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Back in a New York Groove
"Miami Ink" alum Ami James opens up his own tattoo parlor in New York City.

The Gloves Are Off
Ami James contemplates making a staffing change after problems continue with tattoo artist Chris Torres.

The laid back lifestyle of one of Ami's tattoo artists begins to threaten Ami's business.

Blood is Thicker Than Ink
Billy reaches a boiling point due to his lack of training during his apprenticeship with Ami.

Out of the Box
Shop manager Jessica tries to help Ami attract more business but ends up doing more harm than good.

Think Again
After a magazine photo shoot, Ami must tell Jessica the hard truth. Also, Robear tries to figure out how to get Tommy to stop his relentless pranks.

Roosters and Romance
Ami becomes stressed about trying to make the rent on his new tattoo shop.

Last Man Standing
Tattoo artist Megan finds herself in the middle of a conflict between Ami and Chris.

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