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Bring Your Daughter to Work Day
When Allison and Bridget both share the same dream about the death of a homeless man, they swap bodies, causing havoc in their lives. Allison goes to school as Bridgett, and Bridgett has to go to work as her mother. Before this happened, the original Bridget befriended Cameron, a new student at her school and a young film enthusiast who has been recording viral videos of the homeless man being coerced into doing dangerous stunts that eventually led to the man's death. As Bridgette and Allison toil with handling each others lives in different bodies, Cameron is charged with homicide. The truth comes out when the man's son is questioned.

The Match Game
Allison dreams of hovering symbols above people's heads, believing they are icons that if matched with another person may mean they are soul mates. She unwittingly matches up two murders responsible for a string of killings at a local park. Meanwhile, Joe is put in the middle of a sexual harassment case at work.

Means and Ends
Allison becomes concerned about Scanlon when he admits to being haunted by dreams of his deceased brother. With freshmen year of college about to start up, Ariel has visions of missing young women from the past and present.

How to Kill a Good Guy
Friction between Allison and Scanlon are intensified while investigating the murder of a young women. As Ariel counts down the days until she leaves for college, she tries to connect to her sisters, knowing this change is effecting them.

Talk to the Hand
When Allison gets a skin graft on her hand after a burn, she is puzzled when the same hand acts with a mind of its own, gesturing uncontrollably. Also, Bridgette keeps her real role on the soccer team a secret from her parents.

Where Were You When...?
When Allison begins having flashes to a specific time in the future, her sense of dread grows as she feels more and more powerless to stop a catastrophic event from occurring.

Native Tongue
Allison is lost when she wakes up to find that she cannot understand spoken word. This new development leaves Joe stressed and their marriage strained. Meanwhile, Allison becomes friends with a linguist who can speak a language she can understand.

Smoke Damage
Allison's dreams of a woman trapped in a blaze could provide crucial leads to a series of mysterious fire-related deaths. Also, as Devalos contemplates running for mayor, Allison ponders her own professional future.

The People in Your Neighborhood
When a convicted sex offender moves into Allison's area, her neighbors are up in arms, but Allison's visions leave her questioning his guilt. Also, a potential career opportunity for Joe puts his and Allison's professional goals at odds.

Blood on the Tracks
A man has been killed by an oncoming train, illustrating a dream that Allison had implying it was murder rather than an accident. Meanwhile, the illness of Joe's mom has Allison feeling guilt over not admitting she knew the severity of her disease in order to ease the blow.

Only Half Lucky
A dream causes Allison to become suspicious of her brother's recent success. Meanwhile, Devalos' campaign manager takes an interest in Bridgette's abilities.

Labor Pains
A man desperately seeks Allison's help to determine the true nature of his wife's disappearance. Meanwhile, Joe and Allison become concerned when Marie breaks down during a spelling test.

Me Without You
When Allison becomes a lawyer and Joe starts a new job, the Dubois family is forever changed.

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