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School Car Wash; Secrets

Ned and Cookie see Loomer kissing Missy. So they have to keep this a secret or else.... Meanwhile, Loomer's friend tries to tell everyone that he is in the sewing club. The boys and the girls compete in the school fundraiser to see who can wash more cars. The boys team wants a hot tub, but the girls want to use the money more wisely.
Alex Black - Seth Powers (Recurring)
Alison Faulk - Female Salsa Dancer
Aliya Stuart - Lila Brady
Carlie Casey - Missy Meany (Recurring)
Christian Serratos - Suzie Crabgrass (Recurring)
Daniel Lee - Simon "Cookie" Cook-Nelson (Regular)
Daran Norris - Gordy
Dave Florek - Mr. Chopsaw
Devon Werkheiser - Ned Bigby (Regular)
Don Creech - Mr. Sweeney (Recurring)
Gustavo Gomez - Mystery boy
Hamilton Mitchell - Mr. Crubbs (Recurring)
Kaila Gee - Bunny Girl
Kim Sava - Ms. Dirga
Kyle Swann - Bully Loomer (Recurring)
Lindsey Shaw - Jennifer "Moze" Mosely (Regular)
Marquise Brown - Chandra Taylor
Matthew Olivares - Crony (Recurring)
Meshach Taylor - Mr. Wright (Recurring)
Naomi Frigo - Choir Member
Rachel Sibner - Lisa Zemo (Recurring)
Reccie Canon - Buzz (Recurring)
Rob Pinkston - Coconut Head (Recurring)
Robert Sattler - Vendor
Vanessa Werkheiser - Candy Manderson

Bill O'Dowd
Jorg Westerkamp
Michael Nagle
Scott Fellows

David Kendall

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