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The Jerricos are an unconventional but loving family of five brothers and two sisters ranging in age from 20 years to 18 months. Since being orphaned a year ago, they've rallied together with creativity and spirits. Led by the eldest, Josh, the family has managed to survive by helping each other do everything from odd jobs to household chores. Things change when a government agency, Children's Services, claims that the Jerricos have no proper guardian, and that unless an adult relative can be found to supervise, the kids will have to be placed in foster care.

In response to their desperate situation Josh becomes the kids' long-lost Aunt Jelcinda (affectionately known as "Mama J") with the use of makeup, a wig and imagination. A compassionate young social worker, Alana Michaels, quickly sees through the disguise, but her boss, Gordon Ormsby, doesn't.