The Munsters Summary

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The story of the Munsters, a family that resemble an assortment of movie monsters of the '30s: Herman, the funeral director at Gateman, Goodbury and Graves, who could pass for Boris Karloff in his Frankenstein's monster persona; his wife Lily, a vampiress and homemaker; her son Edward Wolfgang (or simply Eddie), a boyish version of the Wolfman; Lily's father, a 378-year-old mad scientist whom everyone calls "Grampa" and who perfectly resembles Bela Lugosi's Count Dracula; and their "unfortunate" niece Marilyn, young and beautiful, whom they regard as hideously deformed and therefore treat with pity and condescension. Somehow this peculiar bunch is able to live quietly, unaware of their own uniqueness and always ready to extend a friendly hand to their neighbors, who invariably respond by running away in mortal terror.