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'Nikita' Series Finale Recap: 'Canceled'

12/29/2013 8:42am EST
The end is here. Nikita's series finale is upon us, appropriately titled 'Canceled.' It's a good moniker for so many reasons: because it's the last episode of the show; because within the series, that word is used to mean 'killed,' and death is a big part of this plot; and because now it's understandable why this is Nikita's swan song.

Continuing the idea of going back to the beginning that started with the last scene of 'Bubble', this episode opens with a flashback to Nikita's early days at Division, with Amanda giving her a lecture on how "brute force will never be as effective as decept...

4 Things We Learned From 4 Seasons Of 'Nikita'

12/27/2013 2:01pm EST
Tonight, The CW's Nikita will sign off for good, and that makes us a little sad. Having covered this series from beginning to end, we've gotten to see it go from 'remake we're not so sure about' to 'that sleeper show more people should be watching.' And we've learned a few things, too. Here are our four takeaways from the four seasons of Nikita - feel free to leave yours in the comments as we prepare to say goodbye.

1) Remakes don't always have to be mistakes: Granted, there have been many which were short-lived or outright bad (see: NBC's Knight Rider and Bionic Woman, ABC's Charlie's Ang...

'Nikita' Recap: A Main Character Dies In 'Bubble'

12/23/2013 8:17am EST
There are just two more episodes of Nikita left, so there's no time to waste. Unless you're us, and this week's episode was preempted a day for The CW's coverage of the Hollywood Christmas Parade. But never fear, because we're still recapping it anyway. Especially because  that long-teased death has finally happened.

Our heroes are now unwillingly residing in nice houses on a military base in Virginia, while not-dead Amanda visits her apparent boss (Vincent Ventresca, The Invisible Man) in the middle of his tennis game, and is warned that she cannot incite any "grudge matches" with her lon...

'Nikita' Recap And Review: Which Main Character's A Clone?

12/15/2013 9:14am EST
Nikita's final season has been slow to start, but 'Pay-Off' promises to do just that, in an at least titular continuation from last week's episode 'Set-Up.' It starts slow with the return of a villain who didn't need to come back and some references to old episodes we didn't need, but the final act turns up the heat just in time.

We're in Pakistan, where one poor soldier gets abducted and left in the back of a van so that yet another clone can take his place. Of course, nobody notices the van. Meanwhile, Air Nikita finally goes to ground nearby, with Ryan in full nervous panic mode. He has...

'Nikita' Recap And Review: 'Set-Up'

12/7/2013 8:16am EST
We've officially reached the halfway point of the final season of Nikita. So it's time to start putting some of these irons in the fire. "Set-Up" reveals the backstory of a major character (and it's about time!), but it doesn't have that much more to offer.

Picking up where last week's episode left off, Alex finds herself under interrogation in a CIA safe house in Mumbai. The Agency's "forensic accountant" (Rose Rollins, from NBC's short-lived Chase) is another of those 'look how tough I am' types. Nikita wants Sam to help rescue Alex, but he balks.

She then realizes Birkhoff is conspicuo...

'Nikita' Recap And Review: 'Dead Or Alive'

11/30/2013 8:05am EST
Nikita this week isn't without its quirks. Like running a new episode the day after Thanksgiving and scheduling it to start a minute earlier than usual. With Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer as the lead-in. Talk about a tonal shift! And now we're playing "guess who's not a clone," though that's just one of our problems.

Our titular heroine stumbles into a Bronx animal hospital, passes out, and wakes up aboard the Flying Fortress in front of a very nonplussed Michael. Nikita's informed that the team is "halfway to DC," as FBI Guy from last week is blaming her on national television. Ryan ...

'Nikita' Recap And Review: 'Wanted'

11/23/2013 9:23am EST
Here we are: Nikita's last stand. It's the end of the road for both the character and the series. Naturally, that comes with some pretty high expectations.

We find Nikita has been "the most wanted woman in the world" for the last hundred days since the apparent death of President Spencer. When the news compares you to Osama bin Laden, your situation is pretty dire. A local cop attempts to apprehend her in Boston, and he's all proud of himself until Nikita grabs his partner's gun, shoots just past his head, and steals their patrol car. That'll teach you to be smug, dude.

Elsewhere in the w...

'Nikita's' Final Season: An Interview With Maggie Q

11/22/2013 12:10pm EST
Our look ahead to Nikita's final season wraps up with words from the star of the show - the lovely and crazy talented Maggie Q! Here's what she had to say about her preferred ending and how her first TV experience has affected her.

"I am so thrilled because I really wanted always for the show to go out with a bang. My worst fear for this character was that it [would be] so drawn out that people weren't interested anymore," Maggie explained. "For her, I think that creatively as an artist, to really go out with a bang was my dream."

Still, there's one more thing she'd like to cover in Nikit...

'Nikita's' Final Season: An Interview With Shane West

11/21/2013 12:10pm EST
Shane West
Our preview of Nikita's final season continues with none other than Michael: the fantastic (and fantastically underrated) Shane West. We quizzed Shane about what the end feels like - and losing body parts.

"It's bittersweet," Shane said of Nikita coming to a close after four seasons. "It's been a good run. A lot of shows don't necessarily last past a year."

What did he think about the last run having an abbreviated episode order? "I feel bad for the writers," he commented. "They are going to have the hardest job for these six.

"I think it's a little bit more exciting, because we have a s...

'Nikita's' Final Season: An Interview With Craig Silverstein

11/20/2013 4:07pm EST
Our preview of Nikita's final season continues with the boss himself: series creator Craig Silverstein! Craig talks with us about trying to wrap up a series in 6 episodes and reveals some of what is (and isn't) ahead.

When Nikita first started, it faced an uphill battle with those of us who fondly remembered USA's La Femme Nikita. Now here we are with a show that's lasted almost as long (four seasons to LFN's five). Does Craig think that the new Nikita did establish itself out of the shadow of its predecessor?

"I think so. I think people know that this show's earned its stripes. This vers...

'Nikita's' Final Season: An Interview With Melinda Clarke

11/19/2013 2:11pm EST
What would Nikita's final season be without a villain? Melinda Clarke is back as the diabolical Amanda, and we asked her what it's like to still be menacing our heroes in Season 4.

Melinda's an actress well known to TV watchers way before she was Amanda. You likely know her as Julie Cooper from FOX's The O.C. (she was the show's only cast member to actually have grown up in its setting of Newport Beach, California) or her recurring role as dominatrix Lady Heather Kessler on CBS's CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

But her portrayal of Amanda has been particularly evil. After three seasons, h...

'Nikita's' Final Season: An Interview With Noah Bean

11/18/2013 12:09pm EST
Nikita's been one of our favorite shows from the first season, so we're going to send it off big. Our preview of Nikita's final season begins with our favorite CIA analyst. Noah Bean plays Ryan Fletcher, and he told us what it's been like to go from low-level government employee to giving orders at Division.

Previously best known for playing Rose Byrne's deceased fiance on FX's Damages, Noah first appeared as a low-level CIA employee too nosy for his own good (and who had a little crush on Nikita), and then he kept coming back until Ryan was the President's man inside Division 2.0.

Asked ...

'Nikita' Season Finale Recap: Two Fake Deaths and the End of Division

5/18/2013 9:20am EDT
Here we are: the Nikita season finale, picking up where "Invisible Hand" left off. In true Nikita season finale fashion, "Til Death Do Us Part" is an hour full of major twists and turns, jumping the show's narrative forward in a major way yet again. Whether or not it pays off is a matter of preference.

The show opens with a bang - literally - as Nikita has apparently shot the President in the head in the Oval Office. Because she could totally do that unnoticed without a ton of Secret Service agents swarming her. Uh...anyway, twelve hours earlier, she's wandering around an empty Division wh...

Meet 'Nikita' and 'Hemlock Grove' Actress Eliana Jones

5/17/2013 2:15pm EDT
Eliana Jones
As Nikita wraps up its third season (and prepares for its final run sometime next year), it's time to meet a talented actress who was with the show at the beginning. Eliana Jones played the young Alexandra Udinov, and went on to be one of the players in Netflix's horror series Hemlock Grove. BFTV recently chatted with Eliana to find out more about both roles - and also more about this up-and-coming young actress.

The Canadian native came to acting after spending six years as a gymnast, when her mother took her to an acting class. "I went and I decided this would be really interesting and I...

TV Upfronts: The CW Has New 'Vampire' Spinoff 'The Originals,' Confirms End Of 'Nikita'

5/16/2013 11:32am EDT
The Originals
The CW this morning announced its fall schedule - biggest news from the network included a new spinoff from "The Vampire Diaries," titled "The Originals," as well as some time slot changes that include "Supernatural" and "Hart of Dixie." Also big news for CW fans, it was announced that "Nikita" will be entering its final season with six episodes starting midseason.

The following below is the press release from CW as well as its new primetime schedule:

“We had a terrific season last year, growing our audience on-air, digitally and socially.  Now we are building on that success by continuin...

'Nikita' Recap: Nikita Is Torn Between Michael and the President in 'Invisible Hand'

5/11/2013 9:30am EDT
This week's Nikita has a title that sounds like a low-budget horror movie. Thankfully, this is Nikita, which means it's of much better quality than a low-budget horror movie. Unsurprisingly, it sets up a major finale that aims to be a springboard for things bigger, badder and more breathtaking.

Ominous music swells as Nikita walks across a mostly abandoned parking lot and retrieves the keys to a car. Once she gets inside, she has a video conference with an associate named Henry, who tells her that he can't identify the hitman who was with Amanda previously. This does not make Nikita happy ...

'Nikita' Recap: The Black Box Mission Ends In 'High-Value Target'

5/4/2013 9:15am EDT
Following Alex's implosion last week, there are only three episodes of Nikita left for the team to pull themselves together - and for the show to hopefully secure a fourth season from The CW. "High-Value Target" is not really the way to go about either of those things.

We're going to flashbacks yet again, as in 2005 Michael debriefs Nikita on the operation that we've already seen looks back at during season one, in which she took out the head of a major drug cartel. It turns out this is film that's being watched by an associate of said drug dealer, after still-evil Owen gave it to him. He'...

'Nikita' Recap: Alex Is On Course To 'Self-Destruct'

4/27/2013 10:07am EDT
So things went down at Division in last week's Nikita. Many things were broken, feelings were hurt, and a regular cast member died, although we pretty much saw that one coming. It was pretty entertaining, though it wasn't all that epic, either. Now what?

Nikita goes running through the halls of Division to find out that Ryan has woken up from his coma - which is good, because he's got a lot of work to do. He's dumbfounded as everyone else takes him to survey the damage in Operations. Michael tells him that there are only fourteen people left in Division, and there were nine casualties, inc...

'Nikita' Recap: The Mutiny Happens at Division

4/13/2013 9:15am EDT
Owen Elliot was sorely missed in last week's episode of Nikita, but never fear because Devon Sawa is back in "Masks" and his character is even more of a badass than before - after the show runs him through the wringer, that is.

Yet there's some unfinished business to take care of first. After a certain someone was shot previously, an enraged Nikita is on the warpath, interrogating rogue agent Rachel as the other woman takes the fall for Alex pulling the trigger. Watching the conversation alongside Sean, Alex still sounds like a little bit of a disaffected robot. Not that Sean notices.


'Nikita' Recap: Michael Gets A Hand And Someone Gets A Bullet

4/6/2013 9:00am EDT
Ever since Michael lost his hand on Nikita, there's been talk about him getting it back. In that sense, "Tipping Point" is way overdue. Yet while it accomplishes some things we've been waiting for, it also telegraphs the rest of its punches.

The episode opens with Michael making nice with an office building receptionist in order to steal her keycard so that he can steal a hard drive. Nikita is amused by his tactics, and he explains to her that he's been chasing after former Division psuedo-mad scientist Heidecker, who's now in Cincinnati. Could whatever Heidecker's working on now help Mich...

'Nikita' Recap: Alex Opposes Nikita in 'Inevitability'

3/30/2013 11:20am EDT
After two seasons of fighting outside forces, the biggest foe in Nikita's third season is starting to be Team Nikita themselves - although the White House isn't far behind after this episode.

The President of Chad (guest star Jonathan Adams, from Bones and who kind of already played this type of character as Kamba in Burn Notice) meets with his CIA handler in a dark alley and kills him. In case you didn't know he was a bad guy, Ryan explains that to Team Nikita, saying that President Pierre is heading to a party to make a sweetheart deal with the Russians. "You're talking about another ass...

'Nikita' Recap: 'Reunion'

3/9/2013 9:20am EST
When last we left Nikita, Ari Tasarov's son Stefan was a big talking point - so it should surprise no one that this week, Stefan (now grown and played by Dylan Minnette from NBC's underappreciated Awake) is in some serious trouble.

Ari (who looks a lot better than we left him) is still answering Nikita's questions about his ex-girlfriend Amanda. Apparently Amanda felt insulted when Nikita had a gun pointed at her and decided to let her live. Ari asks Nikita if she regrets not pulling the trigger, and she doesn't answer him.

Elsewhere, Stefan is leaving school, cracking jokes about his par...

'Nikita' Recap: 'With Fire'

3/2/2013 9:15am EST
One of the best aspects of the second season of Nikita was the increased presence of veteran actor Peter Outerbridge as villain Ari Tasarov. An episode with Ari as one of the major players is both welcome and impressive.

It opens like a bad joke: a former Russian spy walks into a bar. Then the bartender goes into the back and tells his mysterious friends that the down-and-out Russian spy is there. Cut to Michael breaking the news to the whole of Division. Nikita wants to know why Amanda isn't with her better half. This cues another cut to the Wicked Witch herself, who's listening to her ne...

'Nikita' Recap: 'Brave New World'

2/9/2013 9:20am EST
This week's Nikita opens with a reminder that Michael is missing a hand. Apparently, Nikita is still thinking about that, because she's still sleeping alone. And Birkhoff's still thinking about it, because he's searching for Heidecker (guest star John Billingsley, Star Trek: Enterprise, Suits). The nerd recruits how the man saw Division's agents as "lab rats" and he's found the next one: an evil diplomat named Kosta, who lost his leg when the CIA tried to kill him and somehow has it back thanks to Division's mad scientist.

Nikita wants to bring Heidecker back to Division in order to give M...

'Nikita' Recap: 'Survival Instincts'

2/2/2013 12:01am EST
This week's Nikita is slightly reminiscent of last week's episode: after chasing a Cleaner down to Mexico, now Nikita and Owen are in pursuit of another one, who really can't let his ex-wife go. No, literally, he's holding her hostage.

Nikita is wandering around an art gallery, snarkily remarking on how its entire inventory is stolen, before she introduces the art dealer Angela to her boss - who happens to be played by Owen. While he attempts to distract the art dealer and struggles at it, Michael directs Nikita elsewhere, so that she can break into a safe.

Unfortunately, Owen's horrible ...

Devon Sawa: Catching Up With 'Nikita's' Heavy Hitter

2/1/2013 11:20am EST
Devon Sawa is kicking behind and taking names. As Owen Elliot, the former "Guardian" turned good guy on The CW's Nikita, he's putting bad guys and rogue agents in their place on a weekly basis. Yesterday, he took time out from saving the day to chat with BFTV about what's ahead for his character.

Devon first appeared in the season one episode "The Guardian," came back multiple times through season two, and now in season three, he's joined the regular cast. How does he feel about the promotion? "I'm so happy," he said. "I don't know if Owen was supposed to go on, but I was surprised and exc...

'Nikita' Recap: 'Aftermath'

1/26/2013 9:00am EST
After some serious things went down in last week's Nikita - namely, Michael lost a hand, continuing Shane West's tradition of not being able to get through a TV show with all of his character's body parts - there's a lot to deal with.

It's been three weeks since the last episode, and a still understandably cranky Michael gets a new robo-hand, courtesy of Birkhoff, who makes a Six Million Dollar Man joke that no one gets. Nikita tries to convince Michael to "work through" things, adding that she wants him to come home. Michael brushes this off, and he's entitled to be a little distant, cons...

'Nikita' Recap: 'Intersection'

1/19/2013 12:04am EST
The CW's Nikita is back, and the series doesn't overlook all the juicy information it dropped at the end of its last episode. Picking up after the winter finale 'The Sword's Edge' by not long at all, 'Intersection' opens with Amanda (Melinda Clarke), now sporting red highlights, meeting with an operative in a dark alley (where else?) while Nikita (Maggie Q) tries to crash the party.

Back at Division, Sonya (Lyndie Greenwood) - previously revealed as Amanda's mole in the reconstituted agency - tells Birkhoff (Aaron Stanford) that she tipped off Amanda, which means Nikita's walking into a tr...

'Nikita' Recap: 'Sideswipe' (3.06)

12/8/2012 7:45am EST
Nikita's midseason finale is one with a bang. Arms dealer Cyrus (Old Spice commercial star Isaiah Mustafa) is surprised to see Nikita wak into his business deal. He congratulates her and Michael on their engagement but gets uncomfortable when she says she wants Amanda as a wedding present.

Amanda is watching the news reports of the death of the President of Uzbekistan with Anne in their new lair. The pair get a message from their mole in Division - and Birkhoff and Sonia watch it happen.

During his interrogation, Cyrus tells Michael and Nikita that life as a rogue agent is a lot bet...

'Nikita' Recap: 'The Sword's Edge' (3.05)

12/1/2012 9:30am EST
When last audiences saw the characters of Nikita three weeks ago, they were dealing with the returns of Owen, Amanda and Ari. Their situation is not improving.

As the action of 'The Sword's Edge' begins, rogue agent Edward (guest star Jonathan Goad) is questioning Division's motives before revealing himself to the people of Uzbekistan as their newly-elected leader Markov. Ryan sums it up thusly: "One of the Dirty Thirty is the leader of a foreign country."

He declares that a move needs to be made on Edward/Markov when he heads their way for a scheduled visit to the White House, and...