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Anderson Cooper Live Blogger - March 6th

March 6th, 2013 1:10pm EST
Anderson Cooper
I had the pleasure of being on the set for today's filming of Anderson Cooper Live as a Blogger for the show. It was certainly an experience, and I will start off by saying I thoroughly enjoyed the show, and being on it.

Anderson's Co-Host Today was Lisa Rinna, former soap star of 'Days of our Lives.' She was a real high energy co-host, and the showing started off with her propensity to swear on live television. It was a good start to an exciting show.

The first story talked about was about frozen, flying human excrement crashed through the roof of a caravan in Pattingham. Surprisingly, t...

'My Strange Addiction' Gets Gross With Urine Drinking Woman (Video)

March 16th, 2012 9:33am EDT
My Strange Addiction urine drinker
By now, most people have probably heard of TLC's hot new series "My Strange Addiction." It features people who confess to doing bizarre things such as being sexually attracted to a motor vehicle, eating cat food and having an unusual relationship with a baby doll head.

These tales are so strange, who could make them up?

Sunday night's episode may be the grossest yet. Carrie, 53, has been addicted to drinking her urine for four years. She drinks about 80 ounces every day.

There's more. Carrie brushes her teeth with her urine, uses it as lotion and sucks it up her nostrils. The woman even ...

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