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CBS Cancels Six Shows, Including 'Ghost Whisperer' & 'Old Christine' - Which Will You Miss Most?

May 18th, 2010 12:44pm EDT
Ghost Whisperer
CBS network just canceled three veteran dramas, a freshman comedy, a veteran comedy and a midseason drama.

"Cold Case," "Ghost Whisperer" and "Numb3rs" will not be renewed. Neither will "Miami Medical," "Accidentally on Purpose" or "New Adventures of Old Christine."

Most surprising is the cancellation of Jennifer Love Hewitt's ghost drama, which was expected to return since it consistently won its Friday night time period.

New Doctor Show 'Miami Medical' Premieres Friday On CBS

April 2nd, 2010 10:15am EDT
Miami Medical
There’s another new medical drama coming to TV. What’s going to set Miami Medical apart from all the others? For one thing, it’s a Jerry Bruckheimer production, so it can be as intense and in your face as the stalwart CSI and Without a Trace franchises.

“This is a different way of looking at a medical show,” Bruckheimer said. “It's got a lot more humor, it's got the gallows humor.”

And Bruckheimer wouldn’t make a show about just any doctors. He likes to deal with the best of the best, in this case the Alpha Team of surgeons at a trauma hospital. “They're the Rolling Stones of doctors,” Br...

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