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Marty & Debbie Weaver, along with their three kids move to a gated community they learn is populated entirely by aliens.

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Journey to the Center of the Mall
The Weavers take the Bird-Kersees on a back to school shopping trip.

Things Just Got Real
In the hope of getting a break from their neighbors, Marty and Debby try to spend a little time with their human friends. But Larry and Jackie make sure things don't go as planned.

Bathroom Etiquette
Marty and Debbie prepare the Bird-Kersees for their kids' first day of human school. They're especially worried that little Dick Butkus will get picked on, but their anti-bullying advice backfires in ways they never anticipated. Meanwhile, Larry and Jackie are getting tired of the Weavers' endless parenting tips.

The Weavers try to help the Bird-Kersees and the other aliens embrace Halloween.

50 Shades of Green
Marty and Debbie find out all the facts of alien love when Zabvronian mating season coincides with their wedding anniversary. Debbie longs for a little more romance in her marriage after she learns about the more cerebral Zabvronian way, while Jackie Joyner-Kersee is fascinated by humans' more physical approach. Meanwhile, a handsome jock invites Amber to a make-out party and she decides to go, with Reggie Jackson tagging along.

Larry Bird and the Iron Throne
Jackie tries to help Debbie plan Abby's birthday; Larry shadows Lenny at work; Reggie tries to find a gift for Amber.

Thanksgiving is for the Bird-Kersees
Debbie convinces Marty to un-invite his parents for Thanksgiving and decides to invite Larry, Jackie, Reggie and Dick over for the holiday instead. Marty caves to parental pressure and confirms his mother and father will be on hand for Turkey Day after all. Dick secretly invites Jackie's estranged sisters, Venus and Serena, to stop by.

Merry Crap-Mas
In an effort to hide their Christmas presents from the kids, Debbie and Marty ask the Bird-Kersees to hide the gifts at their house. But when the kids' gift expectations go wild, they decide to return all the presents and use the money for a vacation where they can experience the true meaning of Christmas. Problems arise when Larry-Bird opens one present, spawning a frenzy of gift opening among the aliens, leaving the Weavers with no gifts and no way to pay for the trip.

Juan of the Dead
The aliens are forced to deal with the death of Hidden Hills' beloved gardener, Juan.Debbie and Marty struggle to explain that death is something that comes to all humans, eventually, but Larry Bird is determined to find a way to solve that little problem, starting with the recently departed Juan.

Larry Bird Presents an Oscar(R)-Winning Film by Larry Bird
Winning Film by Larry Bird" Max makes it into the final round of the school spelling bee. When he finds himself going head to head with Dick Butkus, Larry and Reggie, who've become obsessed with winning an Oscar, decide to videotape the bee and the competition between Max and Dick hoping to take home the award for Best Documentary.

The Weavers and the Bird-Kersees unplug for a weekend of camping in the great outdoors, as Marty tries to prove he's a "manly man" like his dad, Dominick. Debbie and Jackie work secretly behind the scenes to make the trip a success for an oblivious Marty, but all bets are off when both families have a close encounter of the animal kind.

The Gingerbread Man
Larry Bird uses his experience as supreme leader to help Debbie navigate PTA politics, specifically officious president Linda. Jackie tries to help Marty coach soccer, until her cutthroat competitive nature kicks in.

Cold War
The entire Weaver family gets sick, it forces the Bird-Kersees to confront something new and terrifying the common cold. The Bird-Kersees especially Larry can't understand why Debbie takes care of her family even though she is exposing herself to their cold. Having learned there is no cure for colds, Larry makes the community quarantine the Weaver house, but Reggie has other plans

The Back Nine
The Weavers and Bird-Kersees compete for membership in a brand-new, exclusive country club, they're forced to confront issues of class and race. Marty and Debbie become so obsessed with getting into the club that they blow off their alien neighbors and bring the kids to an open house for prospective members. When Larry and Jacki show up at the club unexpectedly, the results for both families are not what anyone had expected.

Dream Weavers
The Weavers and Bird-Kersees chaperone Amber and Reggie's school dance, Marty, Debbie, Larry and Jackie find themselves in their own "high school" dramas. Debbie's attempt to re-create a romantic moment from her courtship with Marty backfires, and, Jackie is so fascinated with how Marty and Debbie met in high school, she believes the moment she met Larry was boring by comparison so she tries to change history.

Space Invaders
Debbie's relationship advice to Reggie Jackson about nerdy new girlfriend Giselle backfires badly, making things even more difficult for Jackie and Larry, who are having a hard time dealing with the fact Reggie even has a love life. Meanwhile, Amber resists Debbie's attempts to talk about her new boyfriend, handsome but dim jock Jeremy.

Mother Clubbers
After Debbie fears she's lost her looks and Jackie discovers that on Earth she's considered a "10" (back home Larry Bird was the pretty one), they end up in Hell (literally), a hip new club, hoping to feel a little more like desirable women and a little less like moms, in this episode that airs as part of ABC's Wednesday comedy Valentine's Day salute. Meanwhile, Marty and a deflated Larry Bird look to Amber to help them makeover their drab appearances.

I Believe I Can Drive
The Bird-Kersees take Marty up on his offer to teach them how to drive after all, they piloted a spaceship to Earth, how hard can driving be? Meanwhile, Amber refuses to let Marty teach her, a decision she soon regrets when she ends up with unconventional Driver's Ed teacher Ms. Porsche.

Sing Like a Larry Bird
Increasingly comfortable exploring the world outside of their gated community, the Bird-Kersees ignore the Weavers' concerns and decide to go to into the city to see a Broadway show. Inspired by the experience, Larry decides to put on a musical of his own, which goes well until Dick literally missteps. Instead of going to Marty and Debbie for help (as they have done many times before), the Bird-Kersees risk exposing their true identities when they call 9-1-1.

Mo Purses Mo Money Mo Problems
Debbie is thrilled when a tough-minded businesswoman offers her a chance to revitalize her purse business. Jackie jumps in to help, but her negotiating skills work a little too well, and they're soon in way over their heads trying to produce an impossible number of purses.

It Has Begun
The Weavers take the Bird-Kersees to Atlantic City, where Marty learns that Larry Bird not only counts cards, he can see through them, and Jackie admits that she's always wanted a human wedding. Meanwhile, Dick Butkus, in charge back home, gets an ominous call from his grandpa. Is it time for the Neighbors to return to Zabvron?

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