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Carlos hits the pavement with Gene Simmons to find out what women want. He also creates "Mencia's Holiday Parade" in an attempt to update the meaning of Easter and Christmas.

Carlos appoints his own Supreme Court members, teaches kids the ways of the world as "Carlos the Dinosaur" and tries to elect a response from a group of slackers to the question, "Why Aren't You Working?"

Carlos examines the "Desperate Gardeners" and utilizes a "Mini Gallagher" to smash all outdated personal technological devices.

Carlos examines the lifestyles of West Hollywood's gay community and offers up his new upscale clothing line, "Sean Juan."

Carlos examines the use of the "N-Word" with the assistance of rapper Method Man. He also gives the honest lowdown on the summer movies in "Mencia's Real Reviews."

Carlos looks back over the first season's highlights with the assistance of some special guests: His brother, Joseph, Johnnie Cochran's spirit and President Bush.

Carlos goes to a Renaissance fair and discovers the parallels between life in the modern world and that of the 16th century. He also offers up a new line of school supplies and competes with the "Biker Build Off" crew to create the best "beaner"-inspired bike.

Carlos goes out to the sidewalks and offers people of various races a forum in which to "Ask Whitey" the questions they've always wanted to ask. He also offers up his own style of mariachi music to a Mexican diner's patronage and has a strange bathroom encounter with Ron Jeremy.

Carlos "Outs the Beaner," finds the last white man living in the barrio and dispenses justice to the moronic masses, "Judge Carlos" style.

Carlos hits the streets to get people to speak out anything that's on their mind. He also hosts the "Dee Dee Dee Awards" ceremony which pays tribute to the dumb people of the world.

Carlos looks into bigoted road signs and pours through a stack of his hate mail.

Carlos asks people what things they would do to get cheaper gas prices and answers people's deep questions as the sage, "Confucious Carlos." Also, Carlos' brother, Joseph, debuts a new line of language DVDs.

Carlos becomes a pet psychic and also help new couples figure out where things are headed when he hosts "The Newly Met Game."

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