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Set at a "60 Minutes" style TV news magazine show called "F.Y.I.," the series followed hard-bitten, well-regarded but difficult reporter Murphy Brown. A recovering addict known for both her biting sarcasm and dedicated work ethic, she was the star of "F.Y.I.," which also featured humorless anchor Jim Dial, perky former beauty pageant champ Corky Sherwood and Murphy's best pal, investigative reporter Frank Fontana. Puckish but neurotic Executive Producer Miles Silverberg completed the work team. At home, Murphy hung out with Eldin, the house painter who never seemed to finish working on her place. Over the years, Murphy brought her acerbic sensibility to everything from major news stories to crushing an endless array of assistants. Her decision to have a baby in her forties and out of wedlock caused a stir that resonated beyond the fictional walls of the show and into real-life politics. In later years, Murphy battled cancer and pondered retirement before ultimately deciding to keep working.