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Find Out Which Shows ABC Just Renewed

3/5/2016 10:10am EST
'The Bachelor,' 'DWTS,' 'Scandal' Among Renewals By ABC
Long-running reality shows The Bachelor and Dancing with the Stars, as well as the drama series block created by Shonda Rhimes, were among more than a dozen TV series renewals announced by ABC on Thursday for the fall 2016-2017 television season.

The Bachelor will return for its 21st season, as season 20 featuring Ben Higgins (pictured above with host Chris Harrison) continues to air. The other unscripted series with pickups were fellow Monday night mainstay Dancing with the Stars (season 23), the eternal America's Funniest Home Videos (season 27) and Friday night staple Shark Tank (season...

Comedy Series That Have Dominated The Emmys

9/20/2015 1:32pm EDT
'Modern Family' And The Longest Emmy Streaks For Outstanding Com
With five Emmy wins for Outstanding Comedy Series in its first five seasons, “Modern Family” is tied with “Frasier” for the most consecutive victories in this category. With another nomination this year, it is poised to possess this record all on its own, though it faces tough competition from the likes of “Veep” and “Transparent.” In anticipation of the 2015 ceremony (Sunday, September 20, at 8:00 PM on FOX), here is a look back at the other rarefied sitcoms that won at least 3 years in a row.

“The Phil Silvers Show” – 3 in a row (1956-58)

If you were expecting the early Emmy recipient...

Ariel Winter, 17, Had Breast Reduction Surgery

8/13/2015 4:46pm EDT
Ariel Winter
"Modern Family" star Ariel Winter has revealed that she recently had breast reduction surgery.

The 17-year-old actress shared her story with Glamour magazine on Wednesday, telling the magazine that she went from a head-turning 32F down to a 34D on June 4 because all the attention she was getting was because of her chest.

"We live in a day and age where everything you do is so ridiculed. As women in the industry, we are totally oversexualised and treated like objects," Ariel explains. "Every article that has to do with me on a red carpet has to do with 'Ariel Winter's Crazy Cleavage!' or '...

Checkout Our Emmy Prediction & Wish List For Comedy

7/11/2015 7:02pm EDT
Julia Louis-Dreyfus - Veep
The 2015 Emmy nominations will be announced Thursday, July 16. In the next few days, we will be offering our predictions and wish lists for the major categories.

A few major rule changes have taken effect this year:

The Outstanding Comedy Series and Outstanding Drama Series fields have been expanded from six to seven shows.

All half-hour scripted series must now enter as comedies while all hour-length shows must enter as dramas. Thus, “Orange is the New Black” – previously entered as a Comedy – must now compete as a Drama. But individual programs are allowed to appeal to the TV Academy...

'Modern Family' Star Sarah Hyland Gets Temporary Restraining Order Against Ex

9/24/2014 3:03pm EDT
'Modern Family' Star Sarah Hyland Gets Temporary Restraining Ord
'Modern Family' star Sarah Hyland has filed a temporary restraining order against her ex-boyfriend, actor Matt Prokop. According to documents obtained by TMZ, Prokop choked Hyland, pushed her and threatened her life.

According to TMZ, it is alleged that Prokop pinned Hyland against a car during an argument in May, yelling, "c--t, c--t, c--t" and choking her. Hyland's co-star Julie Bowen reportedly was witness to this particular scene.

Revealed the 23 year-old Hyland in the gripping documents, "His grip was so tight that I could not breathe or speak. I was scared and in fear for my life." ...

'Modern Family' Stars Play Dress-Up And Film Halloween Episode

9/20/2014 4:16pm EDT
Sofia Vergara
The cast of ABC's hit sitcom Modern Family dressed up on Wednesday to film the show's upcoming Halloween episode.

Star Sofia Vergara was spotted in a green velved dress, done up as Shrek's Princess Fiona, while co-star Ty Burrell donned a rainbow colored tuxedo complete with a rainbow top hat and a happy face t-shirt underneath.

Sarah Hyland and Ariel Winter both wore hospital gowns, while Sarah's hair appeared teased out like a crazed mental patient, and Ariel had fake blood splattered across the front of hers.

Actress Julie Bowen was also in on the action, wearing a creepy nurse costum...

Weird Al Yankovic Parodies TV Theme Songs, Pushes 'Game Of Thrones' Writer George R.R. Martin To Write Faster

8/26/2014 7:23pm EDT
Weird Al Yankovic Parodies TV Theme Songs, Pushes 'Game Of Thron
There were few highlights to a rather uneventful and, frankly, boring 2014 Emmy Awards ceremony Monday night, but about halfway into the show, 'Weird Al' Yankovic took the stage for three-and-a-half minutes for a parody medley of the theme songs of hit shows "Mad Men," "Scandal," "Homeland," "Modern Family" and "Game of Thrones," the latter of which was the focus of the skit and co-starred Andy Samberg as the show's now deceased young king Joffrey Baratheon.

Dancers dressed in outfits the likes of the ones on the show surrounded the singer as he pleaded for writer George R.R. Martin to hur...

'Breaking Bad,' 'Modern Family' Dominate The 2014 Emmy Awards (Photos & Winners List)

8/26/2014 12:23am EDT
'Breaking Bad,' 'Modern Family' Dominate The 2014 Emmy Awards (P
AMC's hit drama Breaking Bad dominated the 2014 Prime Time Emmy Awards on Monday night, taking five awards during the 66th annual event.

The series picked up its second consecutive win for Outstanding Drama Series, and its three main stars, Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul and Anna Gunn all landed awards in their respective acting categories (see list of winners below). Cranston won his fourth Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series Emmy, while Paul took home his third Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series and Gunn her second consecutive Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series...

Joe Manganiello Headed To The Hot Tub On 'Modern Family'?

7/29/2014 4:03pm EDT
Jesse Tyler Ferguson Wouldn't Say 'No' To A Joe Manganiello Came
If a relationship with Modern Family star Sofia Vergara helps Joe Manganiello get a part on the show, Jesse Tyler Ferguson's all for it.

Ferguson, who stars on the ABC sitcom as Mitchell Pritchett, talked exclusively with E! News's Marc Malkin at Emmy Awards Performers Peer Group Celebration. The actor knew quickly the two could form an inseparable pair. "I will say that they're extremely comfortable around one another and that's a sign of them just having a really nice time," he said.

What about getting Joe to strip off his shirt for a cameo in Jesse's hot tub, a la James Marsden (abov...

Fall TV 2014: A Night By Night Comparison Of What May And May Not Work

5/15/2014 2:40pm EDT
Fall TV 2014: A Night By Night Comparison Of What May And May No
Now that all the big networks have revealed what they’ll be showing us this fall, let’s take a look at what may or may not work.


ABC is essentially playing it safe, and keeping Sunday Night intact. American Crime will swap for Resurrection at midseason. Resurrection was a buzzy drama that started seeing a ratings decline. Not waiting till midseason is probably a smart move. You don’t want to lose any more audience. It’s not a winning strategy, but ABC just doesn’t want to be in last place.

NBC has football, another super safe move. CBS is shaking things up, banishing Amazing Race...

'Modern Family': Other People's Children (5x17)

3/16/2014 10:54pm EDT
'Modern Family': Other People's Children (5x17)
This is one of those episodes where the plots are all very isolated from one another. I actually really liked all but one of them. And even that one wasn't bad or anything. Let's go plot by plot.

Cam, Mitch, Manny, and Alex all go to an art museum. They comment that they’re the cultured ones in the family, so it's nice to be able to do something together, just the four of them. However, Cam feels like he's the dumbest of the four. He tried to do some research on one of the exhibits so that he could sound smart, but that part of the exhibit is gone when they get there, leaving him in the lu...

Ariel Winter's Mom Accused Of Breaking Court Order

1/28/2014 11:47am EST
Ariel Winter
The estranged mother of 16 year-old actress Ariel Winter has been accused of breaking a court order by cashing her daughter's pay checks.

Chrystal Workman lost custody of the Modern Family star two years ago after Winter alleged she had suffered emotional abuse in her care.

Winter's elder sister Shanelle was handed guardianship while her father Glenn Workman was handed temporary control of her estate.

He has now accused his ex-wife of going against a 2012 ruling making him the sole conservator of Winter's finances by handling their daughter's pay checks.

In legal documents obtained ...

Sofia Vergara Felt Like 'An Old Jessica Rabbit' In Sexy Silver Dress At The SAG Awards

1/20/2014 6:07pm EST
Sofia Vergara
Sofia Vergara showed off her sexy curves on the red carpet Saturday night, turning lots of heads her way when she arrived at L.A.'s Shrine Auditorium for the 20th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards.

The 41-year-old Colombian actress didn't walk away empty-handed either as her hit ABC sitcom Modern Family landed the award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series.

"I'm wearing Donna Karan and I feel very, like, sexy," she told E!'s red carpet co-host Guliana Ranci about her dress. "Very Jessica Rabbit. Like an old Jessica Rabbit."

While Sofia didn't land a nomination in...

Sofia Vergara Tops Forbes List Of Richest TV Stars

12/4/2013 2:20am EST
Sofia Vergara
"Modern Family" star Sofia Vergara is the top earning television star of 2013, according to Forbes magazine. The actress, who earns about $175,000 per episode, rakes in the dough via various endorsements.

Vergara has contracts with companies such as Diet Coke, Cover Girl, Comcast, State Farm Insurance, and thyroid medication Synthroid. In addition, she has partnered with box store Kmart to launch a clothing line.

The actress made nearly $30 million between June, 2012, and June, 2013. Holy moly!

Not far behind in second place on Forbes list is "Two and A Half Men" star Ashton Kutcher, who...

'Modern Family': The Help (5x06)

10/27/2013 7:32pm EDT
Modern Family
Alright. Three plots.

Phil's dad is staying at the house with the Dunphys, since he's feeling down after he and his girlfriend broke up. Claire suggests that he see a therapist, but Phil insists that it's not necessary, and Jay backs him up. The three guys go out to a bar to try and find a woman for Frank to hook up with, and he does seem to really hit it off with this girl. However, instead of spending the night with her, he picks up a hooker and brings her back to the Dunphy house.

Phil is horrified, and tries to lie to Claire and say that the woman is the therapist, which leads to a hi...

'Modern Family' Review: The Late Show (5x05)

10/19/2013 2:33am EDT
Modern Family
This episode was a perfect example of why I love this show. It took a very basic premise and really explored all its potential. I was chuckling through the whole thing. Sometimes it seems like sitcoms try to go too big, and the best episodes are the ones that narrow their focus. This episode was the strongest of the season so far for me.

The three adult couples are all planning to go out to dinner at a fancy restaurant, and the kids are staying at home. All three couples are really late to dinner, which results in their losing their reservation and having tacos instead. And that's it. That...

'Modern Family' Recap: Larry's Wife (5x03)

10/4/2013 9:32pm EDT
Modern Family
This was a fairly cute episode. Let's go through the plots.

Gloria is worried that Joe is afflicted with her family's curse, and that that's why he's such a mean baby. Meanwhile, Jay and Manny go to see a movie, and Jay teaches Manny about getting mad and making a scene. Gloria sees the way that Jay is influencing Manny, and figures out that Joe's mean behavior isn't coming from her side of the family, after all. I liked this plot. It was probably the strongest one in the episode. I always enjoy seeing Jay and Manny bonding.

Phil has been selling houses to recently single women. He become...

Sofia Vergara Wore $7 Million In Jewelry To Emmys

9/23/2013 4:07pm EDT
Sofia Vergara
When you're TV's highest paid actress, you can splurge on jewelry when attending TV's highest awards - but what about $7 million for two earrings and two rings?

Sofia Vergara stunned the Emmy red carpet with her curvy figure and dazzling jewelry. People reports the Modern Family star was wearing over $7 million in accessories, thanks in part to the size of those jewels.

The beautiful actress was adorned with 161 carats. Her earrings were platinum and equipped with rubies, sapphires and Colombian emeralds from her home country.  

On her right hand she wore a 40-carat Columbian emerald and...

2013 Emmy Awards Predictions: Who Are The Favorites To Win?

9/20/2013 8:48pm EDT
2013 Emmy Awards Predictions

It’s been a while since we’ve had such a wild card Emmy season. Last year, Homeland was all but a lock in each of its major categories, but after a shaky second season, some strong competition from other long-running shows, and a buzzworthy new Netflix series, things are really up in the air pretty much all over the place. Still, I’ll do my best to make some predictions in the big categories. Just remember: This year, pretty much anything goes.

Breaking Bad
Downton Abbey
Game of Thrones
House of Cards
Mad Men

While I’d love to see Game of Thrones’ confident t...

2013 Fall TV Preview: The Returning Shows On ABC

9/3/2013 11:46am EDT
Modern Family
Welcome to Week 2 of the 2013 Fall TV Preview. ABC kicks things off for the third year in a row. I wrote about the critics disdain for ABC president Paul Lee last week, but they acknowledge ABC's success with its veteran shows. Revenge and Once Upon A Time enter season three this month. Grey's Anatomy is entering its tenth season. Castle's on season six. The Neighbors and Nashville got a second season. ABC struggles to develop and maintain new shows. I don't know why. How futile is network analysis with the growth of streaming services such as Hulu and Netflix? Network analysis is interesti...

Jesse Tyler Ferguson Marries Partner Justin Mikita In New York

7/21/2013 5:36pm EDT
Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Justin Mikita
Modern Family star Jesse Tyler Ferguson married longtime partner Justin Mikita in New York on Saturday.

Ferguson's on-screen partner Eric Stonestreet was in attendance, along with co-stars Julie Bowen and Ty Burrell. Jerry O'Connell and wife Rebecca Romijn and Star Trek Into Darkness star Zachary Quinto were also on hand for the ceremony, along with So You Think You Can Dance host Cat Deeley and judges Nigel Lythgoe and Mary Murphy.

Ferguson appeared as a guest judge on the show in May.

Ferguson and Mikita have been dating for two years, and the actor popped the question last year during...

Emmy Nominations: 'American Horror Story' Gets 17 Noms, Netflix's 'House Of Cards' Also Dominates

7/18/2013 10:01am EDT
House of Cards
After picking up nine nominations, Kevin Spacey's Netflix series "House Of Cards" will be a big contender at the 2013 Primetime Emmy Awards. The political thriller was recognized in the Outstanding Drama Series category and picked up dramatic acting nominations for its leads, Spacey and Robin Wright. It received a total of nine nominations.

The Netflix series will be facing stiff competition from last year's big winners "Homeland" and "Breaking Bad" as well as "Mad Men", "Game of Thrones" and "Downton Abbey."

In the lead actor category, Spacey will face off against "Homeland's" Damian Lew...

Top 10 Dysfunctional Onscreen Families That Are Worse Than Yours

4/27/2013 9:07am EDT
The Big Wedding
"The Big Wedding" will soon hit theaters with an all-star cast that includes Robert De Niro, Susan Sarandon, Katherine Heigl and Topher Grace. The movie centers around a divorced couple who have to present a united front at their adopted son's wedding and pretend that they are still married. Talk about dysfunctional! What other crazy families made the list of the top 10 dysfunctional onscreen families?

"The Simpsons"

With a beer-guzzling buffoon for a father, a nagging mother, a rebellious troublemaker son. a precocious daughter and a baby who still hasn't learned to talk after twenty f...

TV Ratings: Basketball Gold For CBS; HBO's 'Veep' Returns Strong

4/18/2013 7:57am EDT
Once again, CBS was dominant in the ratings race, landing 13 of the Top 20 shows last week. It didn’t hurt that it broadcast the NCAA championship game, which yielded 23.43 million viewers as the week’s top program. Otherwise, ‘NCIS’ and its spinoff ‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ were typically terrific. Other shows from CBS in the Top 20 included ’60 Minutes,’ ‘The Good Wife’ and ‘The Big Bang Theory.’ The impressive part? Some of those were reruns.

ABC performed fine with ‘Dancing With the Stars’ and ‘Modern Family,’ while NBC’s ‘The Voice’ outperformed FOX’s ‘American Idol’ yet again. The bad news...

'Modern Family' Stars Get Stuck In Elevator, Joke About Cute Firefighters & Passing Wind

3/4/2013 8:47am EST
Modern Family stuck in elevator
On Friday, three members of the "Modern Family" cast were trapped in an elevator for an hour with a dozen other people on the third floor of a hotel in Kansas City, Kansas.

The TV stars were in town for the Kids Night Out 2013 fundraiser at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Kanas City.

Jesse Tyler Ferguson made light of the situation, taking photos and video of himself and co-stars Julie Bowen and Eric Stonestreet.

The Kansas City Fire department eventually made their way to the 40th floor to rescue everyone, who remained upbeat while tweeting about their experiences and shouting, "Get ...

Adam Lambert And 'Modern Family' Among the 2013 GLAAD Media Awards Nominees

1/16/2013 10:23am EST
Adam Lambert
Singers Frank Ocean, Adam Lambert and Rufus Wainwright are among the nominees for the 2013 Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) Media Awards.

The stars are contenders in the Outstanding Music Artist category, as are bands Scissor Sisters and Gossip.

TV mogul Ryan Murphy's hit shows Glee and The New Normal are both up for the Outstanding Comedy Series trophy, facing competition from Go On, Happy Endings and Modern Family.

The Outstanding Film nominees include The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, Cloud Atlas, ParaNorman, The Perks of Being a Wallflower and Your Sister's Sister. ...

Sarah Hyland Explains Her Pre-Golden Globes Hives Breakout

1/15/2013 2:01pm EST
Sarah Hyland
Modern Family star Sarah Hyland has blamed her beauty routine ahead of the Golden Globe Awards for a nasty bout of hives.

The actress woke up on Sunday and panicked after realizing she had broken out in spots all over her face and chest, just hours before one of the biggest nights in Hollywood.

The 22 year old smothered herself in antihistamine lotion, and suggests a spray tan was to blame for the allergic reaction.

She tells E! Online, "I woke up this morning with hives like all over my face and chest. I got a spray tan yesterday, so I think maybe it was from that. It was weird."


'Modern Family' Recap: New Year's Eve

1/11/2013 5:57pm EST
'Modern Family'
It’s refreshing to see a sitcom episode centered around New Year’s Eve rather than other holidays, no? The Pritchetts’ New Year’s trip makes for a satisfying premise in ‘New Year’s Eve.’

Jay decides that he’d like to treat Gloria and the kids to a getaway in Palm Springs. Unfortunately, the accommodations at the hotel Jay stayed at back in the 70s aren’t quite what he remembered. (And who would picture a drinking Lainie Kazan behind the check-in counter?)

Aside from the disappointing accommodations, what drives the plot is that the couples are tired of spending time with each other as a f...

'Modern Family' Recap: 'Diamond In The Rough'

12/14/2012 10:55am EST
Modern Family
In “Diamond in the Rough,” Claire and Cam decide to help construct a baseball field so that Manny and Luke’s team can participate in the playoffs. It’s all very sweet, but it would help if Manny didn’t close his eyes while at bat or round the bases in the wrong direction. Oh well.

Back at Gloria and Jay’s, the mother-to-be has taken to singing to the baby through a strapped-on microphone. Unfortunately, she has no idea how terrible her singing voice is. Jay does, however. ("Papa'd buy 10 diamond rings to get that mockingbird to shut the hell up. But I wasn't gonna tell Gloria she was a ter...

Ariel Winter's Mom Files Defamation Lawsuit Over 'Abusive Monster' Comment

12/11/2012 1:41pm EST
Ariel Winter
Modern Family star Ariel Winter's mom is suing actor Matthew Borlenghi for defamation after he allegedly branded her an "abusive monster."

Chrystal Workman's lawsuit, filed in Los Angeles Superior Court on Monday, stems from a comment Borlenghi is said to have posted online in response to a Los Angeles Times blog story detailing the teen star's family drama.

The article included an allegation by Workman that her daughter's 18-year-old boyfriend had unlawful sex with the 14-year-old actress.

According to the suit, Borlenghi wrote in response, "This is a total falsehood. The mother is gr...