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Tomorrow's Not So Far Away
Nick feels paternal when Sam asks his help to impress a girl he likes, and Nick uses a technique from his bestselling novel. Meanwhile Physical Phil finds romance in a unique way when he meets the pizza delivery girl, a nervous Janet the Planet wonders if Eddie is embarrassed to be seen with her in public on their date, and Ikey continues his affair with Owen's wife.

Best Friend Windows
Aubrey suspects Nick still has feelings for Hannah and wants him to choose between the two of them. Nick runs to Hannah to tell her he loves her, but meets an unexpected visitor- Gavin Goddard. Meanwhile, Nick and the guys give Eddie what they thought would be a welcome surprise, the opening of theri new business, Best Friend Windows. Eddie is not impressed. Looking for comfort, he goes to Janet, apologizes, and kisses her. Ray continues his mission to destroy the gang by telling Owen about Ikey and Alison's secret. Physical Phil decides to get Pizza Girl back by going outside and asks for Owen's help.

The Pros and Cons of Upsetting the Applecart
Nick decides to stay in Knights Ridge to figure out if Sam is his son. Hannah is upset with The Commander's methods for finding out if Sam is his grandson. Hannah blames Nick and goes to talk to him about it. Nick tries to convince the Dean to give him a job. Meanwhile, Eddie is interested in Aubrey and Owen and Alison go on a date which upsets Ikey.

Forever. Until Now
Nick and the gang sit at the hospital with Hannah as they all anxiously await the outcome of Sam's surgery. As the hours pass, Nick stays to support Hannah and the two have a chance to reconnect. Meanwhile, Pizza Girl is accosted by drunken frat guys and Physical Phil has to figure out a way to defend her honor, Ikey and Alison come to a decision about their secret love affair, and Eddie must face the consequences of standing up Janet.

Nick gets an offer to teach a one-day course at Dufresne College, the small liberal arts school in his hometown. He sees this as an opportunity to tap back into that which initially inspired him. However he burned his connection to his past when he used his friends and family as characters in his bestselling novel, in the process casting their lives in a less-than-flattering light. Consequently the hometown response to Nick's return is less than festive. Nick's old friends include best friend Eddie Latekka, who is disappointed that Nick abandoned their dream of starting a business together; there's also the good-hearted and straightforward Owen Rowan, whose family life appears the picture of perfection; the well-meaning but sometimes obnoxious Ikey; and Physical Phil, a lovable recluse since 9/11 who has adapted to living his life indoors. Before he left town, Nick told his high school girlfriend, Hannah Daniels, that he'd be back in six weeks. Now ten years later, the jilted but never-married Hannah has decided to forget Nick's unfulfilled promise and go on with her life. She is a single mom raising her nine-year-old son, the bright and charming Sam. Nick sees coincidences indicating that Sam might be his son. Meanwhile, Hannah is involved with Ray "Big Cat" Cataldo, the former high school bully whose mission in life has been to bestow misery on the lives of Nick and his friends. Nick makes a new friend when he meets Aubrey, a pretty college student and fledgling writer whose Bohemian style intrigues him. While he sorts things out, he moves into his childhood home with his father, a widower affectionately referred to as The Commander. Although Nick doesn't regret fulfilling his mother's dying wish of experiencing life outside of Knights Ridge, he now finds himself oddly wanting to tie up loose ends at home, but realizes the path ahead of him is a rocky one. In spite of love bruised or lost between his friends and family, Nick embraces the familiarity of his former life and struggles to be included again among those he let down.

Secrets and Guys
Ronnie discovers that the reason The Commander is unusually upbeat is because he is dating. Nick finds out that Ikey and Alison have been having an affair for months. Physical Phil plans a romantic dinner "in" with Pizza Girl. Ikey and Eddie are irate when they find out Big Cat has been stealing their clients. Eddie asks Janet to a barbecue, but then stands her up. Meanwhile, Janet and Hannah send Sam on a secret scouting mission to the barbecue to discover why Eddie didn't show. Unfortunately, when he sees Nick and Aubrey kissing, he races off on his bike and gets hit by a car.

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