaskan Governor is even in the race for the White House is "depressing".

The Witches star admits she's "terrified by the politics of Mrs. Palin" and disturbed by her love of hunting.

Huston states, "This is a woman who is shooting caribou from the air, from helicopters. It's like going back in time to some kind of fantasy of the 1950s, and I find it very depressing. I think people are looking at the election as a reality show. I think people have ...

Ozzy Osbourne To Star In 'Dark' Documentary

September 15th, 2008 3:03pm EDT
Princess of Darkness?
Veteran rocker Ozzy Osbourne will confront his "personal demons" thanks to his son Jack, who is producing a new documentary about the star.

The former Black Sabbath frontman became a reality TV fixture with his family's lighthearted hit MTV show The Osbournes. However Jack has vowed to capture his father's complexity in the feature, planned as the first release from his Jacko Productions.

He says, "MTV couldn't show the darkness and so they used all the goofy things, but that's not really who he was at the time. Dad has been sober for three years, and I've never seen him more fo...

New Variety Show To Star Ozzy, Sharon, Jack & Kelly Osbourne

July 9th, 2008 9:41am EDT
Move over, Donny and Marie. Ozzy and Sharon are coming to FOX. The network has teamed up with the "Prince of Darkness," ordering six episodes of "The Osbournes: Loud And Dangerous" (working title), a new hour-long variety show hosted by Ozzy Osbourne, his wife Sharon and their kids Jack and Kelly.

The series will mix musical performances, comedy sketches and game-show competitions with the Osbournes' unique blend of humor and outrageous sensibility. The eccentric clan pioneered the modern-day family-centric reality series with their hit show, "The Osbournes."

Talentless Celebrity Spotlight: Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie & More

March 11th, 2008 2:00pm EDT
Paris Hilton
Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton have become famous for several reasons. Their fashion choices, both admired and fodder for worst-dressed lists, for one. Their crazy, public antics and crotch shots. Their tumultuous relationships and Nicole's pregnancy.

But among all that, one important question remains. How is it that these two women - the poster-girls for talentless celebs - have been able to sustain fame? Why, exactly, are they famous? Why do their faces sell millions of magazines? Why does their branding guarantee success of a TV show, fragrance or fashion trend?

In the case of...

Christina Aguilera Fell In Love With Ozzy's Kitchen On TV

December 26th, 2007 9:04am EST
Christina Aguilera
Pregnant pop superstar Christina Aguilera jumped at the chance to buy Ozzy Osbourne's Los Angeles mansion after falling in love with his kitchen - on TV.

The singer rarely missed an episode of reality TV hit The Osbournes, and admits she couldn't wait for family scenes in the kitchen. Aguilera has since bought the mansion, and admits it's all because of the enticing cooking area.

She says, "I used to look at the kitchen on that show, and they could hang out in that little sitting area. It looked really cosy."

And the singer was thrilled to find the space was exactly as she...

'A Shot At Love With Tila Tequila' Scores Monster Rating, Spin-Off Announced

December 21st, 2007 10:56am EST
Tila Tequila
After becoming the highest rated series telecast on MTV for 2007, "A Shot At Love With Tila Tequila" spins off a new comedic, romantic elimination series, "That's Amore!" starring Domenico Nesci, one of the fan-favorite contestants from the first season of the breakout hit series. Six episodes are scheduled to air in 2008. Casting is underway.

Domenico Nesci, born and raised in Milano, Italy, is looking for his very own American sweetheart to win his heart and bring home to his 'mamma.' From southern belles to big city socialites to west coast surfers, MTV is hand- selecting 15 girls w...

Ozzy Osbourne Directed Tourists Up To His Daughter's Bedroom

December 11th, 2007 2:46pm EST
Ozzy Osbourne
The Osbournes star Ozzy Osbourne once mistakenly sent a group of Japanese tourists up to his daughter Kelly's bedroom - assuming they were her friends.

The rocker, whose home life was aired to the world for three years receiving the highest ratings in MTV history, was initially bewildered by the show's success and naively believed fans waiting outside the house were friends of his kids.

He says, "It was like the planet had changed. All of a sudden there's like 500 people outside your front gate, climbing over the wall, and sometimes taking things away with them. Some Japanese pe...

Starpulse Q&A With Steve Agee: Out of Shape Champion

November 5th, 2007 10:50am EST
Steve Agee
Steve Agee is in the worst shape of his life and it's all because of his success as Steve, one half of the gay couple on The Sarah Silverman Program. He can't help it! The food's just too good to pass up. Plus, it's his responsibility. He's broken the mold of what it means to be a homosexual character on television and he owes it to every out of shape, video game loving, gay guy to keep his physique just the way it is. Starpulse spoke with Steve to find out about his history in the field of television, how he met the star of Comedy Central's latest hit show, and his recent stand up tour of ...

Lindsay Lohan's Family To Star In A Reality Show

October 26th, 2007 11:55am EDT
Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan's family has signed up to star in their own reality TV show. The Osbournes-style program will mainly feature Dina Lohan and her singer/actress daughter Ali, but Lindsay will be making a few cameo appearances. Filming for the series, which will be shown on E!, is set to begin on Oct 30th in New York.

Dina Lohan will be at the center of the action as well as serving as executive producer. The show will also follow the Lohan matriarch as she attempts to manage other performers' careers.

She tells People, "It's about what I do, how you can be successful, and be a singl...

Jack Osbourne Can't Believe Brad Pitt Is A Fan

September 26th, 2007 2:16pm EDT
Jack Osbourne
Jack Osbourne cannot believe Brad Pitt is a fan of his family TV show, The Osbournes. The star, 21, still can't get over the fact the Ocean's Thirteen star would rather stay in to watch the hit MTV program instead of attending celebrity events.

Osbourne says, "It was insane. I was like: 'What's going on here? One of the most famous actors on the planet is telling me he's a fan?!' Wow!"

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Christina Aguilera Buys Osbourne Mansion

June 20th, 2007 4:40pm EDT
Christina Aguilera
Christina Aguilera has reportedly bought Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne's former Beverly Hills home. The rock couple turned the estate into a reality TV mecca after shooting The Osbournes at their Los Angeles mansion.

The Osbournes put the Doheny Drive estate on the market in April after Ozzy confessed, "I don't want to stay in that house any more... The house holds bad memories for me because it reminds me of the terrible time Sharon got cancer and of times when me and the kids were doped out of our minds."

Reports in America suggest Aguilera paid an undisclosed sum for the mansion an...

The Osbournes: 'Jack Slept With Paris'

June 20th, 2007 9:09am EDT
The Osbournes
Rock couple Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne claim their son Jack has romped with jailed socialite Paris Hilton. Ozzy and Sharon leaked the coupling - which allegedly happened several years ago - during an interview with British newspaper The Sun.

The former Black Sabbath front man says, "Paris was always hanging around our house. I'm not sure if she was a friend of Kelly or Amy - which one was it, Sharon?" Sharon added, "She was Jack's... erm... friend."

Ozzy continued, "He didn't shag her, did he? Well done, my son."

-More Ozzy Osbourne News

(This news article provided b...

Ozzy Osbourne Leans On Son For Support

June 3rd, 2007 11:45am EDT
Ozzy Osbourne
Ozzy Osbourne has found an unlikely source of support in battling his addiction to alcohol and drugs - his son Jack. The singer admits that Jack, who he claims developed substance abuse problems upon filming hit MTV reality show, The Osbournes, is the backbone of his quest for sobriety.

The singer says, "I've got people who've gone through the same problems as me and who go to the same meetings that I can call, like my son. I love the boy. I love all my children. He only started (on drugs) because when we were doing the TV show he just couldn't handle it - he was a 14-year-old kid.


MTV's New Thursday Block To Premiere April 5

March 22nd, 2007 6:00pm EDT
Nick Cannon
-Sketch Comedy Goes Haywire As MTV & Nick Cannon Team Up On Dynamic New Series "Nick Cannon Presents: Short Circuitz"

MTV has again teamed up with comedic mastermind Nick Cannon for a new project, Nick Cannon Presents: Short Circuitz. The series, created, executive produced and starring Nick Cannon himself offers a fresh new blend of sketch comedy that skewers pop culture with a hip-hop edge. With the help of some of the hottest comedy players, viewers will enjoy topical sketches, dead-on impersonations of beloved celebrities, notables and laugh-out-loud hi-jinx as only Nick and M...

David And Victoria Beckham Consider Reality Show

January 26th, 2007 12:55pm EST
David Beckham
David and Victoria Beckham are reportedly considering an offer to star in their own reality TV show in the US.

The series is being modelled on The Osbournes, which featured rocker Ozzy Osbourne and his family, and could help the couple become more well-known in America.

The pair, who are due to move to Los Angeles later this year, are said to be considering the offer from US network Fox.

David recently signed a multi-million dollar deal with the Los Angeles Galaxy soccer team and the show would follow the couple as they adjust to their life in the US.

A source tells ...

You Can't Miss "Armed & Famous," Premiering On CBS Tonight At 8PM EST!

January 10th, 2007 11:00am EST
Armed and Famous
Dancing is for wimps! These five brave celebrities will train to become sworn police officers with the Muncie Police Department in Muncie, Indiana. They will help clean the streets by arresting the bad guys, including drug dealers, hookers and johns, wife-beaters, burglars, the drunk-and-disorderly and more.

Who are these brave new recruits? International television star Erik Estrada ("CHiPs"), singer and author La Toya Jackson, moviestar and professional skateboarder Jason "Wee-Man" Acuna ("Jackass"), television personality Jack Osbourne ("The Osbournes"), and seven-time WWE champi...

Sharon Osbourne Sends "Interesting" Packages To Her Enemies

December 10th, 2006 8:00pm EST
Sharon Osbourne
Reality TV star Sharon Osbourne likes to take revenge on her enemies by sending them a box of excrement.

The wife of wildman rocker Ozzy Osbourne - who recently vowed to bare her breasts on British television - last used the dirty tactic four years ago, when a writer criticised her family's television show The Osbournes.

She says, "The last turd? Three... no, four years ago, when the first review came out of The Osbournes. The journalist said something about my kids being fat and how unappealing that was. I said, 'I heard you've got an eating disorder. Eat this.'"


Sharon Osbourne Censors Jack's Memoirs

September 24th, 2006 5:30pm EDT
Sharon Osbourne
Reality TV star Jack Osbourne's mother Sharon Osbourne made him edit his upcoming autobiography - because he criticized his sisters Kelly and Aimee in it.

Osbourne, whose constant battles with pop star Kelly were shown in reality TV show The Osbournes, wrote several passages about how annoying he found his older sisters - but the Osbourne matriarch demanded the offending parts be removed from the draft.

He says, "Mum and Dad read the first draft and they were glad it was honest. There were a few things I wrote about my sisters that Mum made me take out. I had a bit of a rant abo...

Jack Osbourne Regrets Making 'The Osbournes'

August 11th, 2006 12:22pm EDT
Jack Osbourne
Reformed hellraiser Jack Osbourne regrets the fly-on-the-wall reality show that propelled him to fame insisting, "It shouldn't have happened." The Osbournes depicted everyday life in the chaotic house of rocker Ozzy, his wife Sharon, and two kids Jack and Kelly, but Jack fears it exacerbated teenage turmoil, including his drinking and drug problems.

He says, "Things have happened to us that I really wouldn't want to happen... (including) less obvious things like maybe doing that reality TV show. Kelly and I got all this flak and abuse about the way we behaved in that show - people tho...

Marilyn Manson Refuses To Do Reality Shows

July 10th, 2006 1:36pm EDT
Marilyn Manson
Shock rocker Marilyn Manson and his new burlesque dancer wife Dita Von Teese have ruled out a reality show charting their domestic eccentricities, despite admitting they live like the Osbournes. The MTV fly-on-the-wall series depicting Ozzy, wife Sharon, and kids Jack and Kelly was a huge hit and has inspired T.V. companies to find new victims for a reality show.

But Von Teese is adamant her lifestyle is too crazy for the small screen, and has had to turn down a flood of offers.

She says, "It's a madhouse like The Osbournes. We've been approached for a show, but we'd never do it...

Jack Osbourne To Write Autobiography

May 18th, 2006 11:31am EDT
Jack Osbourne
Ozzy Osbourne's son Jack has signed a lucrative publishing deal to pen his autobiography, despite being just 20 years old. The book, to be titled "21 Years Gone," will chronicle the reality TV star's descent into drug addiction and the pressures of parental fame.

Jack's mother Sharon's life story "Extreme" last year became Britain's best-selling hardback autobiography of all time, and now Jack has teamed up with publishers Pan MacMillan to emulate her success. Jack's sister Kelly has also decided to write her memoirs.

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The Osbournes TV Show

Jack Osbo...

Kelly Osbourne Has Matured Since 'The Osbournes'

May 10th, 2006 8:56am EDT
Kelly Osbourne
Kelly Osbourne hopes TV viewers will accept she is now nothing like the moaning adolescent who starred on smash hit reality show The Osbournes. The 21-year-old star is aware most people still associate her with her Osbournes persona.

She says, "(People saw me) as a whining little s**t. And yes, I can be whining sometimes and yes, I have a big mouth, but I'm also a nice person. Everyone's entitled to their own opinion, I just wish people would be fair when they criticise me. I was so young and naive when the show started, and then I lost my innocence, got my heart broken and became so ...

Rod Stewart's Son & Tori Spelling's Brother To Star in Reality Show

April 25th, 2006 8:19am EDT
Rod Stewart
Rocker Rod Stewart's son Sean and Tori Spelling's brother Randy are teaming up for a reality show about leaving their posh parents' homes and trying to make it on their own. A&E has ordered eight episodes of the new series titled "Sons Of Hollywood."

The two friends will also be joined by talent agent Dave Weintraub and will live together as housemates in Hollywood. Former Sunset Beach star Spelling will be following in big sister Tori's footsteps - she is currently starring in "Notorious" on VH1, loosely based on her life.

The new series will have the same executive producers as...

FX's 'Black. White' Draws Almost 4 Million Viewers

March 11th, 2006 11:13am EST
Ice Cube
Rapper Ice Cube's new 'social experiment' reality TV show "Black. White" has broken cable records with its Wednesday night debut. The program, in which a black family swaps lives and color with a white family, drew 3.98 million viewers to cable channel FX - a figure which matches the basic cable record for a reality show by The Osbournes.

Ice Cube is the executive producer of the new show, and is convinced the program will be a big hit. He said, "Once I knew the make-up would work, I knew the show could not miss - it shows us there is a difference, there is a divide."


Celebrity Snippets: Catherine Zeta-Jones, Sharon Osbourne & More

January 31st, 2006 2:21pm EST
Catherine Zeta-Jones
* Catherine Zeta-Jones has reportedly been asked to play transsexual cabaret star April Ashley in a new film. Singer-turned-model Ashley, who was born George Jamieson in Liverpool, England, in 1935, caused a scandal when British newspaper The People outed her in 1961 - prompting her husband Arthur Corbett to have their marriage annulled. A source tells the New York Post, "There's no word on whether (Catherine) has agreed (to the role)."

* Rock matriarch Sharon Osbourne will make her first film appearance in the romantic comedy “It’s a Boy Girl Thing.” The wife of Ozzy Osbourne, wh...

Kelly Osbourne Gets Dumped

December 8th, 2005 9:16am EST
Kelly Osbourne
Kelly Osbourne is said to be devastated after being dumped by boyfriend David Williams.

The star - who shot to fame on hit reality TV show 'The Osbournes' with parents Sharon and Ozzy and brother Jack - reportedly jetted to Los Angeles after the Son of Dork guitarist ditched her on Wednesday.

The musician is said to have decided he wasn't ready for a relationship with the 21-year-old, after dating for a few weeks. A source is quoted in Daily Mirror newspaper as saying: "She's very upset as she thought she'd found someone she really liked. David even had dinner with Sharon and Ozzy...

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