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Down Hill
Jessica Rossi almost has a conviction in a rape case when Chief Alexandra Cabot uses Jessica's Defendant for her own case. Billy Desmond decides to work with a group of high-profile black men, a connection that comes at a price. Christina Finn gets caught in a lawsuit with her landlord.

True Love
Nick potter becomes the victim of an attack when he's robbed and beaten at gunpoint after trying to get a witness to testify. Brian Peluso is ready to move in with his girlfriend until he finds out about her infidelity; Jessica Rossi's case involves a model who claims she was attacked by a high-profile professional; Jim Steele's case involves suicide. A gay couple brakes up, and when one of them is found dead the other one is questioned when his former partner is charged with murder. A hot doctor becomes the star witness in Christina Finn's case.

A respected female attorney kills her husband, and goes head-to-head against Jim Steele when she decides to defend herself in the courtroom.

Desmond takes some time out to do some psychiatric work at a ward, prompting Potter to get way in over his head after taking over on one Desmond's cases, and Finn's mettle is tested by a tough new prosecutor boss. Meanwhile, Peluso gets back with an old girlfriend, but finds the rekindled relationship a bit intense, while Rossi handles a brutal family murder case.

Finn examines the case of a woman whose daughter killed herself, despite the mother's insistence that the girl was a cancer patient. Meanwhile, Cabot begins a drug awareness project, while Potter pawns off a drug-addled buddy onto Desmond.

Steele tries to prosescute a rape case, but the victim's father stands in his way. Potter ends up bungling an easy drug case he took from Rossi. Desmond's case involves an Upper West Side couple and a fortune teller. Finn and Peluso have what they call an "almost" date.

180.80/ Hostage
A young woman is discovered murdered shortly after she was seen leaving a local bar. Soon, the bar's bouncer is accused of her death. After a shootout at the courthouse, members of the A.D.A's office are involved in a dangerous hostage situation.

Steele assigns Billy the case of a rap artist involved with stabbing a magazine editor. Rossi tries the case of an abusive husband. Finn's case involves a man, James, who walked out on a high strip club tab. It turns out that the strip club seeks revenge when the defendant's diplomat status puts him in the clear. Jessica learns that her mother is leaving her father. Nick accompanies two police officers on a ridealong and winds up undercover. Nick is later called in to testify on the force used by the officers during an arrest.

Against direct orders from his boss, Potter does not settle a case but wins the case anyway; Desmond continues his undefeated winning streak at work and has a one night stand with a woman who works at the courthouse, and Steele cancels a date with Rossi and gets intimate with Cabot, right before she makes a stunning announcement.

The Wall
ADA Billy Desmond has a bit of a struggle ahead of him when he prosecutes a teenager for killing a peer during a choking game. Brian Peluso is chasing a cop killer, while Christine and Nick are ordered to work on there court appearances.

Steele is given the case of a teenage boy who bludgeoned his brother to death with a baseball bat.

Nick Potter vacates a plum position at a New York law firm to join Alexandra Cabot's District Attorney's office. The attorneys' attempt to track down a notorious drug dealer, and during another case, one of the attorneys is hit with a bullet which may have been fired by someone from inside their ranks.

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