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Sister Story
Michael's sister comes to visit which reignites her rivalry with Jay.

Jr.'s Risky Business (1)
Jr. and his girlfreind take advantage of his parents night out to fool around in their bed but its a toss up on who is shocked more when Michael and Jay get home early and find them together. Also, Claire's nerves get the best of her when she is preparing to take a big test and breaks out into a rash.

Sharon's Picture
Jay gets upset when she discovers that Michael saved a picture of his beautiful ex-girlfriend. Meanwhile, Franklin can't admit that Aretha is a good singer.

The Big Bang Theory
Claire and Tony announce that they are ready to have sex.

Claire's New Boyfriend
When Michael approves of Claire's new boyfreind, she dumps him and starts dating someone he'll hate.

The Fighting Kyles
In an effort to teach their kids a lesson, Michael and Jay imitate them fighting all the time to annoy them into submission but, thinking their parent's marriage is in trouble, start behaving better to keep them together.

Claire's Permit
Michael tries to teach Claire how to drive.

Michael's big plans to get his family out of the house and have some alone time backfires when a blackout hits, forcing some much needed bonding.

Jury Duty
Michael and Jay end up doing jury service together and Michael has an encounter with a man that he suspects may be a mafia henchman trying to coerce in him into finding in favor of the defendant.

Diary of a Mad Teen
Janet sneaks a peak at Claires diary and she discovers that Claire is pondering sex. And Michael takes greater steps to punish Jr. after some mishaps with the car.

Chair Man of the Board
Michael is paid a visit by an old childhood friend who is now in a wheelchair and challenges Michael to a game of basketball. Also, Claire is caught shoplifting.

The Kyles Go to Hawaii (3)
The family is in turmoil as Michael discovers that they have to leave Hawaii earlier than planned while Claire is trying to hide her hotel charges, Jr. wants to stay with his Hawaiian girlfreind and Kady won't leave without her lost doll.

Jr.'s Risky Business (2)
Michael and Jay ponder their options as parents when they catch Jr. in their bed with a girl, and Michael decides to kick him out of the house.

The Kyles Go to Hawaii (1)
To save money, Michael books a 43-hour flight to Hawaii with several layovers.

Open Your Heart
Michael and Jay run into relatonship trouble when they attend a couple's seminar to improve their marriage. Meanwhile, Jr. and his friends take advantage of Claire's new job at a clothing store by using her discount to buy items and returning them full price.

Here Come Da Judge
When Claire and Jr. find a wallet containing $500, Michael calls a family court session to determine who gets the money.

Samba Story
Janet and Michael take dance lessons where the dance instructors seem to show more than just interest in teaching them dance moves, while bumbling Claire is inexplicably chosen for the cheerleading team.

Michael and Jay worry about Jr.'s future after his high school graduation.

The Kyles Go to Hawaii (2)
Two attractive strangers pursue Michael and Janet.

Jay the Artist
After encouraging Jay to return to her artistic roots, Michael suffers the humiliation when her painted interpretation of him nude is less than flattering.

Tee for Too Many
Jay decides to spend more quality time with Michael by watching him play golf, but she becomes a distraction for him. Also, Jr. asks Franklin to help him with his college essay.

Man of the Year
After losing the Small Businessman of the Year Award, Michael gets depressed so the family rallies to cheer him up.

Crouching Mother, Hidden Father
When Kady's teacher criticizes Janet for being too intense when directing the school play, she thinks the teacher may be competitive with her.

Michael's Tribe
Michael plays Indian Chief for Kady's Indian Princess tribe when they have a sleep over at their house while he tries to put a stop to Claire's escape plans for a party.

Not So Hostile Takeover
Michael and Jay volunteer as chaperones at Claire's high school prom, but Jay winds up embarrassing Claire. Also, Jr. is excited about fixing up his first car.

Jr.'s Dating Dilemma
Taken some advice from his dad, Jr. asks a friend of Claire's to a dance but her acceptance inflates his ego and he asks the most popular girl in school as well.

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