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Years of Service
After returning to work, Jackie can no longer avoid confrontations.

Jackie and Kevin refuse an offer of help from O'Hara. Jackie discovers the friendship between Kevin and Eddie.

Silly String
The hospital's biggest donor is insulted by Coop. Jackie reconsiders her affair with Eddie.

Sleeping Dogs
Jackie fakes an MRI to get a phony prescription. Coop is distraught over the end of the campaign.

Comfort Food
Jackie tries to reconnect with her family. Coop lodges a complaint against Jackie.

A family is sent home with false hope. Jackie covers for O'Hara. Eddie continues his secret friendship with Jackie's husband.

P.O. Box
Jackie sets up a P.O. box to receive bills for her secret credit card. Akalitus decides to bring Eddie back. Coop's ailment reappears.

Jackie asks Kevin to end his friendship with Kevin. An old friend of O'Hara's comes to town.

Coop is selected to be the face of the hospital in a new marketing campaign. A security guard in the pill room makes it harder for Jackie to score drugs.

Monkey Bits
Coop sets Georgia up on a date with Eddie. Grace attends her first session. A man refuses to leave the emergency room.

Apple Bong
Jackie dispenses illegal marijuana to a suffering patient. Kevin skips date night to attend a basketball game with Eddie.

What The Day Brings
Jackie loses her stash and confesses she took O'Hara's loan. The hospital struggles while Jackie is on vacation.

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