Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide Episode Guides

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Crushes; Dances
Even as Ned tries to develop his own system for handling a crush, Cookie works on the program from the technical side of things. Ned hopes to get Suzie Crabgrass to dance with him.

Elections; Talent Show
Mr. Wright tries to run the talent show with an iron fist. Ned is nominated for class president.

Rumors; Photo Day
A rumor spreads around the school about Ned and Moze dating even as Ned and Cookie plan the Atomic Flush. Ned helps Moze practice her school day photo.

Bathrooms; Project Partners
Not used to going on school grounds, Cookie has a hard time when he accidentally uses the girl's bathroom. Moze seeks tips on avoiding the Huge Crew in the bathroom and Ned asks her to add his name to the "hottie list" in the girl's bathroom. Moze picks another boy to be her partner on a class project.

Teachers; Detentions
Moze's math class takes advantage of a student teacher. Ned, Moze and Cookie land in detention.

Cheaters; Bullies
A popular girl cheats off Moze. Ned feels ill-prepared for the biggest test of the year. Ned tries to battle against the bullying of Loomer even as Moze tries to handle her own bully tendencies.

Notes; Best Friends
Ned gets busted passing a note at school. Ned and Cookie have friendship problems when Cookie becomes a Killer Bee.

Computer Lab; Backpacks
Cookie tries to figure out what to do when her computer breaks down. Moze looses her diary and starts to lose her mind with worry.

Seating; Tryout
Ned tries to gain popularity by scheming to sit at the cool table. Ned frets over the impending basketball tryouts while Moze tries out for Volleyball and Cookie for cheerleading.

Sick Days; Spelling Bee
Moze tries to fake illness in order to avoid giving a speech in class, even as Cookie tries to fight off illness to maintain his perfect attendance. Ned gets excited to meet Mat Hoffman. Cookie worries about beating a group called the Killer Bees. Ned and Moze worry themselves about getting out of the spelling bee early and having to read the words next to a gross-smelling teacher.

The First Day; Lockers (Pilot)
Moze tells Ned and Cookie that she chose cooking class as her elective over art class as they'd planned in an effort to meet new girl friends. Moze, Ned and Cookie all have locker problems: Moze can't compete with a neighbor for attention, Ned is stuck next to a gas machine and Cookie's locker is on the far side of the school.

Emergency Drills; The Late Bus
The school goes through its emergency drill day which continues to get in the way of Ned asking Suzie out. Moze tries to hide a huge zit. Ned is stuck at school when his normal bus breaks down and a replacement is sent out.

Daydreaming; Gym
Ned tries to daydream the solution to a riddle and escape his science teacher's punishment for catching the science class daydreaming. Moze takes down Ned in gym class and he trains to beat her.

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