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Jobless Charlie Sheen Is The Highest Paid Man On TV (See Who Else Made Big Bucks)

10/14/2011 10:00am EDT
Charlie Sheen
Charlie Sheen has been named the highest paid actor on TV, despite losing his job on "Two And A Half Men."

The star had a public fall-out with the show's creator Chuck Lorre earlier this year following months of bizarre behavior and he was eventually fired in March.

Ashton Kutcher took over the lead role in the hit show, but Sheen still managed to top's recent rich list.

Sheen pulled in earnings of $40 million, making him the highest paid TV actor between May, 2010, and May, 2011.

He is followed by Ray Romano, who earned $20 million for his now axed "Men of A Certain Age."


TNT Cancels 'Men Of A Certain Age'

7/18/2011 8:05am EDT
Men Of A Certain Age
Beloved comic Ray Romano's latest show Men Of A Certain Age is to be axed due to poor ratings.

The funnyman, who wrote and starred in the popular sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond for nine seasons, signed a deal with TNT in 2009 to pen the comedy, which focuses on the lives of a middle-aged man and his two college buddies, played by Andre Braugher and Scott Bakula.

However, after just two seasons, network executives have decided not to move forward with the show for another series, blaming the axing on viewing figures.

A spokesperson says, "TNT has been proud to be a part of Men of a Cer...

What Happened To The Emmy Nominations?!

7/14/2011 2:07pm EDT
What happened to this year's Emmy nominations? They're...actually pretty great.

I normally can't stand TV's big awards show; it seems like the same people and series get nominated all the time, with the occasional "why did that get nominated at all?" head-scratcher for variety. But the 2011 nominations were announced early Thursday morning, and while it's still a little puzzling (though let's not name names), there's a bevy of deserving names on that big list.

Here are some of my favorites:

Finally, some love for Justified: I still maintain that star Timothy Olyphant was robbed l...

‘Men Of A Certain Age’ Returns With The Great Escape June 1 2011

6/2/2011 4:43pm EDT
Men Of A Certain Age
I love Men Of A Certain Age, I really do. From the theme song, the Beach Boys “When I Grow Up To Be A Man,” right through to the last moments of each episode, I am hopelessly in thrall to this trio of normal guys, with normal problems. No one is all good or all evil, in fact, to these guys, a moment of thinking about themselves rather than their loved ones is about as evil as they get. They face real situations, like how to keep a roof over their heads, or when to schedule the dreaded, over 50, colonoscopy, as a united front. They genuinely want to be good people. When they fail, they get u...

Summer Preview: 'Men Of A Certain Age'

6/1/2011 3:00pm EDT
Men of a Certain Age
Beginning today, TNT rolls six out all-new episodes of Men of a Certain Age, starring Ray Romano (who also co-created the series), Scott Bakula, and Andre Braugher. I'm still too young to be within the show's midlife demographic, but what works about Men is that you don't have to be of a certain age - or even a man - to appreciate what makes the show tick. The circumstances and underlying issues are common for many of us.

For example, there's a moment early on in tonight's episode ("The Great Escape") where Terry (Bakula) meets current girlfriend Erin (Melinda McGraw) for lunch, ...

Summer 2011 TV Highlights

5/24/2011 1:00pm EDT
True Blood
As much as you should be going to the beach, catching a hot concert or spending time with friends at outdoor barbeques this summer, there is also a lot going on indoors too. We’re talking about what’s going on inside on the television. Summer television shows aren’t always about the addicting and sometimes laughable reality programs since stations like TNT and USA have stepped up their game with shows like The Closer and Burn Notice. As much as we were anticipating the return of Mad Men this summer only to be disappointed by the news that the premiere is delayed until 2012, we found a few m...

The Office: Will Ray Romano, James Spader or Catherine Tate Replace Steve Carell?

4/6/2011 7:57am EDT
Ray Romano, James Spader  | Photo Credits: Jerod Harris/Getty Im
The list of potential replacements for The Office's Michael Scott just keeps growing.

Ray Romano, James Spader and Catherine Tate will guest-star in the season finale of the NBC sitcom as candidates for...

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Top 5 Most Arresting Actors

3/19/2011 11:00am EDT
Casino Royale
When you watch as much TV as I do, you're lucky to see a lot of great actors. But few are the ones who are so great that they make me stop and stare. They're the ones who have my undivided attention when they appear on screen. When they talk, I shut up and listen. They make my jaw drop, my heart break and my head spin. Here's a tribute to five actors who've made me say, "Why didn't I notice you sooner?"

Andre Braugher, Men of a Certain Age

The Emmy winner and Golden Globe nominee was the first actor to ever catch my attention, when I became a fan of Homicide: Life on the Street in 19...

Interview: Melinda McGraw On Being 'Of A Certain Age'

12/10/2010 3:13pm EST
Melinda McGraw
Veteran TV actress Melinda McGraw joins TNT's Men of a Certain Age in next Monday's episode (December 13). Before she does, however, she sat down with me Wednesday to talk about her appearance on the show, as well as her previous TV stints and what she's figured out along the way.

What can you tell us about your character, Erin? How long are you going to be on the show?

Her name's Erin Riley. She used to be an actress and she did a TV commercial with Terry like 20 years ago. It becomes a YouTube phenomenon with people making fun of it. The guys start teasing Terry and he's so mortifi...

'Men Of A Certain Age' - The Best Humanity Has To Offer

11/17/2010 10:37am EST
Men of a certain age
“Men of a Certain Age” must have been a tough sell. I imagine if anyone other than Ray Romano had gone into a TNT pitch meeting and attempted to sell the network on the idea of three middle aged men contending with real life problems, they’d be laughed out of the office and told to come back when they had vampires or singing teenagers.

Men of a Certain Age season one is available now on DVD

Season 2 premieres December 6 at 10/9c on TNT.

Thankfully Ray Romano was behind “Men of a Certain Age” and was able to use his considerable talents to bring this truly delightful show to the airwaves....

2010 Emmys: Who Should Win & Who Will Win

8/28/2010 1:00pm EDT
2010 Emmys
It’s a transitional year for the Emmys, meaning this is one of the more exciting races in recent memories. The flood of new nominees (brought on by a stellar development slate) means that we can no longer rely on the predictable Emmy voting to determine winners. Instead, this is a year where we can see many newcomers emerging and starting a whole new slate of predictable nominees.

Yes, that was a little cynical, but it’s the sad truth of the Emmys – habits are hard to break for the voters. Luckily, this year the virgin nominees have afforded them an extensive choice for brand new habits.


'Glee,' HBO's 'The Pacific' Land Massive Emmy Nominations

7/8/2010 10:26am EDT
Hit TV musical "Glee" is set to be the toast of the 2010 Primetime Emmy Awards after landing a massive 19 nominations.

The comedy about a group of high school students in a choir club will fight for the Outstanding TV Comedy prize against "Curb Your Enthusiasm," "Modern Family," "Nurse Jackie," "The Office" and "30 Rock," which has taken home the title for the last three years.

"Glee's" leading stars Matthew Morrison and Lea Michele have been nominated in the male and female categories for the outstanding comedy actor awards, while their co-star Chris Colfer has received a best supporting...

TNT Greenlights Sci-Fi & Crime Series Starring Noah Wyle, Angie Harmon & More

1/22/2010 4:00pm EST
Noah Wyle
TNT has given the greenlight to three new original series: a bold alien-invasion series from DreamWorks Television and Steven Spielberg that stars Noah Wyle; "Delta Blues" (working title), an offbeat series starring Jason Lee and Alfre Woodard; and "Rizzoli & Isles" (working title), a crime drama starring Angie Harmon and Sasha Alexander, based on Tess Gerritsen's popular mystery novels.

Michael Wright, executive vice president, head of programming for TNT, TBS and Turner Classic Movies (TCM), explained: "These three series ranging from science-fiction to a quirky drama to a gripping cri...