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The Fever Episode

The Rick's In Love Episode
Molly tries to help Rick become a more sensitive guy for his girlfriend.

The Prom Episode (1)
Rick looses the house in a game of cards. The winner agrees to cancel his debt if Molly goes to the prom with his son.

The Magic CD Episode

The Quahog Festical Episode
The Stage Family participates in various Quahog Festival events. Mary enters Molly in the Miss Quahog pageant, Jerry elicits Grant's help for the family float, and Grandma offers Rick pointers to dominated the competition in the annual pie eating contest.

The Dutch Heritage Episode
Molly applies for a scholarship from the Dutch Heritage Society; but when the entire family takes a road trip to Pennsylvania for the scholarship finals, her Grandma admits that the family isn't really Dutch.

The Lab Partner Episode
Mollly lets her popular lab partner talk her into having a party at the Stage house. Meanwhile, Mary and Jerry plan to celbrate their anniversary by going swing dancing. But when they arrive, they find that it's a swing party of a different kind.

The Cheerleader Episode

The Halloween Episode

The Crazy-Girl Episode
The Stage family makes the mistake of being hospitable to the crazy neighbors who end up moving in.

The Hair Episode
Molly fears that all her hard work becoming popular will be ruined when her parents star in a community-theater production of "Hair".

The Video Episode

The Snow Day Episode

The Lunch Lady Episode

The Exchange Student Episode

The Wedding And A Funeral Episode
When Harriet asks her family to stage a funeral for her, Molly goes looking for her long lost estranged niece.


The Birthday Episode

The Romeo & Juliet Episode
Molly flirts with a cute guy but soon learns that he's the son of Jerry's business rival.

The Baby Episode

The Prom Episode (2)

The Mini-Jerry Episode
Jerry sets Molly up with an all-too-perfect high school senior who Molly has no interest in dating.

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