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Class Clown; Music Class

Ned and Cookie try to survive the boredom and tedium of learning an instrument in Music Instruction class while Moze gets Mozart music stuck in her head in Music Appreciation and can't get it out. When the Class Clown moves to Cleveland, Ned, Cookie, and Moze do an all out search for a new clown before things get to depressing at Polk.
Alex Black - Seth Powers (Recurring)
Alison Faulk - Female Salsa Dancer
Aliya Stuart - Lila Brady
Art Alexakis - Mr. Gibson
Christian Serratos - Suzie Crabgrass (Recurring)
Daniel Lee - Simon "Cookie" Cook-Nelson (Regular)
Daran Norris - Gordy (Regular)
Devon Werkheiser - Ned Bigby (Regular)
Don Jones - MTV Host
Don Creech - Mr. Sweeney (Recurring)
Hamilton Mitchell - Mr. Crubbs (Recurring)
James Lewis - Morris Adams
Jennifer Tedmori - Doris
Kaila Gee - Bunny Girl
Kendre Berry - Backpack Boy (Recurring)
Kyle Swann - Bully Loomer (Recurring)
Lindsey Shaw - Jennifer "Moze" Mosely (Regular)
Matthew Olivares - Crony (Recurring)
Naomi Frigo - Choir Member
Rachel Sibner - Lisa Zemo
Reccie Canon - Buzz (Recurring)
Rob Pinkston - Coconut Head (Recurring)
Robert Sattler - Vendor
Steve Bannos - Mr. Gross

Bill O'Dowd
Jorg Westerkamp
Scott Fellows

Joe Menendez

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