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Jessica Simpson Just Blasted Ex-Husband Nick Lachey -- See What She Said!

9/11/2015 5:26pm EDT
Jessica Simpson
Jessica Simpson has quietly built herself a billion-dollar fashion empire over the past decade, and on Wednesday she paired up with Macy's, which distributes her fashion line, at the New York Stock Exchange to ring the opening bell and signal a new day of trading.

The multi-hyphenate later spoke on CNBC's "Closing Bell," telling host Kelly Evans that she likes to take risks when it comes to her company.

"My business manager [and I have] been together for 16 years now," she says. "He's one of the first people that I met coming into New York City, and I trust him with everything. We've made...

Nick Lachey And Vanessa Minnillo's Wedding To Be Televised - Will You Watch?

6/21/2011 10:41pm EDT
Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo
Singer Nick Lachey and fiancee Vanessa Minnillo's wedding will be televised.

The former 98 Degrees star and his bride-to-be have teamed up with bosses at TV network TLC for a new project, tentatively titled Nick & Vanessa's Dream Wedding.

The show will give fans an intimate look into their special day.

In a statement released to, the couple says, "We're lucky to have such passionate and loving fans, and we thought partnering with TLC on this special would be the best way to share the exciting journey we're on with all the people that support us and our relationship."

It is no...

Interview/Review: Filmmaker Edward Burns Inspires With 'Nice Guy Johnny'

6/13/2011 12:15pm EDT
Nice Guy photo
For someone who has worked with the likes of Steven Spielberg and Robert De Niro, actor/filmmaker Edward Burns is a guy who’s never forgotten his roots. Continuing to match his big budget acting gigs with small passionate independent filmmaking fare, Burns has been busy ever since his debut smash "The Brothers McMullen" back in 1995. His latest foray into the low budget movie world is a romantic comedy called "Nice Guy Johnny" (on Special Edition DVD June 7 from FilmBuff – check out the review below!) and tells a tale of a young man about to get married who meets a gal that gives him seco...

Jessica Simpson Gets Engaged Just Days After Ex-Husband Nick Lachey Does

11/14/2010 9:54am EST
Jessica Simpson
Sources confirm to that Jessica Simpson, 30, became engaged to beau Eric Johnson on Thursday, just days after Us broke the news that her ex-husband, Nick Lachey, popped the question to Vanessa Minnillo, his love of nearly five years. Simpson and Lachey, 37, split in 2005, after three years of marriage.

On Saturday, Simpson flashed a sizable ring on her left hand during an appearance at Dillard's at Oak Park Mall in Kansas City.

The Texas native began dating the former NFL player in May while he was estranged from his first wife, stylist Keri Johnson; their divorce was final...

Jessica Simpson & Nick Lachey Avoid Awkward Dinner Encounter

10/23/2010 4:50pm EDT
Jessica Simpson
Former pop sweethearts Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey narrowly avoided an awkward dinner encounter on Thursday when they both showed up at the same Hollywood restaurant with their new partners.

The blonde beauty stepped out with new beau Eric Johnson and her mother for a meal at The Red O, and the paparazzi was sent into a spin when Lachey arrived at the venue moments later with his girlfriend, Vanessa Minnillo.

But the "Newlyweds" stars, who divorced in 2006, managed to steer clear of any drama and were seated far away from one another as they dined.

A source tells, "They di...

Oops! Jessica Simpson Farts During Business Meeting

1/28/2010 10:48am EST
Jessica Simpson Farts During Business Meeting
A source tells Us Weekly that Jessica Simpson had a, ahem, windy moment during a business meeting for her denim line in late January. "While one of the executives was speaking in a room full of five people, Jessica let out a very loud fart," says the insider.

"Her mother [Tina Simpson] was there, and it prompted her to turn around and yell, 'Jessica!' The tension was extreme. No one knew what to say."

It wasn't Simpson's first brush with public flatulence: She famously cut loose on an episode of Newlyweds, telling then-husband Nick Lachey, "You love my stinky ass," and professed her...

Who Should Jessica Simpson Date Next?

8/5/2009 1:33pm EDT
Robert Pattinson, Jessica Simpson & Bradley Cooper
As we all know, a few weeks ago Dallas Cowboy Pro Bowl quaterback Tony Romo dumped Jessica Simpson on the eve of her 29th birthday. Romo reportedly dumped Simpson because she was receiving and saving ex-boyfriend and musician John Mayer's text messages.

"Tony dumped her right then. He walked out and that was it," a source told RadarOnline.

Tony could not have picked a worse time to dump the buxom blonde. Jess is almost thirty and has been irrelevant since her "Newlyweds" reality show stopped filming five years ago. Her movies and albums are critically bashed, and she just started f...

Jessica Simpson Wants Nick Lachey Back

8/5/2009 10:59am EDT
Jessica Simpson
According to reports, the recently-dumped Jessica Simpson is working hard to woo ex-husband Nick Lachey. Is it possible that the couple that bared their matrimony on MTV's Newlyweds could be getting back together?

OK! magazine's cover story reveals that while Jessica Simpson has been publicly canoodling with on again/off again boyfriend John Mayer and partying hard with sister Ashlee, it's simply a ruse to get Nick Lachey interested in her again.

"Nick is the guy Jess knew she should be with, but they were too young and their lives catapulted so quickly into fame that they never seeme...

TV Reality Romances That Ended In Divorce

7/24/2009 11:58am EDT
Jon and Kate Gosselin
When you open the doors to your world and let television cameras capture your daily routine, it's hard to maintain a normal life. Especially if you are a celebrity couple broadcasting your relationship for the public to scrutinize. It seems that more often than not, couples that appear on reality shows together end up splitting up by the time their series is released on DVD. Is it inevitable that the couple will split up? Are they taking a risk when they sign on the dotted line?

Not all couples fall victim to the reality show curse, Gene Simmons and Shannon Tweed and Ozzy and Sharon Os...

Stars Haunted By Past Relationships

5/27/2009 9:43am EDT
Jessica Simpson &  Nick Lachey
In the recent film Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, Matthew McConaughey's character is visited by three ghosts: past, present, and future. In the process, he sees how he has treated past girlfriends, checks out how he is treating his current girlfriend, and sees what might happen if he continues his foolish ways. McConaughey isn't the only one who has been haunted by relationships; in fact, we've all been haunted by an ex at some point in our lives. Lucky for us, though, we don't have the entire world watching us as we continuously morn over the one who got away, or as we bump into situations...

Pete Wentz Tempted To Quit Music And Disappear

1/28/2009 9:06am EST
Pete Wentz
Pete Wentz finds fame so stressful, he's often tempted to ditch his music career and disappear with his wife Ashlee Simpson and their baby son Bronx.

The Fall Out Boy star admits he'd even consider following in the footsteps of Simpson's sister Jessica - and sign up for a Newlyweds-style reality show, just so he could make enough money to retire.

He tells Blender magazine, "Sometimes I think Ashlee and I should do Newlyweds 2, take that f**k-you money and move to an island somewhere. Just disappear."

But Wentz admits he could never disappear for real "partly because ...

Tony Romo And Jessica Simpson: Love Or Lust?

7/8/2008 9:18am EDT
Jessica Simpson
Jessica Simpson may be blonde and have big breasts, but apparently she is one needy girl! So needy that she may be too much for any guy to handle. She's only 28 and she's already been divorced! Good looks can only get you so far, right? There have been many speculations that her current boyfriend, Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, may only be putting up with her antics for the amazing sex the couple has. It has also been rumored that she may only be putting up with him for his fame.

Recently, Jessica hasn't had all the luck in the world regarding her career. Her 2006 album, A Publ...

MTV's New Thursday Block To Premiere April 5

3/22/2007 6:00pm EDT
Nick Cannon
-Sketch Comedy Goes Haywire As MTV & Nick Cannon Team Up On Dynamic New Series "Nick Cannon Presents: Short Circuitz"

MTV has again teamed up with comedic mastermind Nick Cannon for a new project, Nick Cannon Presents: Short Circuitz. The series, created, executive produced and starring Nick Cannon himself offers a fresh new blend of sketch comedy that skewers pop culture with a hip-hop edge. With the help of some of the hottest comedy players, viewers will enjoy topical sketches, dead-on impersonations of beloved celebrities, notables and laugh-out-loud hi-jinx as only Nick and M...

No More Reality TV For Jessica Simpson

2/7/2007 12:07pm EST
Jessica Simpson
Pop star Jessica Simpson refuses to blame media attention for the breakdown of her marriage to Nick Lachey, but insists she won't take part in another reality TV show.

Simpson married Lachey in October 2002, and they invited a TV crew to follow their marriage for four seasons of MTV reality series Newlyweds soon afterwards, before the pair announced their separation in November 2005.

However, Simpson insists she enjoyed being filmed until the last season of Newlyweds, when the cameras started to make her paranoid.

Discussing whether the cameras contributed to her divorce, she...

Nick Lachey And Vanessa Minnillo Tying The Knot In April

1/26/2007 10:34am EST
Nick Lachey
Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo are planning to marry in April. The former The Newlyweds star - who divorced Jessica Simpson last year - has proposed to the MTV presenter and she is telling friends to keep April free.

A source told the National Enquirer magazine: "They're moving forward with plans for an April wedding. Since they both love Baja in Mexico it will probably happen south of the border, where they first fell in love. When he married Jessica, Nick had a big splashy Texas wedding with all the trimmings.

"It kicked off their highly rated MTV reality series Newlyweds and ...

Nick Lachey Sobs As He Discusses Divorce

4/27/2006 9:28am EDT
Nick Lachey
Nick Lachey burst into tears six times as he told an interviewer about his split from Jessica Simpson. The Newlyweds hunk couldn't control his sobs as he discussed his impending divorce from his wife of three years. The singer admitted he was devastated the pair had broken up - and confessed he would tie the knot with the blonde actress all over again if he had the chance.

He is quoted by Heat magazine as saying: "It breaks my heart that I couldn't make Jessica happy. I wanted to be everything to my wife. I'd marry her all over again because I still love her. It would be a lot easier t...

Ashlee Simpson Feels Lucky Her Chest Isn't As Big As Her Sister's

4/26/2006 10:52am EDT
Ashlee Simpson
Ashlee Simpson has joked that she is more attractive than sister Jessica. The singer claims she is prettier than the Dukes Of Hazzard star, despite denying rumors of sibling rivalry in the past. She is quoted in Daily Record newspaper as saying: "I'm taller than she is and my legs are longer than hers. I got lucky because my chest size isn't completely massive."

Both sisters have been the stars of successful reality TV shows - Jessica appeared with estranged husband Nick Lachey in Newlyweds, while Ashlee fronted the Ashlee Simpson Show.

Decide For Yourself:

Jessica Simpson pictu...

Jessica Simpson Still Wears Wedding Ring

4/21/2006 10:11am EDT
Jessica Simpson
Jessica Simpson is wearing her wedding ring again - but insists she isn't back with estranged husband, Nick Lachey. The Newlyweds stars split last year after three years of marriage, and the pair are in the middle of divorce proceedings.

Jessica has now been spotted wearing the wedding band on a chain round her neck rather than on her finger. A friend of the singer-turned-actress insists the blonde has decided to wear it again to remind herself of the happy times the couple shared.

The pal told People magazine: "You can still move on and have the memories. Nick will always be an i...

Jessica Simpson A Shoe-In For Baywatch Movie Role

4/4/2006 10:20am EDT
Jessica Simpson
Jessica Simpson is set to star in a movie remake of Baywatch. The actress will play a sexy lifeguard in the film version of the hit 90s show, which turned Pamela Anderson into a star. The Newlyweds beauty may even copy Pamela's famous slow-motion running in the movie. A source is quoted in The Sun newspaper as saying: "Jessica really caught the eye in The Dukes of Hazzard film last summer.

"She was the unanimous choice for the Baywatch role."

The insider added: "Jessica has all the assets to make the part her own." Jessica apparently won't have any problem flaunting her curves in ...

Nick Lachey Wants a Baby

3/2/2006 9:24am EST
Nick Lachey
Nick Lachey is desperate to have a baby. The heartthrob singer admits he's started thinking about having children, despite his recent split from his wife of three years Jessica Simpson. The 32-year-old revealed: "Obviously, it's not the right time for me to be a father. But the one thing I haven't had a chance to do is be a great dad."

Nick says he loves spending time with his pals' children since developing paternal feelings. He told Teen People magazine: "Playing with my friends' kids and having them call me Uncle Nick - that's life."

The hunky star - who achieved worldwide fa...

Ashlee Simpson Keeps Down the Violent Urges

3/1/2006 9:22am EST
Ashlee Simpson
Ashlee Simpson gets violent urges when people attack her big sister Jessica. The brunette singer admits she gets so angry she wants to lash out at people who criticize the 'Newlyweds' babe. She is quoted by Heat magazine as saying: "When I read somebody saying something about Jessica, I want to kick them."

Meanwhile, Ashlee recently admitted she struggled with an eating disorder as a child. The 'Boyfriend' singer said her parents took drastic action as soon as they noticed the problem. She revealed: "I was about 11-years-old, and people in the dance world were really concerned about th...

Nick Lachey Gets Kinky With High Heels

1/12/2006 9:31am EST
Nick Lachey Dresses Up
Nick Lachey has confessed he used to dress up in estranged wife Jessica Simpson's high heels for sexual kicks. The 'Newlyweds' star - who is currently divorcing Jessica after three years of marriage - says he used to put on the blonde's footwear during kinky role play sessions and has also experimented with dirty talk with her.

He revealed: "Sometimes I did walk in her shoes. It was sort of a kinky thing we liked to get into and I haven't even realised my full dirty talk potential." Singer Nick also admitted he is an overly emotional person and still thinks Jessica is the sexiest woman...

Jessica Simpson a Desperate Housewife?

12/22/2005 9:05am EST
Jessica Simpson
Jessica Simpson is rumored to be making a guest appearance on Desperate Housewives. The star, who recently announced her split from husband Nick Lachey, is allegedly being lined-up for a couple of episodes of the hit drama. An insider told MSN: "There's talk of her being on an episode or two."

The sexy star has also been spotted having lunch with the show's Eva Longoria at Los Angeles eatery Cha Cha Cha. An onlooker said Jessica told Eva: "Thanks for making me laugh. You know how much I need that right now." Representatives for 'Desperate Housewives' have so far denied Jessica is being...

Jessica Simpson Divorcing Nick Lachey Because of 'Irreconcilable Differences'

12/19/2005 11:10am EST
Jessica Simpson
Jessica Simpson has filed for divorce from estranged husband Nick Lachey. The sexy star started legal proceedings on Friday citing "irreconcilable differences" as the reason for the pair's split in November.

According to court papers, Jessica has requested that Nick is not awarded spousal support after the pair separate and is legally reverting back to her maiden name after changing her name to Jessica Lachey after their marriage.

The blonde singer-turned-actress has hired divorce attorney to the stars Robert Kaufman to represent her, while Nick has enlisted the help of lawyer Lau...

Jessica Simpson Needs a Shoulder To Cry On, Turns to Friend Johnny Knoxville

12/2/2005 8:30am EST
Jessica Simpson
Jessica Simpson has reportedly turned to Johnny Knoxville for support since her split from husband Nick Lachey. The beautiful blonde has been comforted by her gorgeous Dukes of Hazzard co-star since her public split from singer Nick. A source said: "There has been no shortage of shoulders for Jess to cry on. Lots of friends - both male and female - have rallied round. But Johnny has been one of the most supportive."

But despite his compassion for the singer turned actress, sources insist the Jackass star and Jessica are just good friends. A source is quoted by Britain's Daily Star news...

Jessica Simpson Was Tired of Fighting, Dumped Nick Via E-Mail

12/1/2005 9:16am EST
Jessica Simpon
Jessica Simpson reportedly dumped husband Nick Lachey in an email. The blonde star allegedly typed her singer husband a note to tell him she was going public over their split. The handsome star didn't know what the actress was planning until the message appeared on his mobile phone. A source is quoted in America's Us Weekly magazine as saying: "She had had enough of the marriage and the fighting. She just wanted it to be over."

Another source told the magazine 32-year-old Nick was distraught. The insider claimed: "He feels like he was sucker-punched. He wasn't even expecting it. He was...

Oops! No Pre-Nup for Jessica Simpson & Nick Lachey

11/30/2005 9:06am EST
Nick & Jessica
Jessica Simpson's divorce from Nick Lachey could get nasty because the pair didn't sign a pre-nuptial agreement. The Newlyweds stars - who announced their split last week - were so smitten with each other when they tied the knot in 2002 they decided against signing a pre-nup, according to the New York Post.

The popular agreement dictates who gets which assets if a couple break up. The blonde star - who is said to have raked in a staggering $35million last year - and singer Nick have been at the center of endless break-up rumors over the past six months but denied their romance was on t...

Jessica Simpson & Nick Lachey Officially Split

11/24/2005 10:16am EST
Jessica Simpson
Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey are officially splitting. The singers - who shot to fame in reality MTV show 'Newlyweds' - have announced they are to split after three years of marriage. The couple have been at the center of endless break-up rumours over the past six months. The couple said in a statement: "After three years of marriage, and careful thought and consideration, we have decided to part ways. This is the mutual decision of two people with an enormous amount of respect and admiration for each other. We hope that you respect our privacy during this difficult time."

Jessica a...

Yet Another Story About Jessica and Nick Rumors

11/4/2005 9:48am EST
Checking for Lumps
Jessica's Simpson's husband Nick Lachey has allegedly "vanished" while his wife is in Africa - further fueling rumours the pair's marriage is on the rocks. The handsome star, who shot to fame in popular MTV show 'Newlyweds', was last seen by friends two weeks ago at sister-in-law Ashlee Simpson's album launch party in Los Angeles.

Jessica is currently on safari in Kenya with her father Joe and personal assistant Cacee Cobb. The date of the 'Dukes of Hazzard' beauty's trip to Africa - which also involved a visit to Nairobi so Jessica could promote her charity Operation Smile, a fund set...

Jessica Simpson Needs Therapy

11/2/2005 9:16am EST
Jessica and Nick
Jessica Simpson has confessed rumours about her marriage problems drove her to therapy. The stunning star, who is married to Nick Lachey, was so devastated at constant gossip claiming she was heading for divorce that she sought psychological help.

When asked if she had seen a therapist, Jessica admitted: "Yes, I have. I respect knowledge of the psyche. I would be a therapist if I weren't an entertainer."

The 'Dukes of Hazzard' beauty also insisted her marriage to Nick - with whom she starred in the reality TV show 'Newlyweds' - is still going strong, despite rumours to the contrar...