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Pilot - Saved by the Great White Hope
Three doctors, Lily, Mina, and Tommy, arrive at a remote jungle clinic and meet the founder, Ben. They quickly learn about the struggles of practicing medicine in the wild when an injured patient is stuck on a zip-line and their medical supplies are extremely limited. Meanwhile, a local family battles tuberculosis and the father has to be convinced to allow his kids treatment.

Smile. Don't Kill Anyone
Lily goes with Ben and Zee to treat a man who has been wrapped up by a huge anaconda. His pelvis is crushed and the snake is the only thing holding him together, so the doctors have to transport the reptile and patient back to the hospital. Meanwhile, Tommy has to contend with a local medicine man who thinks his daughter's seizures are caused by demons.

A Doctor Time Out
Spirits are high during the annual festival until a live wire electrocutes a young man and causes a widespread blackout, leaving Mina and Otis to fight for the boy's life. Meanwhile, when a massive mudslide traps a pregnant couple, the doctors struggle to save them and their unborn child.

On the Mean Streets of San Miguel
Mina has an ethical dilemma on her hands after she discovers the true identity of one of her patients. Meanwhile, Lily goes through a serious test when she makes her first trip to the city, and she learns more about Ben's history.

I'm Here
Ryan, Ben, Tommy, and Mina face the formidable task of treating a patient underwater when a scuba diving adventure goes bad. Meanwhile, Zee's former lover unexpectedly comes to the clinic for treatment.

It's Good
The clinic suffers and the doctors begin to panic when all of the medication on hand is stolen.

Es Un Milagro
The team has to save the pilots and the patients aboard a medical evacuation chopper that crashes in the jungle.

It's a Leaf
Lily and Otis help rescue 3 brothers trapped in an abandoned mine. Mina assists in a native birth ritual and learns a valuable life lesson.

There's Nothing to Fix
Ben and Tommy have to do some medical field work when a water taxi crashes. Ryan and Mina have to treat an annoying patient.

I'm Home
The medical team combats a hepatitis outbreak in the area prison.

Everything's As It Should Be
The doctors get heated over a new transplant that comes to the clinic. Tommy is jealous over Mina's new crush.

Hold on Tight
A couple gets in trouble after a paragliding accident. Mina takes over for Ryan, and Charlie's mother comes back for help.

There's a Lot to Miss About the Jungle
A float crashes during the Holy Week celebration. Ben has to make a tough medical decision regarding Ryan, and Mateo suffers a family tragedy.

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