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Mr. Monk and the Rapper
A rapper named Extra Large is killed by a car bomb. Later, his rival in the world of rap, Murderuss, visits Monk and Natalie, afraid he will be blamed for Extra Large's death. He hires them to help clear his name.

Mr. Monk is Up All Night
Monk suffers from insomnia after meeting a woman who looks strangely familiar. He decides to go on a late night walk. While walking, he witnesses a crime.

Mr. Monk is on The Run, Pt. I
When Monk is arrested for murder, he escapes the custody of a small-town sheriff and becomes a fugitive on the run.

Mr. Monk and the Birds and the Bees
Monk tries to prove that a sports agent is guilty of a double murder, while playing cupid for Natalie's teenaged daughter and her boyfriend at the same time.

Mr. Monk Paints His Masterpiece
Monk takes up a new hobby, painting, and meets with unexpected success when an ardent admirer is willing to buy anything he produces.

Mr. Monk and the Wrong Man
A man Monk sent to prison years ago is cleared based on new evidence. Burdened with a guilty conscience, Monk tries to help him adjust to life on the outside.

Mr. Monk and the Bad Girlfriend
Monk suspects that Captain Stottlemeyer's girlfriend is guilty of murder. However, Monk doesn't know how it will be possible to prove it and not lose his friend in the process.

Mr. Monk and the Daredevil
Monk has trouble coping when he finds out his arch-rival, Harold Krenshaw, is a famous daredevil. He doesn't believe it to be true - and sets out to prove that Harold is a fraud.

Mr. Monk and the Naked Man
Monk must overcome his fears to try and solve a murder on a nude beach. Unfortunately, he may also have to deal with his prejudices against nudists as well.

Mr. Monk is on The Run, Pt. II
While everyone mourns Monk's "death," Monk searches for the truth that will clear his name.

Mr Monk and His Biggest Fan
Monk's biggest fan, Marci Maven, is shocked when her dog is accused of mauling a woman to death. Marci believes her beloved pet has been framed and wants to prove it. She turns to the object of her obsession for help - Adrian Monk.

Mr. Monk and the Man Who Shot Santa
Monk becomes a social pariah when he shoots a man dressed as Santa Claus. He must try to clear his name and foil a larger criminal plot in time for Christmas.

Mr. Monk and the Buried Treasure
Monk's psychiatrist's son asks Monk for help on a project for school. Monk soon learns that the "project" is actually related to a recent murder and robbery case, and that the boy may be in a lot of trouble. Monk must solve the case, help the boy, and help his psychiatrist bond with his son at the same time.

Mr. Monk Goes To Bank
When the safety deposit box holding one of Monk's treasured possessions is robbed, Monk will do whatever it takes to solve the case.

Mr. Monk And The Three Julies
Monk must find a murderer who, to Natalie's horror, appears to be killing women with the same name as her daughter.

Mr. Monk Joins a Cult
When Monk infiltrates a cult to solve a murder, he falls under the spell of its charismatic leader.

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