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Episode 403
Carlos attempts to find out what will make women happy.

Episode 410
A team of handicapped superheroes fights crime.

Episode 407
Carlos and comedian Robert Schimmel hit the streets to explore Jewish culture. Then Carlos shows what he loves about America, plus a tribute to George Carlin.

Episode 404
Old people and teenagers argue over who had it harder as children. High prices for rice.

Episode 401
Carlos attacks political correctness when he plays a cop with alzheimers. Later, he hosts a children's show from the Third World.

Episode 405
Carlos goes out on the street to find out what people would do if they were President. Later, he unveils products to help people survive foreclosure.

Episode 402
Sketches about Prius drivers and a unique service for celebrities who abuse drugs.

Episode 406
Carlos takes us through a gay wedding and rips into Emo music.

Episode 409
Carlos reads hate mail.

Episode 408
Carlos gets a time machine and travels to the past to help family, politicians, and celebrities. Later, white guilt is erased at a racial theme park.

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