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Best Unknown Book To Screen Adaptations

9/6/2014 4:05pm EDT
High Fidelity
With the release of Innocence yesterday and the home video debut of A Long Way Down this Tuesday, it seems like we're in another phase where books are making their way to the big and small screens. Adaptations have long been a Hollywood staple, but it's not always obvious when a movie or TV show started life as a book. Many of the programs you've loved probably have an equally entertaining book behind them; you just haven't discovered it yet.

To that end, we've compiled this list of six great books that you might not know were behind six great film and television projects - in the hopes th...

Best Of 2013 TV: 'Suits,' 'The Good Wife' And More

12/30/2013 12:30pm EST
The Good Wife
High-fives for everyone! As 2013 comes to a close, it's time to recognize the TV shows and people behind them that have made our jobs worthwhile. We've looked back on all the programs we've covered this year and picked out the few that we think deserve some special recognition. Check them out below, and feel free to leave your own 'best of the best' in the comments.

TV Series Of The Year: USA's Suits

Television doesn't get any better than this. Suits has been nearly flawless over three seasons, with a completely fantastic cast including two of the best actors we can think of (Gabriel ...

Mason Cook: From 'Monday Mornings' To 'The Lone Ranger'

7/3/2013 12:25pm EDT
Mason Cook
If you're headed to see Disney's The Lone Ranger today, you'll get to catch Mason Cook. The young actor joins Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer in the summer blockbuster, after playing the small but pivotal role of Quinn McDaniels in the first two episodes of TNT's Monday Mornings this spring. BFTV recently connected with Mason to ask him what it was like to work on Gore Verbinski's big movie, as well as to be on the operating table at Chelsea General.

"The Pirates of the Caribbean movies are among my 5 all-time favorite movies, so getting to work with the same team who did those was and is tot...

In Memoriam: TNT's 'Monday Mornings'

5/11/2013 12:00pm EDT
Monday Mornings
TNT has opted to check out of Chelsea General Hospital, cancelling Monday Mornings after just one season. It's the unfortunate demise of an outstanding television series - yet as we lament the bitter end, we can also reflect on the multitude of great things that emerged over the ten episodes that we got to spend with this memorable band of doctors.

Here's a not at all short list of reasons why Monday Mornings will be missed and ultimately, left a strong fingerprint on not just medical dramas, but the entirety of television.

1) The pedigree. It's not often that you get a production team to...

'Monday Mornings' Season Finale Recap: A Doctor on the Operating Table

4/9/2013 9:40am EDT
Monday Mornings
We've reached the end of the first season of Monday Mornings, and the season finale does not disappoint.

As is becoming normal for this show, action begins in the ER, with Villanueva owning the place like a boss. He pages Sydney to help Michelle with a kid who is way too young to be having a heart attack, before moving on to a patient with chronic back pain. The more the guy talks, the more the Big Cat thinks he might be addicted to painkillers. When Villanueva confronts the patient with his belief, it does not go well, leading the disgruntled patient to approach Tina in the parking lot. Y...

How 'Monday Mornings' Changed My Perspective On Medicine

4/8/2013 9:30am EDT
Monday Mornings
As TNT's Monday Mornings has its season finale tonight, it's abundantly clear that the show deserves a second season. It's the best new series on the air, sharply written and exceptionally acted. It's breathed new life into one of TV's most familiar genres. Most surprising of all, though, it's done something I never thought possible: caused me to look at the medical profession in a new light.

I have more experience with doctors than I would ever wish on anyone. My life began in a neonatal intensive care unit and then an operating room. Diagnosed with cerebral palsy, I grew up surrounded by...

'Monday Mornings' Recap: 'Wheels Within Wheels'

4/2/2013 9:05am EDT
Monday Mornings
We're coming to the end of the beginning for Monday Mornings. Things that seem great turn out to be not so much, and things that seem bad end up being worse. It just goes to show you that medicine is most definitely not an easy nor predictable occupation.

The episode starts off with a bang, as Michelle nearly loses a patient only to make a breakthrough just before they're ready to pronounce her death. Elsewhere, Wilson and Hooten's next case is a judge who knows the Chelsea General chief of staff, and Park and Ridgeway's patient doesn't know where he is after having a seizure in the street...

'Monday Mornings' Recap: 'Truth Or Consequences'

3/26/2013 9:45am EDT
Monday Mornings
Why does Monday Mornings have to be almost over? There are only two episodes left after tonight and there hasn't been a weak one yet. This week's chapter opens with a Random New Guy getting 311'ed for giving a patient a lethal dose of adrenaline. RNG, whose name is Stewart Delany and who is played by Jamie Bamber's Hornblower colleague Ioan Gruffudd, does a miserable job of defending himself and gets fired, much to the shock of everyone else in the room, except for maybe Park.

Speaking of Park, he's brushing up on his English when Wilson walks into his office. Park immediately susses out t...

'Monday Mornings' Star Keong Sim Talks His Role In 'Olympus Has Fallen'

3/22/2013 9:20am EDT
Olympus Has Fallen
As if he’s not awesome enough on TNT’s Monday Mornings, Keong Sim is also part of the star-studded cast of Olympus Has Fallen, which hits theaters today. BFTV recently checked in with Keong to get the dish on his Olympus role, as well as the future of Monday Mornings.

“There were many ‘oh my God’ moments,” the actor said of joining an ensemble that also includes Gerard Butler, Aaron Eckhart, Melissa Leo, Rick Yune, Angela Bassett, Dylan McDermott, and Morgan Freeman. “The moments were like ‘Oh my God, that’s Academy Award winner Melissa Leo and she’s talking to me,’ ‘Oh my God, that’s Aaro...

'Monday Mornings' Recap: 'Communion'

3/12/2013 9:20am EDT
Monday Mornings
Things are getting personal on Monday Mornings. The latest patient to come through the doors of Chelsea General is Villanueva's own son, Nick. "Who did this to you?" his father tearfully demands, but Nick is unresponsive. Almost the entire senior staff jumps into action, but Sydney kicks Villanueva out of the OR for being too close to the patient, and Hooten backs her decision. He watches every move as the two of them start operating. Tina, fulfilling her role as the motherly member of the staff, talks to Villanueva while he wonders aloud who stabbed his child. An angry Ving Rhames is never...

'Monday Mornings' Recap: 'The Legend And The Fall'

3/5/2013 9:20am EST
Monday Mornings
It's fitting that with the word "legend" in the episode title, Monday Mornings casts a legendary actor in a heartbreaking tale of a doctor reaching the end of his storied career - and being almost the last person to realize it.

This week, Sydney and Lieberman are attempting to have a drama-free date, and it's not working. Their dinner is interrupted by one of his former patients, a guy named Frank who wants to reiterate the entire experience to Sydney - at least until he falls unconscious at the table. Considering that the last time they went out also ended with someone else's medical emer...

'Monday Mornings' Recap: 'Forks Over Knives'

2/26/2013 9:15am EST
Monday Mornings
Last week's Monday Mornings was a heartbreaker. This one pokes around in the brain - those of some of our doctors, a few patients, and the audience, too.

Tina's in front of another M&M meeting, talking about a patient named Benjamin with severe Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. She wants approval for a controversial gamma-ray procedure, which Villanueva equates to a "high-tech lobotomy," much to her ire. Wilson springs to her defense, because it's Wilson. "This kid is out of options," he says. "This is perhaps his only shot." Suddenly everyone in the room has something to say, including Park ...

'Suits' and 4 Other Unexpected Shows That Have Us Yelling At The TV

2/21/2013 9:30am EST
Tonight is the season finale of USA's Suits, which is the best show on television. There are so many reasons to love it, like compelling characters played to near-perfection by an ensemble cast, led by Gabriel Macht and Patrick J. Adams. Then there are the plots. Courtroom drama has always been interesting to watch; that's how we sustained twenty seasons of NBC's Law & Order, after all. But Suits doesn't need to have court in session to be crackling. Whether a scene takes place in the halls of Pearson Hardman or on the streets of New York, it's good. So good, in fact, that we've caught ours...

'Monday Mornings' Recap: 'Deus Ex Machina'

2/12/2013 9:20am EST
Monday Mornings
How does Monday Mornings follow up its excellent debut episode? With a second chapter that builds on that success, fleshing out its ensemble and again providing storylines that engage audiences like any great drama should.

Wilson's center stage at another M&M meeting again, except this one is in his head. He's still being tormented by the death of Quinn McDaniels, the young soccer player from the pilot, and wakes up in a cold sweat.

At Chelsea General, Sydney and Lieberman (guest star Jonathan Silverman) are conferring over another patient, with him hoping that she can have another breakt...

'Monday Mornings' Recap: 'Pilot'

2/5/2013 2:06am EST
Monday Mornings
Welcome to Portland's Chelsea General Hospital. It's buzzing with activity. Dr. Michelle Robideux (Emily Swallow) and Dr. Jorge Villanueva (Ving Rhames) examine a patient who's just been brought into the ER. Dr. Sydney Napur (Sarayu Rao) deals with a difficult patient. Meanwhile, Dr. Tina Ridgeway assures a couple that their daughter is safe in the capable hands of brilliant neurosurgeon Dr. Tyler Wilson (Jamie Bamber), who indeed safely removes her aneurysm.

Afterward, Dr. Buck Tierney (Bill Irwin) chews out Tina for kicking a sales rep out of her and Ty's operating room during the proced...

Jamie Bamber: One of TV's Top Actors Returns in 'Monday Mornings'

2/4/2013 9:15am EST
Jamie Bamber
There is much to appreciate about TNT's Monday Mornings, but perhaps its best part is that it brings a very welcome face back to television. Jamie Bamber stars in the new medical drama as confident neurosurgeon Dr. Tyler Wilson, and anyone who's taken full advantage of their remote over the last decade knows that the British actor is very, very good at his craft.

Monday Mornings has an impressive ensemble cast, including Alfred Molina and Ving Rhames, but it's the Wilson character who is positioned as the leading man, and it's not hard to see why. Bamber is an actor that you build a series...

Keong Sim Scrubs In For TNT's 'Monday Mornings'

2/1/2013 9:15am EST
Monday Mornings
Dr. Sung Park has a horrible bedside manner. He might be an expert at a number of medical procedures, but he's also oftentimes blunt or abrupt, and his difficulties with the English language make for some unintentionally awkward moments. While he's a great doctor, it's safe to say that he's not going to win the Mr. Congeniality award at Chelsea General Hospital.

But that's why they call it acting.

Keong Sim, who plays Dr. Sung Park on TNT's upcoming medical drama Monday Mornings, has a personality totally different from that his character. The actor is completely affable, incredibly funny...

The Doctors Are In: On The Set Of TNT's 'Monday Mornings'

1/31/2013 9:15am EST
Monday Mornings
It's lights, camera and life-saving. BFTV recently visited the set of TNT's upcoming medical drama Monday Mornings, to walk the halls of the fictional Chelsea General Hospital and get introduced to the show's cast and creative team.

The man running the show on a daily basis is executive producer and director Bill D'Elia, who's no stranger to the task. "I've worked on a lot of medical shows and in fact was executive producer on Chicago Hope," he said. "David [E. Kelley] and I have been working together for a very long time and we've done quite a few shows together. This one is a little diff...

TNT's 'Monday Mornings' Preview: The Next Great Medical Drama

1/30/2013 9:00am EST
Monday Mornings
Next week, TNT unveils Monday Mornings, hoping that it will be another winner on the network's roster of original series. They don't need to worry: medical dramas haven't been this good since ER and Chicago Hope.

The latter comparison is particularly apt, as Monday Mornings is executive produced by David E. Kelley, who also created Chicago Hope, and Bill D'Elia, who worked closely with Kelley on that series, serves as this one's showrunner. Working from the novel of the same name by CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta, the result is something that mixes Kelley's knack for creating compelling drama with...